The Unit

Season 1 Episode 9

Eating the Young

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 02, 2006 on CBS
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Jonas and his team must track down surface-to-air missles before they are smuggled out of Brazil after a deal with a drug lord falls through. Jonas gets help from a local boy who informs the team where the SAMs have been taken to be shipped. Meanwhile back on the base, Kim ends up causing even more trouble when she insists that the “Family Readiness Group” deals with what she deems more serious issues. Also, Williams tries to find a way to tell the woman he wants to marry that he is actually a Unit member and not a clerk on the base like she believes.moreless

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  • Unfortunately, i have to agree with our friend, there. I love this show, but this episode was the worse of all. Not in the action department, but in the reality department. They could, at least, do some research, right!?moreless

    When the episode started, and i saw those constructions, i immediately related to Rio de Janeiro...which i was right. But as they say, good things always have to end.

    1: Why was the police dressed and acting like they were in some bum country, like Cuba or something like that?

    2: Not EVEN the Delta Force could survive there, where the drug dealers control everything. Actually, they wouldn't even be allowed to enter, it's all protected.

    3: The drugdealer's hideout is totally wrong. Drugdealers actually live on rich neighbourhoods. that place they've shown in the beggining is just their 'workplace'.

    And the language...moreless
  • A great episode that takes place in a great place ;)

    This episode is awesome from top to bottom, the action was excellent and the family side was very interesting. As to the people who are complaining about the misrepresentation of the country and the language must be off their rocket, because the police and all of the people in the episode that weren't speaking English were speaking Brazilian Portuguese and there isn't any question about it. In the midst of Rio a dealer is selling off extremely dangerous ground to air rockets to Iraq. Back at home the new girl shakes up the group and tries to fix up the lending system at the base. Back in Brazil the team uses some pretty clever tactics to infiltrate the dealer's house without killing any of the child labor employed as guards. Jonas becomes friends with a little Brazilian boy that he has to lie to in order to get the information about where the rockets have been taken too. Hector runs into problems back home when his girlfriend's Dad pokes around to find out what Hector does and finds out from Hector's superior officer that he shouldn't ask anymore questions. Now Hector's girlfriend's Dad approves of Hector, but Hector's girlfriend gets angry when Hector says he's in active duty.

    Overall a great episode, the language was correct, despite what others have said.moreless
  • the real life os the US military

    This series is base on a day by day bases that the militasry men and family has to endure every day. In this episode we see an ugly side when the bad guys use children as gurds / shield to protect the missiles. I s a reallity that we never put in the acount when we see the news on our tv, but they had to endure it all day of when they gor to war in others countriesmoreless
  • Great show goes with acting and showing character development!

    The show has been great from the start despite one or two episodes being not so good

    As it shows great potential in lasting for a long time if it keeps it up like that

    Kim is trying to steal get adjusted with military life

    Molly is the leader on the homefront

    Whereas Jonas is the leader on the field and we do

    Get a glimpse of his softer side, especially around kids!
  • How to pick a short-lived son-in-law

    When Williams' girl friend\'s Dad falls all over himself to welcome Williams to the family after he learns that the guy is a member of a super-dangerous combat unit, it made me sick. Was he anxious for his daughter to collect the government death benefit if his new best-bud bought the farm? To have his daughter be a single-parent family? This made-for-tv stereotype is NOT the way Dad is in real life.In the real world old Dad may be patriotic as all get out, but practicality rears its square little head when the future of his daughter comes into play. Get real, people! They showed you the wall of pictures of \'former members of The Unit\' in the first epi. In combat it doesn\'t matter how well-trained you are, how smart you are, how technically superior you are, get unlucky and you are dead. Or worse. Want to volunteer your baby girl to marry into that?moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • It appears that the Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) that hit the drug plane appeared to pierce the fuselage but not detonate; as is sometimes common with light aircraft and MAN-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS).

    • The accent used by the Brazilians on this episode was more like from Sao Paulo than Rio de Janeiro (not mentioning the sometimes obvious difficulties between Portuguese-English pronouciations).

    • The language other than English in this episode was Brazilian Portuguese, the primary language in Brazil.

      Some of the translations were cut short.
      Example: "Who here has seen a helicopter land in the last 12 hours?"

      Is actually, "Who here has seen a plane or a helicopter pass through here in the last 12 hours?"

  • QUOTES (7)

    • (Jonas doesn't have enough money to buy the Stingers back)
      Colonel Ryan: What you can't buy, you're going to have to take.

    • Jonas: Would you let a man drink in peace? Would you let me drink in peace?

    • Hector: When do I tell her what I do for real?
      Molly: That's not your job.
      Hector: It's not?
      Molly: When you decide to make her your family you'll bring her to us women. We'll tell her what she needs to know.

    • Molly: Marriage is a serious thing.
      Hector: Jonas said I should get your advice on the subject
      Molly: Have you met her family?
      Hector: No. I'm about to.
      Molly: That'll tell you a lot.
      Hector: I'm thinking about proposing to her not her family.
      Molly: You are young, aren't you?

    • (Hector meets his girlfriend's parents)
      Thaddeus: Let me ask you a question, Hector.
      Hector: Yes, Sir.
      Thaddeus: You look healthy enough, you got all 10 fingers?
      Hector: Yes, Sir.
      Thaddeus: You know how to squeeze a trigger?
      Hector: I've had some basic training.
      Thaddeus: Do you like the military?
      Hector: Yes Sir, I do.
      Thaddeus: Then tell me how a young healthy man like you... can look at himself in the mirror, working in an office with a bunch of skirts?
      Laurenda: Dad!
      Thaddeus: That's a fair question, I want to hear his answer.
      Hector: Well Sir, I'm good at what I do, and it needs doing; managing logistics requires-
      Thaddeus: A gentle temperament and a sore ass!
      (Hector's phone goes off)
      Hector: Apologies, I have to go.
      Thaddeus: Papers need some serious pushing?

    • Jonas: Nice flight?
      Mack: It landed. I got a flight attendant right up your alley.
      Grey: I hope you passed on my number.
      Mack: Sure did. He's gonna call you when he gets back to the states.

    • Col. Ryan: Ryan.
      Jonas: (talking in code) We can confirm they have the dress in your wife's size, but we're gonna need some more buttons.
      Col. Ryan: How many buttons?
      Jonas: Double the original amount.
      Col. Ryan:Copy that. If I could have a couple weeks.
      Jonas: Negative. Fashion show starts tomorrow.
      Col. Ryan: My investors won't authorize anymore buttons going to that particular supplier.
      Jonas: Understood, but there are complications.
      Col. Ryan: Which are?
      Jonas: A lot child labor in the factory.
      Col. Ryan: Close the transaction, child labor or not.

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