The Unit

Season 4 Episode 5

Dancing Lessons

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2008 on CBS

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  • The wifes turn to get involved.

    Jonas, Molly, Tiff and Kim have to work together to see if a high ranking businessman is part of the terrorist cell who tried to assassinate the president elect. While Tiff and Kim do background work, Jonas and Molly get close to the Gillum's however the mission goes sour when no information can be found, Jonas tells Molly to give up that the mission is a fail however Molly doesn't give up that easy.

    Mack, Charles and Bob have to go rescue a nuclear scientists family who are being kept watched over by part of the terrorists, the family have to be brought back safe before the scientist will give Col Ryan any information.

    A good episode but the weakest of this season so far.
  • Finally the kind of episode I've been waiting for this new season.

    Except the first episode, this season has been a bit of a let down for me. I don't like the spooks angle of the last few episodes. It's great for the team to go undercover, but it needs to serve a purpose other than intelligence gathering or obtaining a package.

    This episode was a fine example of The Unit as I like it; a story about rescuing the family of a dying scientist who unwillingly helped terrorists. The scientist won't talk before his family is rescued so the team is sent in to get them. The family isn't aware they're in danger, so the team has to convince them. This was done realisticly, the reactions weren't overly emotional but rational. Eventually the extraction doesn't go according to plan and there are some twists and turns before the ending. And, important for me, there's some good, plotserving action scenes.

    Meanwhile the wives go on an espionage mission which was different and interesting for a change. Molly does something strange and irrational at the end, as the wives usually do, but I have learnt to live with that.

    Overall this episode is the reason I watch The Unit. Good plot, good action and the plot deserves that action.
  • The Unit keeps on delivering.

    The Unit has been one of the most consistently good dramas this season. Maybe it's because of the long layoff since the last season but I'm finding myself thoroughly enjoyed every week and comparisons with shows like Dexter are not too farfetched.

    I sensed that the writer of this show is probably a Burn Notice fan as I picked up several things the USA Network show had already done. First the fake crashing into their car by a "clumsy" female driver to befriend them, but more importantly the mysterious voice on the phone heading up the operation. Burn Notice is a great show so there's no shame in borrowing some of their concepts.

    I was not sure how the addition of Nicole Steinwedell would play out but she seems to be adjusting fine to the program, not to mention looking pretty good in a bikini in the poolside scene. She's not very intrusive and doesn't disrupt the flow of the show, something I was worried her character Bridget may have done.

    Once again I have to praise Dennis Haysbert's performance. The writers have made him a realistic character as rarely would you see a man yell at his wife on TV about her being on a mission the way Jonas did. Haysbert's ability to go from a killing machine one second to a manipulative wine enthusiast the next is just incredible.

    The Unit is definitely the show to watch this year.
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