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The Unit

Season 2 Episode 17

Dark of the Moon

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Unit is sent to Pakistan to retrieve three suspected terrorists when they run into trouble with the local forces. They find a U.S. base with a small force of troops that do not respect their commanding officer. Jonas takes control of the combined group and prepares them for the impending attacks.moreless

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  • Jonas and the team come to the aid of an overwhelmed army unit led by a lone officer - a female lieutenant, and a rough-on-the-edges sergeant.

    I'm a huge fan of The Unit, but this has to be the worst episode of the entire series. The storyline has zero depth, unlike the usual episode which is full of surprises and intrigue. Then there are the pitifully cliche characters: the flustered female lieutenant, the insubordinate hillbilly sergeant, etc. Not to mention the completely out-of-character lines ("You want to live forever!?" - a reference to Dan Daly btw, and "don't forget to smile - it reassures the troops!" - both things Jonas would NEVER say.) As the previous reviewer mentioned, there are about 20 minutes where absolutely nothing happens, except for shooting back and forth, and continued disobedience on the part of the sergeant. It's almost like this episode was written or directed by a completely different crew.moreless
  • What an episode of television - totally gripping and exactly why i watch this show. I've never given a 10/10 score before, but this truly deserves it.

    Yes I'm a bit geed up, yes I'm a bit emotional and yes I'm thinking with my heart. But you know what, I don't care. The plot was simple, 'hold your ground and stay alive.' And for most of the men (and one woman) of this US Army platoon of misfits - serving out their years on the Waziristan border - they did just that. The episode starts with The Unit members running away from a village with three hostages hotly pursued by enemy combatants. We don't know who the men are or what they've done but that's not the point. Someone wants them back. As the pursuing enemy make ground on the team they realise they are running out of places to hide so decide to head for the one last place they can take refuge, a virtually de-commissioned out post a few clicks away. What they find are a ragged bunch of insubordinate rejects reminiscent of the zoned out platoon who feebly defend the outer edge of the Mekong river in 'Apocalypse Now'. Nevertheless it's up-to the Unit to instill discipline and whip theses no-hopers into shape before swathes of enemy fighters career over the hill and try to retrieve their men. Plot wise that's about it, and if you don't like gun battles this episode probably won't be for you. But i love 'em, especially if they're done well, and boy was this done well. Yes there were some cliches such as Jonas ordering his men over the top with the words, 'do you want to live forever?' But by that stage i was right there in the middle of the battle and couldn't care less. Finally after a night of heavy fighting they get the radio working and help is on it's way. In a nice closing touch all of the Unit stare at the now dead prisoners and Brown asks of the one identified as their leader, 'who was he, he who caused all of this (Of course, totally oblivious to the fact that it was they who had just kidnapped him from is home in the middle of the night, thus actually causing this themselves)? And Jonas simply says, 'just a man.' Nice.moreless
  • Action, action, action!


    Simply superb! This is what this programme should have more of. Full action coregraphed combat scenes. Betrayal, mission failure, casaulties, mia and kia.

    From the outset you are lulled into a false sense of situation normal as the mission appears to be going well. Then snafu! The female lt is a great angle and shows a non-stanard side to the mil. and one poss. reality to mil. situations in the field. That aside, the central location/setting takes place on a remote logistic outpost manned by a log. platoon w/ a green lt and a supporting third-rate infantry platoon with a malfunctioning sgt.

    Conflicts/confrontation start almost immediately as the Unit race to avoid pursuing hostiles. Unable to achieve radio contact the defending forces fire on one approaching friendlies. Once that has been taken care off, the 3rd rate sgt commits one mistakes after another, displaying a real need for co-op in the field or have bad results.

    Firefights come thick and fast. These are well paced however, well coregraphed (as can be for TV). The real plus however has to be the relationships between the three leader types: the 3rd rate sgt w/ incorrect priorities, the female lt. who doesnt want to rock the boat, even if she is the senior rank there and Jonas who gets the best out of all the personnel there, who look up to him and his experience.

    The little details of different tactics and fire type mission are a welcome insight into what soldiers "would do" under combat conditions. Though the plot in this episode is a little thin of the ground, the constant changing situation makes it a thrill-a-ride. The build up to the final scene is perfect as is the twist towards the end and the resonance felt thereafter.

    I dont think they could have made this better in any sense, esp. given the obvious budget constratints for TV viewing.

  • The best episode ever.

    The unit is assigned to sneek into North Warizistan, Pakistan to capture three persons of interests. The unit leaves the village loyal to radical terrorist organizations and head to safety. When they reach an army base, it seems that they are in good hands. As it turns out that the homebase is a death trap for the unit when they learn that the guys assigned to guard the base are a bunch of undisciplined knuckle heads. This is the best episode of the Unit ever, this is what an action junkie expects from an episode, guns blazing, a major battle scene the rocks loud with explosions and insane gun battles. This is definitely the best episode of the unit ever.moreless
  • Jonas is given a hercules like task when he must command only a few soldiers to defend a station against many coming over to kill them.

    This episode is proof that less of the wives is definitely better when it comes to 'The Unit'. If they stopped trying to make it a military version of 'desperate housewives' and concentrated more on the unit itself rather than their homelives... this would be one of the best shows on television. This was a great episode as it had good action, intense acting and some twists that made it one of the best episodes of this show, ever. I even loved the part at the end when they finally got the forces to retreat (Do you want to live forever?) was funny and shocking at the same time. An intense episode. I wish more shows were like this, concentrating on the soldiers and not everyone else.moreless
Bernard White

Bernard White


Guest Star

Myk Watford

Myk Watford

Sergeant Wallace

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Samantha Long

Samantha Long

Lieutenant Bailey

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The weapon used by Hector and Bob is the Cheytac Intervention Sniper rifle chambered in .408 Cheytac and not a .50 caliber sniper rifle as many have thought. However it would be unlikely that the .408 round would be strong enough to puncture the grill of a Humvee.

    • Goof: When Jonas asks Sergeant Wallace about the weapons in the platoon, Wallace answers that he has the standard complement of an infantry platoon. However none of the squads are seen utilizing a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. There should be 1 SAW per 4 men.

    • Goof: In the opening scenes, when they are fighting off the invading forces. The truck that Hector is driving is shown as having the back opened in the first few scenes. Then in the following scenes, the back cover is down.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (After the battle, the Unit members stand over the bodies. Bob then asks of the leader of the prisoners)

      Bob: But what... who did it?
      Jonas: Them, us, who knows?
      (Long pause as we see all the Unit members)
      Bob: And who the hell was he anyway; that caused all of this?
      Jonas: A man, just a man.

    • (As the US troops consolidate their position and continue their fierce battle with the enemy troops, Jonas gives the order to go over the top)

      Jonas: Come on men, do you want to live forever?

    • Jonas: Lieutenant, tell the troops the next sound they hear out there will be ours, it'll be a crowd pleaser.
      Lieutenant Bailey: Roger that, Sergeant Major.
      Jonas: And Mam.
      Lieutenant Bailey: Yes.
      Jonas: Don't forget to smile, it reassures the troops!
      Lieutenant Bailey: Got it.

    • (Jonas to the company Sergeant who is about send some more men after hostiles)

      Jonas: You be at ease, Sergeant. I told you to recall those men. By now hundreds of militia are swarming those hills; they'll lure your men into a hasty ambush. You follow now and they'll do the same to you.

    • Khan: This can be avoided; release us, and save yourselves.
      Jonas: From who?
      Khan: From those who will surely come.
      Jonas: Who, and how many? Your clan is a small one.
      Khan: But my tribe is a legion.

    • (Referring to the unit men sniping beyond 2000 meters)
      Lt. Bailey: Great shooting, I've never seen anything like that.

    • Jonas: I have a job to do.
      Khan: And you do this job without thought... without conscience. What sort of man acts in this manner?
      Jonas: I'm a soldier.
      Khan: That is not an answer.

  • NOTES (4)