The Underground

Thursday 10:00 PM on Showtime Premiered Sep 14, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • How can I purchase these episodes being that I can't find anything online at all?

    Why did they stop making these and where can I buy the first season???????? I'm going on 7 years trying to locate anything from this show and finding nothing?
  • DVD release

    I'd love to see a release of these episodes loved em when I saw them. Would love to see them again
  • This is a spoof show that makes fun of some of our daily lives, it is a show made up of comedy sketches.

    I love this show with passion, this is very funy, i loved it the first time i saw it. One of my friends at my school, introduced me to this series and after i found out it was only ten episodes i was mad. There waere talks about this show being cancelled, i was so angry, i watched the first ten epiosdes continuously hoping that they would not cancell the show, i cant take that fact. im still waiting for new episode to come out. A lot of people say that this show is stupid, but thats what makes it so funny, and that is why i like it.
  • Haay-ded it !!!!

    2 goes for the dancing, im from the bay where we go dumb but that krumpin lookin good and the white boys sayin **** was vagueley funny. Other than that Damon wayans you really let me down I usually love anything or everything with a Wayans Bro. stamp on it, but this is awful they try to hard trying to push the limits when they should focuse on the comedy, Living color was on network tv but barely got away with some of the things it got away with but still was the funniest show in the nineties. I would rather yall cath them good ol wayans bros. reruns before sitting through this. my review the underground = booboo