The Unit

Season 1 Episode 3

200th Hour

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 21, 2006 on CBS
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Jonas attempts to rescue a group of American missionaries in hiding in Indonesia. However, he soon realizes that the mission is going to require more manpower than he had previously expected. On the home front, Mack ends up being shot by Bob during a training exercise. Molly, Kim, and Tiffy prepare to host a visiting senator.moreless

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  • Jonas is required to rescue missionaries when their efforts are under appreciated in an Indonesian jungle. In his 200th hour, one of the team is tested. The wives get real with a senator.moreless

    This episode gets a solid ten for daring to address why the world is really at war with the United States. The ceaseless efforts of Christians globetrotting in the name of converting masses of heathens to their belief system to the affront of the indigenous peoples' established belief systems. After suffering hundreds of years of these impositions on their cultures and religious beliefs, the world has had enough and they are expressing their outrage. If you are a missionary invading other countries, this is the reality. You bear some responsibility for our troops being in the middle east and other locations across the globe responding to the resulting threats to our people and our economy. Ask yourself this, if God created the world in seven days, why does he need an army of mere mortals to stand for him. God doesn't, you do. Your "work" is more about your ego than anything having to do with God. Another review elsewhere claims that this is just another show exercising anti-Christian bias. That's a cop out of someone who refuses to think for themselves and accept the very real reality of a global population that has been pushed too far and now they are pushing back.moreless
  • The problem with this show is... it's not Rainbow 6

    The main problem with this show is that they're trying to show the "real lives" of all those involved with "The Unit" and all of the intricate details involved with having a super secret delta force.

    Some army brats and wives might be happy their side of the story is finally being told, but honestly, we just don't care. I want to see missions, one after another with awesome special effects and lost of action. Every mission I’ve seen has been anti-climatic and unfulfilling. It's cool to watch the set-up and all of the little pieces come together, but I’m asleep half of the time and then i see the good stuff coming and I blink and it's gone.

    The Unit may be ground-breaking because it follows the guys on missions, they women back at home, and the guys in training all at once, everyone with their little problems (the senator, the moving truck, the mirror, the grazed bullet, the annoying FBI agent, and a freaking affair between on officer's wife and his commanding officer?!!?! come one give me a break!) etc.. but i just don't care I'm sorry.

    Where's President David Palmer as Ding Chavez from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six? Sniping, recon, heartbeat sensors... Where are the super secretive, intense, impossible missions? I'm tired of parked planes held hostage going no where, uneventful satellite retrieval with stupid Colin Farrell look-alikes impossible jumping out of a prisoner transit aircraft (although if anyone could convince Colin Farrell to do the same in real life I'd be eternal grateful) and stupid missionaries that really require no more assistance than mouthful of dirty socks to get home.

    Give us action else I'm going to have to write President Palmer and tell him he's lost my vote.

  • Filler episode already... hmm...

    Not a whole heck of a lot went on here, really - Jonas's mission to Indonesia was a bit of a snoozer, as much as I enjoy watching Dennis Haysbert I just couldn't stay focused on what was going on there. The sequences with the wives were actually a lot more entertaining this time around, especially Tiffy's speech to the senator. I'm not sure I buy the scene with them sitting around on the kitchen counter drinking beer with the senator, but it was somewhat amusing.

    Every new show has a period of set up where the whole premise and arc has to be laid out for the upscoming shows, but this one seems to have missed a step or two - we've gone straight from "this is who these people are and what they do" (bare bones) to the middle of a boring "day in the life..."

    Also, considering the level that these guys supposedly operate at, are we really supposed to believe that the team leader would allow one of his team members to incur a useless and potentially debilitating injury like Bob got on his hand from the slide? I know it's not life threatening or anything more than an annoyance really, but there is always potential for infection, thus taking him off the team during recovery, or the possibility of it causing even a brief reduction in his efficiency should they be deployed before it has fully healed. It just seems a little ridiculous to me.

  • Both the guys and the ladies get to see action in this epi...gooooood one!!!

    Now I'm sure I'm tuning the right series on monday (at least were I live) nights.

    The epi's name "200th hour" as explained iduring the epi, coming from pilots, which at an average make their first mistake at their 200th flight hour, just enough experience to get c0cky but just enough rookiness to screw it up. During a takedown parctice Mack catches a stray bullet from Brown (the new guy to the team), the injury is minor but since shooting your own guys during an op is just not right, the team's misses their chance to go on a field assingment to La Paz, Bolivia. Brown's really shaken up about it and hits the target range with his pistol till he's popped clear holes in the targets, and his hands are bleeding, from firing and reloading, Grey and Williams tell him to cool down that they all had their own 200th Hour mishap, Williams actually tossed a stray grenade that ended up landing a few meters away from the team and nearly blasted them all.

    Mack however doesn't take the graze too well, he goes home and when his wife Tiffy asks about his bleeding arms he snaps at her, just short off domestic violence, which aparently is no news flash to Molly or the Col.

    The ladies are about thier business organizing an afternoon tea for a lady Senator who's in the Armed Forces Comitee. At first they're being quite the a$$kissers, but after Molly rants out at her about the poor training conditions which had her husband shot in the arm, and the lack of funds for better training, alass they all end up in Kim's kitchen chugging down beers and scotch.

    Jonas is a third party story, he's down in Indonesia where some fanaticly catholic kids went to build churches, the local militias are less than happy about it, so these modern day missionaries end up in need of rescue, Jonas is up for the task but a couple of them wanna stay and "do good work", Jonas however politly and coersibly makes them understand the wrong in their ways...

    great epi now I'm really hooked up.moreless
  • Great episode

    Jonas is sent off to Indonesia to help missionaries who don't really understand the situation they are in. Especially when two run off. Mack is shot during a training drill by Bob, but whose fault was it? And the lovely wives host a senator who is visiting the base. All up a great episode. Especially the way Tiffy goes off at the senator later in the ep.
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