Season 3 Episode 2

Underdog vs. Overcat, Part 2

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 01, 1966 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sweet Polly spreads the alarm! The Earth has no more cows! There is no milk for the children! This is a job for Underdog!

Shoeshine Boy hears Polly's call. He searches the entire world for the missing cows. He looked in caves, mountains, even subways!

Meanwhile, all of the cows made it safely to Felina. But the cats had no idea how to get milk from them! Overcat orders his footcats to kidnap someone from Earth to milk the cows.

On their way back to Earth, the footcats turn on Earth TV to figure out who to take. Sweet Polly is on, lamenting over the missing cows. She says on air that she used to milk cows as a little girl. The next thing she knows, she is sucked up a vacuum onto a space train and ends up on Felina. Polly demands to be released. She exclaims that Underdog will save her and the cows soon enough! Overcat displays his own super powers, equal to those of Underdog! Polly is chained to a stool in a barn and forced to milk the cows. As she does, she sings, "Oh where of where has my Underdog gone..."

Underdog hears Polly's song, and he quickly flies to planet Felina. Overcat orders his minions to prepare the "Rubber Ball Trap." Naturally, Underdog walks right into it. He is caught in a large, rubber ball. No matter how hard he punches, the rubber stretches. Can he escape? Find out in the next exciting episode!