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The Unit conducts clandestine and covert operations for the US Government and the US Army around the globe. The Unit operates under the cover of the 303rd Logistical Studies Group. Carrying the operators through battle is the knowledge that while they are out in the field, their wives help maintain their lives back home. They protect their identities, ensuring that their secrets are kept safe from those who would use this knowledge against them. Loosely based upon Eric L. Haney's novel Inside Delta Force , the show is based upon the exploits of the US Army's 'Delta Force', otherwise known as The Unit.
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  • Such potential, ultimately squandered.

    This show has such potential. A clandestine unit, obviously based on Delta Force, since Eric L. Haney has a producer credit for he show, who is the author of "Inside Delta Most of the actors are very believable as Operators and really sell their characters. I've read reviews where people bash Scott Foley for not being believable as a special operations member, but I don't agree, he's the new guy, so he's supposed to seem a bit "green", which he does.

    The problem with The Unit, and what I believe ultimately killed the ratings for this show, were the wives of The Unit. Oh dear God, they are so annoying, preachy, stupid and ultimately terrible characters who are meant to show us the other side of being in a combat deployed group, but wind up ruining the show and grind interesting story lines to a complete stop. I find Jonas' wife Molly to be the most annoying of the group. Her preachy, poorly delivered diatribes are painful to watch and I don't believe for a second that any of the wives would give two craps what she has to say. The other idiot wives and their story lines just beg to be fast-forwarded through on the DVR.

    If the distributor could release a Blu-ray edition with the wives and their B-story lines removed and edited out all together, it would make the show more watchable and worth the purchase. Otherwise, I'd skip this show. It fails to live up to it's potential and build dramatic tension because it tries to hard to skip around between parallel stories and weave around the dramatic tension, which is completely counterproductive to what they're trying to accomplish. It should have been one, maybe two plot lines max. That would allow the viewer to be immersed in the tension and actually care about the outcome. But with The Unit, one second we're on a mission and guns are blazing, then the next you're in the middle of a lunch date with the wives. It really breaks up the pace. I wish I could rate the show higher, but I can't because of the plot jumping and the awful wives and their terrible acting and story lines. With the jumping plots, executed so poorly, really make it hard to focus on what's going on and the dramatic tension is completely lost. Such a waste, as this show had such potential.moreless
  • Why did CBS cancell this show

    ,This was one of the best shows CBS ever produced. I can't figure out why it was cancelled.
  • The Unit

    My husband and I LOVE this show. He likes the missions for the men and I like the relational part of the women and children at home. How do we get this show back on television???
  • Awesome Show it was

    wish it'd come back was to awesome mayne
  • What i thought of the show

    Ive seen The Unit plenty of times on reruns over the past couple years. in my humble opinion, the show got quite a bit right, and a couple things absolutely wrong.

    the right - Dennis Haysbert, Max Martini, Robert Patrick

    the wrong - Scott Foley, the entire B storyline involving every single second of the "wives"

    felt like the wives were filler, a cheap way to have non action scenes. unfortunately, i did not care a single bit about any of their idiotic storylines. completely unbelievable, forced, and what can only be described as low quality soap opera acting. the storyline with Mack going to the bars and having secondary girlfriends (potentially) gave a small window into what could have been. ditch all of the wife characters and replace them with a rotating number of guest actresses. one night stands that lead into temporary empty relationships, mission girlfriends that appear to us the way they appear to the soldiers! the women they meet while operating (the south american girlfriend, the insurgent lady, etc) are FAR more interesting and mysterious. we dont know their motives and we dont trust them yet they make great strong characters! OR some wives that i could possibly care about. less is more! showing them every 5 minutes takes away from the idea that the men dont see them very much. we see them too much, and we dont feel they are important except as mediocre eye candy and plot convenience. think how the godfather would have been if they had shown the wives and mothers half the movie? terrible, thats what. we only needed to see them occasionally and only as they related to the lead males in the movie. if you are like me, you are tempted to change the channel or mute the show whenever you have to endure the B storylines. you are watching a really cool bomb diffusal scene, then 2 seconds later you get shoved into some annoying fake domestic problem/argument between two characters that dont even act like they like each other? thats what killed the show.

    also bad, Scott Foley is a horrible cast as his character. no one buys that this guy is a manly sniper. the badass we have to be constantly reminded and told he is supposed to be? no. completely unbelievable, completely embarrassing next to the rest of the well cast Unit's male characters. his character is all over the place, ranging from some supposed hardcore survivalist to a quivering heap of emotional jelly. in the end he just doesnt look the part. he has no chemistry with any of the females that are supposed to be into him, we dont believe for a minute he is capable of anything we are supposed to believe. and oh yeah, hes a bomb expert, an air traffic controller, etc. he never pulled it off or sold us on it, it was just weak plot conveniencemoreless

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