The Unit

Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 24, 2007 on CBS
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Jonas and Bob travel to Belarus to try and locate a wanted man. Bob is being pressured by the CIA to change the mission parameters without Jonas' knowledge.

On the home front, when Mack comes home from a long assignment he finds evidence that Tiffy maybe cheating on him. When Mack starts investigating this theory, it takes him to a bad place.moreless

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  • Three fantastic sub-plots combine to provide an hour of virtually non-stop action, intrigue and suspense. A first class episode.

    Three plots of varying levels combine into this first rate episode. The primary plot sees Bob and Jonas on assignment in Belarus to pickup a target who planned on selling classified intel to the Syrian. Blending into this incredibly well, is a secondary plot that has Bob apparently being recruited into the CIA. The tertiary plot is one involving Mac and Tiff and their self-imploding marriage.

    The episode begins with the story framed in the here-and-now, tantalisingly showing a major decision point for Bob. Will he ultimately decide to take up the CIA's recruitment offer or not?

    The next act then sets about demonstrating the mission which took part three months ago. It is filled with enough intrigue and suspense to have been good enough on its own. In a 'standard' episode of the show. However, with the added complication provided by Agent Kern, the whole package gets taken to another level of entertainment. Tension, action and more intrigue than you can shake a fist at, the episode never lets up, as the success of the mission goes from setback to setback in the established style of the show. Then just when you think things are undercontrol, Bob is faced with a potentially life changing decision to make. All the while, Agent Kern keeps on hammering the reason's why Bob should join the CIA. Compelling him to make a difficult choice, perhaps the hardest of his career as he is forced to make a decide where his loyalties lie: Jonas and the team, or Uncle Sam. The third sub-plot involving Tiff and Mac, for a change actually added more tension and a real weight of foreboding to the episode, as Mac wrongly believes that Tiff is having another affair. Even though she isn't, Mac's reaction sets about events that you know will continue well past this episode. The ending is particularly harsh and foreboding!

    Though dialogue is fairly standard throughout, the way in which Jay's Kern, Bob and Jonas' characters interact is slick and helps propel the story forwards. There are a few sharp lines, but nothing to write home about. The use of locations is good, also helping to provide momentum, on the few occasions that a scene stalls. Which is rarely. Had there been a less invovling wives' storyline, it may have been a different case.

    In addition to Bob's key decision, two other scenes rise the bar including: Mac's encounter at the bar, and Jonas' leaving Bob openmouthed with his response, at the end. All this leads to an excellent ending which provides a couple of very strong hooks to watch the next episode.moreless
  • great episode

    Jonas and Bob are on a mission at Belarus. They are tasked of acquiring a chip that contains military secrets. Bob bumps into a familiar person during the operation. Bob gets recruited by the CIA on the spot but his loyalty to his unit prevents him from doing so. Mack comes home after a two month operation and he becomes a really changed man. Mack spies on Tiffy and figures out who she's been seeing while he was out of the country. It's a really exciting episode. The Belarus scenes were awesome. The action sequences were well made, I can't wait for the next episode.moreless
  • Lots of inter-unit intrigue.

    The Unit is a quite interesting show, with drama and action elements.

    This episode was quite good, character development was rampant throughout the episode and the acting is pretty high quality.

    A couple main characters were put in bad situations which forced them to make tough choices and the results were advancing the characters in the show.

    This show has been pretty consistent in the writing, directing and the acting. I really like most of the actors playing roles in the team.

    All in all a good show to watch and I hope there are at least a few decent seasons to come.

    The show sub-plots are mixed in respect to political themes, versus real life politics. I prefer shows that are balanced in their ‘politics’ and real life themes in them. I prefer not to be preached to in my TV shows, Law and Order, Law and Order Special Victims Unit, and Boston Legal aside (all are good shows, but often side heavily on the ‘liberal’ side and occasionally on the ‘conservative side). This is one of my pet peeves and ‘The Unit’ doesn’t fall prey to this more than 10-20% of the time.

    Excellent show, keep them coming. If execs are watching this tread, please keep this show going.

  • Mission : Jonas and Bob are out looking for some guy. CIA shows up with an offer. Home : Mack & Tiffy are messing around bad.

    Hum, I'm having a problem with this ep...

    I liked the Mission part :

    Bob struggling to find the right thing to do, whille for once, not everything goes as planned for Jonas. Still he remains impassive and works things out as they come.

    CIA trying to get Bob for themselves... but why exactly, I can't believe it's just about Jonas. I have to agree that although Bob was totally himself in this epi (not so out of character as some mentioned), it was disturbing to see him *SPOILER* shoot the guy, unarmed, just like that, in the back :shock: !! I want to believe there was something more to it that we don't yet know about... and I hope it doesn't backfire later :? like that not making him sign a deal with the Devil *END SOILER*

    So yeah, all in all, even if there was that much action and gunfire, I thought that Mission aspect of the ep was more than OK and that's why I put a 9.

    The Home part :

    I'm not gonna comment on it long, because Tiffy is totally annoying me at the moment. And if Mack goes on like this I'm seriously gonna start to question his place in the Unit :? Come on Mack, get a grip !!! Ohhh and that last scene... yeah, that's my boy :) But *SPOILER* What do you mean "I'm gonna need that" ?? :| Be wise, don't do anything stupid !! *END SPOILER* Interesting to see what happens next week !!

    So as much as I liked the mission part, the home one got on my nerves. I rated it 9 for Bob, but I'm not sure it was really worth it if you take the whole ep in consideration :( Nevermind... I like the show and some great things can be done. I'm actually sure they could do better than that, but I can't pinpoint what is missing...moreless
  • Lots of twists and new story lines.

    Bob is confronted by the CIA to work for them by helping the country by taking out Jonas because he's too old and gone soft. In the end, Jonas seemed to have known about it the whole time and said they now had a unit man in the CIA. On the home front, Tiffy breaks up with that guy which I forgot his name and Mack thinks she's cheating on him and gets pretty pissed. Overall, great episode with a lot of twists and turns and opens the door to new story lines about Jonas and his past, and maybe his "disposal" of because of his old age, and Mack and Tiffy story, will Mack learn that Tiffy broke it off and come back, or will he go after them? Overall, great, wonderful, exactly why I watch the show!moreless
Rebecca Pidgeon

Rebecca Pidgeon

Charlotte Ryan

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Ricky Jay

Ricky Jay

Agent Kern

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Ravil Isyanov

Ravil Isyanov


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Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Wilson James

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    • Agent Kern: What are your objectives, Sgt. Brown? Right now, your country needs your services so what's it gonna be -- your man or your mission?

    • Bob: If I take their offer, the CIA will have a man in the Unit.
      Jonas: No. Means the Unit has a man in the CIA.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Agent Kern: Take a look at Jonas' "Christmas Past."

      This is likely a reference to Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, in which Ebenezer Scrooge revisits his past, with the Ghost of Christmas Past, in a story of reformation. This implies that Jonas has some ghosts in his past that may come back to haunt him and/or the unit.