The Unit

Season 3 Episode 9

Binary Explosion

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 20, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Charles goes undercover among gang members from his old neighborhood when it's discovered that they've been stealing explosives and weapons. Meanwhile, Tiffy gets hurt and Mack goes after her attackers.

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  • I would say this definitely one of their better one. "The Unit" doing what some of what most elite special forces do best. Managing people and teamworking.

    Managing people who are either nominally on your side but have different motivations and bias to you - that Military Police woman or the people on the other side the soldiers selling arms. So they worked together to run interference on the policewoman. They worked on her natural biases in dealing with people - people of similar age to her as being more on her side and older soldier types as being uncontrollable. They also mislead and beguiled the soldier criminals to get at the supply chain using their own biases to trust people who grew up in their neighbourhood.

    Top stuffmoreless
  • I am sick of the love triange! just get it over with already! I'm glad grey had some more airtime, usually he's just a backround character. I didn't get Bob and his remarks.moreless

    The love triange was old the second it started. I want Tiffy to get back together with mack and then everyone lives happily ever after! But I know that's not going to happen. The writers are going to drag this on for weeks and then Tiffy will get into another big mess.

    Bob. He acted like he was in charge of things and somehow made that woman let him do whatever he wanted by telling her he'd go on a date? I don't get how that worked and why he acted all in charge. Can someone explain that to me?

    There are three episodes that stand out to me in my memory of watching the unit. Last episode, because of the funeral and how it made me feel all sad and I liked how everyone respected Hector. I liked the episode with Jonas and his daughter. it was cool how he could teach anyone to be good at what he does. My favorite episode of all time was the one with Bob and his initiation into the unit along with his struggle to help a women get out of a blissard.

    Those three episodes are the reason I watch the unit and I am waiting for more episodes like them. sorry for the rant.

    Tiffy and Mack should get together!!!!! oh, and where was Kim this episode? I like the scenes with her and Bob.moreless
  • Writer's Strike?

    Well, I guess there is nothing going on in this world of the Unit. How about actually writing a decent script? The episode is bland, and pointless. Gangs in the Army stealing liquid explosives, run away run away. How about taking the story line, and writing it with some guts. Develop the plots or else this show will be in the "tank" sooner than later. Everyone will be complaining that this show got canceled next year. Well it is because of this type of writing that will be the reason. If you want to make a 22 minute episode of espionage and terrorist ideals, you will like this episode. blub blub blub... i hear the sound of drowning. If you don't throw a life ring to this show "now", it will not surface next season.moreless
  • Another good episode

    This episode was really pretty good. It wasn't as good as the previous two, though (though really, how could they beat one of their main characters dying?). Grey goes undercover in a gang (that is in the army) that is stealing and smuggling weapons. He earns their trust by getting beaten up, as well as punching a guard/official person and subsequently knocking him out. Throughout the whole investigation there is a government employee woman who is trying to bust the gang with the little bit of evidence she has, and Jonas and Bob have to "convince" (meaning, trick) her into waiting. She does. In the end Grey leads the team to the hidden weapons stash and helps a couple gang members escape while Jonas and the rest of the team take down the rest. After the escaped gang members lead Grey to the real weapons stash the rest of the team comes in and gets the weapons back. Overall this was a good episode.moreless
  • Great Episode

    It was nice to finally get some background information on Charles Grey. It definitely would appear that the writers are developing Charles's character in order to compensate for the loss of Hector. Charles infiltrating the gang he used to hang out with was very interesting and exciting. Bob leading on the CID Agent to get her to cooperate was very funny. On the home front, I enjoyed watching Matt and the Colonel take care of the football players that harassed Tiffy. I think they should have made that scene a bit longer instead of keeping it to a minimum. I think Tiffy's character is finally growing up, she's come to realize that her relationship with Mack just isn't going to work and I think she's come to the realization that a relationship with the Colonel is too complicated. I just really hope that we don't have to endure any additional Tiffy/Colonel Ryan/Mack relationship stuff and that the show doesn't turn in to a soap opera.

    I still miss Hector and, I still believe we will find out later on that the Colonel had something to do with Hectors death.moreless

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