The Unit

Season 4 Episode 18

Best Laid Plans

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 29, 2009 on CBS

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  • 3 stories, 3 outcomes. Jonas, Mack and Bob on one Mission. Ryan, Sam and Bridget on another, with Molly, Tiff and Kim sorting out wedding plans for Joss.

    Jonas and Mack are sent undercover to find Leon Drake the guy who's behind the terrorist plots and who murdered the vice president, their mission is to help steal a load of passports, these passports are unmarked and unused however we find this is all a Unit set-up as the passports are 'tagged' and once activated can be tracked to see where there position is (GPS), naturally we have the edge of the seat high jacking, the getaway, Bob having to play a F.B.I agent and then finally a S.W.A.T member to create another set-up making it look like Leon getting away with the passports, the team now know where Leon's 'connections' are on a global scale.

    Our next story involves Ryan arranging an assassination on an Algerian oilman in Paris who's funding al-Qaeda, Sam is ready to take the shot when Bridget gets wind that they are being set up so the plan needs to be changed. Wont go into too much detail as the mission was successful but it's what happened at the end was a shock ( will get back to that in a minute )

    Lastly but not least Molly, Tiffy, Kim and new girl Joss are planning the wedding when Molly gets a call from a agent looking into Joss's background to see if she's a security risk, Molly is unsure where as Kim and Tiff trust Joss, we'll have to wait and see how this progresses.

    Now onto Sam and Bridget, if you saw the episode you'll know that once the Paris mission was completed Sam tired to kiss Bridget but she was more reserved, however back at base and in Sam's apartment we find Sam has been taking pictures of her, is he investigating her or is he stalking her….. Wait and see.
  • Jonas and Mack must go undercover as terrorists.

    Did the lead terrorist remind anybody of Paul Rudd? It was hard to take that dude seriously as I just kept picturing him.

    Anyway, this was not a particularly bad episode of The Unit. It had some suspense, the great action and shootouts we have become accustomed to and a truly jaw-dropping, out of the blue conclusion. But it just was not as good as the beginning of the season when I awarded three episodes with scores over 9 (one a 9.8!)

    I may be bashing this show a little too much, and I apologize for that, but I guess it may be in part due to time running short for The Unit.
  • Col Ryan taking in missions.

    I am not a really big Coloniel Ryan fan. As he can be a jerk and really, rubs people the wrong way. But this show, I kind of liked him. Taking part in a mission. Because he is usually, watching from his office. The wives try to welcome in the new wife. As a DOD agent, wants Molly to really get to know, And uncover what the new potential member of the team is like. The wives assured her, that all have went through this. And there is nothing to be alarmed. So, it shows them, that they are supportive. Bob has to be forced to play, an FBI agent. In order for his real cover, not to be blown. As these terrorists are stone cold killers. Jonas really loves his job and he and Mack. Nearly get found out. But they are forced, to play along. But in the end, they get the job done right.
  • Well planned out storylines with many action. Huge unimaginable jaw dropper at the end of the episode. Whiplash is Red Cap's secret lover/stalker!

    My power was cut last night no idea why. I just watched the episode. And it's a very nice one. I like how the team is split and conduct missions for the assassination plot (it's very tv friendly to show the storyline this way). It's full of face punching in this episode LOL. I liked how they merged the truck hijacking part into two (jonas/mack and bob). Needless to say, the Bob and TOC transmission part was so cool. kayla was in charge at the TOC!!! She's playing her role so well. Tons of action going on in this undercover part. Leon Drake is a stone cold killer!! I just can't believe we saw Col. Ryan in a mission with Whiplash and Red Cap. I want more of that in the future. Col. Ryan needs some fresh air overseas It's funny seeing Red Cap dressed up as a french maid It looks kind of awkward when Red Cap needed a favor from a guy for drug. There's something about them unexplained. I think the biggest jawdropper is the Whiplash aka Red Cap's stalker part. OMMMMMMMG...I thought the clothes burning part was the end of his crush on Red Cap. But then they showed whiplash's closet full of Red Cap's photos. This is going to be really bad. (( I thought he's going to be a well established guy for the Unit. Is there something that we're missing between Red Cap and Whiplash? It looked as though, Whiplash is onto something. Just where did he get all those pictures?! It's creepy, yes, he pull out another photo of Red Cap from his pocket LOL. The trailer for the next episode looked promising. Oh wow, the whole team is really hunting down whiplash!!! OMG :O There're so many traced dots in TOC. Just how's the team going to do this. Jonas, sure he loves his work, hahaha This episode ends with the team paying respect to the KIA Fed agent. It's touchy. I thought the team was taking the money for as their Unit retirement fund. I was totally wrong :X
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