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The Unit

Season 3 Episode 3

Always Kiss Them Goodbye

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 09, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Unit is back together and ready to take on their next assignment when a bomb filled with a nerve agent stolen from a nearby base is discovered to be on its way to their home. On the home front, Jonas and Molly make plans to spend time together, Mack is ordered to move out of his home, and Kim proposes a new show for the station but ends up handling a crisis.moreless

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  • excellent

    The team is back in their home base again ready to be deployed to their old job. Just as they settle in comfortably, duty calls when lunatic domestic terrorists steal nerve gas cannisters from an army base. The unit is taken out of their homes and are made to dealt with the impending threat. Just as their day was hectic enough, the terrorists plan to take the nerve gas to their home base and kill thousands of people. Now we get back to regular mission episodes, the excitement returns as well, the writers are always coming up with good stories to tell and they tell it really well.moreless
  • Wait a minute...I am watching The Unit, right?

    This is the triumphant return of the team after all of that? Sure, in theory it sounds all right, but this is the most uncharacteristic episodes I have ever seen. I'm really just at a loss for words as to how extremely cliche this episode is!

    Ok, I'm really not understanding at all why it took the team so long and why they needed backup to just take out a couple guys on a roof. Jonas shot out a lightbulb in "The Wall" from quite a distance away, but people 15 feet off of the ground with moderate cover take that long? What the heck?

    Yeah, Bob's all heroic and all, but that dumb almost lord of the rings style epic hero music was sooooo cheesy. And what's Kim's deal? What happened I guess was just to advance the story of her getting a radio show, but I don't like the way it was done.

    Tom Ryan was way out of character, I got really annoyed at that stupid nerd setting up the TOC, and this show was not well written at all. Are they running out of ideas or what?

    I loved this show! But it looks like it might be changing to get new audience members. It's really sad to see this show decline like this. Oh, and bring back the old theme song! This one sucks!moreless
  • Great idea, but come on!

    OK, So we have Delta Force style soldiers, Best of the Best.

    Can put an eye out over three hundred yards with a single shot. Now we have Jonas and his crew, twelve to fifteen feet away from three bad guys at the hanger, two of them on the roof, and they can't hit the broad-side of a barn with their elite weapon skills. It takes over 5 minutes and about 1000 rounds of ammunition to get them off the roof, (which by the way is about fifteen feet off the ground, not fifty)

    Come on, this show goes from greatness to low grade oil each week. Keep it real,.... I give it 3.5 for the story line, otherwise it would be 0.0 (note: first two episodes deserve 10.0)moreless
  • The team is finally back!

    After a very long and hard road that kept the Unit apart. We see the Unit back together. As you can tell it felt good for them to get back together. As they try to stop a nerve gas from hitting. As it is hitting for home. And Kim wants to not just be a full-time wife and mom. But wants to try her hand at radio. But it may come at a full-cost to the Unit families and her own marriage to Bob. Jonas and his wife are reunited. As they both are glad to see one another. Meanwhile, Mack wants to move away from Tiffy as much as possible. I mean, I don't blame him as she brought bad luck to him.moreless
  • Family and Nerve Agent.... Not a good combination.

    Finally the team are getting back on it's feet after their disbandment.

    Everything seems fine on the home front with everyone getting on well, that is all except Mack and Tiffy who are still having martial problems. But it's all about to change when the team find there assignment is to track down a bomb filled with nerve agent, when the bomb is found it's strapped to a plan on a collision course with the base and there homes.

    It's up to the team to try and stop the plane before it reaches there home and kills everyone they know and love.moreless
Phil Hendrie

Phil Hendrie

George Tatelman

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Ingrid Sanai Buron

Ingrid Sanai Buron

Dog Woman

Guest Star

Dean Cudworth

Dean Cudworth

Major Baker

Guest Star

Danielle Hanratty

Danielle Hanratty

Lissy Gerhardt

Recurring Role

Sammi Hanratty

Sammi Hanratty

Jenny Gerhardt

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Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Serena Brown

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  • QUOTES (9)

    • Dr. Randle: That suit was at its limit. I don't think it would've lasted another half hour.
      Jonas: Oh well.
      Dr. Randle: A harrowing experience, but I've learned so much today.
      Jonas: Well, ain't that special?

    • Mack: Your radio goes out, I'll know you didn't make it.
      Bob: What confidence.

    • Bob: (To Kim) Feeling better? Tummy calmed down?
      Molly: Nausea?
      Bob: Knocked up again.
      Molly: Can't you give the poor woman a rest?
      Bob: Not with that face.

    • Colonel Ryan: How long til we get to minimal operational level? Two secure radio links, computer board working and a direct line to the Pentagon.
      Adelman: Colonel, this place was sacked. The truth is it may take days to get what you want.
      Colonel Ryan: You got thirty minutes.
      Sergeant Medawar: Don't look at me, I was going to give you til tomorrow.

    • Bob: What are the rabbits for?
      Jonas: Canaries in a mine shaft.
      Bob: Uh huh and the rabbits?
      Jonas: That's what I mean, same thing.
      Dr. Randall: They're much more sensitive than any mechanical detector -at the faintest whiff of agent they die.
      Charles: That's cold.
      Bob: They wanted a better job, they should have gotten their diploma.

    • Mack: I heard there's a vacancy down at the complex by the gate.
      Charles: That place? Dude, it's full of lieutenants and other small children.
      Mack: Maybe they could use a little adult supervision.
      Charles: (Laughing) Like you could give it to them?

    • (Looking at the construction of the new offices)
      Colonel Ryan: What do you think, Sergeant? Be ready by the end of the week?
      Sergeant Medawar: If it takes that long, sir; you need to fire me and get someone who knows their job.

    • Bob: It gets worse. Dirt Diver...nobody's flying this thing. Pilot's dead, looks like nerve agent.
      Mack: Snake Doctor reported nerve agent casualties at his location. Pilot could have been exposed.
      Bob: He's liable to lose his license for that.

    • Colonel Tom Ryan: Question of the century, Mack: Where the hell is this plane headed?
      Mack: Rendezvous with death.

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