The Unit

Season 2 Episode 17

Dark of the Moon

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2007 on CBS

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  • Action, action, action!


    Simply superb! This is what this programme should have more of. Full action coregraphed combat scenes. Betrayal, mission failure, casaulties, mia and kia.

    From the outset you are lulled into a false sense of situation normal as the mission appears to be going well. Then snafu! The female lt is a great angle and shows a non-stanard side to the mil. and one poss. reality to mil. situations in the field. That aside, the central location/setting takes place on a remote logistic outpost manned by a log. platoon w/ a green lt and a supporting third-rate infantry platoon with a malfunctioning sgt.

    Conflicts/confrontation start almost immediately as the Unit race to avoid pursuing hostiles. Unable to achieve radio contact the defending forces fire on one approaching friendlies. Once that has been taken care off, the 3rd rate sgt commits one mistakes after another, displaying a real need for co-op in the field or have bad results.

    Firefights come thick and fast. These are well paced however, well coregraphed (as can be for TV). The real plus however has to be the relationships between the three leader types: the 3rd rate sgt w/ incorrect priorities, the female lt. who doesnt want to rock the boat, even if she is the senior rank there and Jonas who gets the best out of all the personnel there, who look up to him and his experience.

    The little details of different tactics and fire type mission are a welcome insight into what soldiers "would do" under combat conditions. Though the plot in this episode is a little thin of the ground, the constant changing situation makes it a thrill-a-ride. The build up to the final scene is perfect as is the twist towards the end and the resonance felt thereafter.

    I dont think they could have made this better in any sense, esp. given the obvious budget constratints for TV viewing.