The Unit

Season 4 Episode 12

Bad Beat

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 04, 2009 on CBS

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  • The Unit continues strong.

    Jonas and the team are sent to China to capture a rogue CIA agent but first must beat him in poker to win his trust, leading the team is our old friend Agent Kern which makes Bob not so happy but the plan is put into action and the cards are set. Jonas and Bob worm there way into a high stakes poker game run by a Chinese general and with Bob posing as some rich arrogant businessman wins a big pot and the generals prized wrist watch, later Bob passes this watch to Bridgett who by the way has been given a full pardon on her court-martial offence, Bob is then taken to a room and interrogated for the watch back, he's given heroin to make him talk but naturally Bob is too strong for that, Jonas on the other hand is still playing poker with the CIA agent and general whilst Mack and Charles are breaking into the hotels vault, why we're not sure but we think it's to steal something from the CIA agents strongbox…. Of course that's too easy of a guess and what they have done is placed the generals watch inside the box as a set up for the CIA agent to be held captive by the general, Jonas and the team make there escape with rogue CIA intact.

    I wont go into the home front story much with Kim, Ryan & Isaac as it was just a filler gap making ready for a new story, but what surprised me was the ending with Bob in the bathroom ready to shoot himself up with heroin because of his torture and needed a fix, okay it's only a TV show but wouldn't you think that Bob had mentioned the torture to Jonas and Ryan who would then get him help and wean him off the drug or was he too scared to tell them in case he got booted from the Unit, this again wouldn't make sense as he's not a drug user and in past episodes we've seen other Unit members take drugs as part of there mission.
  • All of a sudden, all the characters are at a Casino...

    After Switchblade's episode, the major cliffhanger I was expecting to see unfold, was BettyBlue's predicament with Joss's grandfather and the misteries there could be. The episode is fantastic, just disappointed to see so far there's been no closing or even a deeper plot as the last episode promised with Charles and Joss, all through the episode which was as suspenseful and dramatic, I was waiting to see what happened with that, which took a lot of the interest away once the episode ended. Tiffany's side story with the same guy, taking a stand, was in my humble opinion under average at best, felt like scenes that filled the void between the casino tension. The highest point of the story probably, Bob's chinese torture with the Heroin, a predictable cliffhanger in the end and just reminded me a lot of E.R. with Carter's drug problem, and how many episodes they might have to do with the same rehab from heroin, being such a different show, the approach will continue to be a reason to watch.

    final line, honestly very disappointed and thrown off guard with the last episode's cliffhanger and the total lack of plot following, or even a comment about it. I really hope they take this on through the next chapters.
  • I kept thinking about how bad Bob is going to be after all the dosage of heroin. While Issac regained his freedom, would he come and harm Kim?!

    it's a transition story i guess. Kim got a chance to speak to Issac the first time after he's in custody. The CIA is working with the Unit and there goes Red Cap with a pretty dress. She's gorgeous i must say. I do agree there's not much action in this episode. But still somewhat mind-whacking considering bob getting heroin doses. And yes he brought some home with him too. That's BAD!!! Now they got the suspect KGB guy. I'm very anxious about what's going to happen. Charles looked like he recovered and mysteriously joined back to the team. I've no idea what's going on with his story with joss and her uncle now. Bob took revenge and shot the guy who gave him heroin shot. The look of bob was so raged. He would burn him to hell..
  • The Unit returns.

    The Unit has just been on fire in its fourth season and yet it still does not get the critical praise or viewership that it deserves.

    What is great about the show is that these are not your typical, comic book heroes. Bob shot the man who was torturing him, he did not let him go with a warning. Kim is seeing that there are personal sacrifices that need to be made for the greater good and The Unit all realized just how dangerous their missions can be.

    There's just something about the way this show is directed that makes it feel superior to most other dramas. It just gives off an important vibe and every mission that the men and Bridget do feels like the fate of the world is at stake. It truly is an adrenaline rush, albeit not the kind Bob was getting through the heroin shots, but still.

    Just another fine Season 4 episode and a great way to usher in 2009.
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