Season 3 Episode 4

Underdog vs. Overcat, Part 4

Aired Saturday 8:30 AM Sep 01, 1966 on NBC

Episode Recap

The narrator describes the details of the fight, including the arena. The ropes are steel cables. The posts are solid iron. The ring floor is sheet aluminum.
The bell goes off. Sweet Polly begs for her hero to be careful. Overcat mocks her before delivering a vicious uppercut, sending Underdog soaring into the sky! He crashes into the mat. The referee gives a seven count before Underdog stands up again.
Polly shouts for Underog to use his atomic breath. He does so, sending Overcat into the ropes. Polly cheers, until Overcat snaps back with a double-kick into his own corner!
The bell saves Underdog the first round. Polly suggests surrender. "When we battle for what is right," rhymes Underdog, "we must not give up the fight!"
Polly shouts for Underdog to use his Sledgehammer Fists. He does so, knocking Overcat backwards in pain. Overcat returns with punches of his own, pinning Underdog waist-deep into the mat. He uses the weakened hero as a punching bag before sending him sky high yet again!
Overcat is distracted by his minions' cheers. Underdog returns with a double-kick to pin Overcat waist-deep into the mat! He punches Overcat for a bit. Overcat breaks free, spins Underdog over his head and into the ropes.
Polly comments that Overcat not only has all of Underdog's powers, but he's bigger! Underdog uses this to his advantage. He flies around Overcat so fast, the feline cannot lay a hand on him! With one final punch, he sends Overcats crashing through the mat! The referee calls the KO! Underdog has won!
Overcat is banished from Felina. Underdog introduces the other cats to coconut trees as a source of milk!