The Unit

Season 4 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 03, 2009 on CBS

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  • good episode

    So I loved the cliffhanger at the end of the last episode but I must admit, this episode did not give me the conclusion I had hoped for. Jonas saves Molly, Sam turns out to be a good guy, Ryan lied to everyone, the terrorists are still on the loose, and some random Russian lady fits in somewhere... Ya, that's a lot for one episode. I hated the side story of Kim and Tiffy looking for Molly. Kim is so annoying. I also hate Molly, and even more so after this episode. She's just annoying; however, I can't believe Jonas chose the job over his wife. That's terrible and I lost a bit of respect for him. I wish Charlie was in this episode. Ryan, well, he fooled everyone. I actually really liked how it was all part of the plan and it really showed his character. I liked having Sam as a bad guy so I'm sad to learn that he's good... oh well... overall, a solid, interesting episode.
  • Another brilliant episode.

    The episode continues from last week, Molly is still being held captive by Sam & Leon Drake, Jonas, Mack and Bob are trying to track down a terrorist cell and Kim and Tiffy are so worried about Molly's disappearance they alert the police.

    Naturally some of us including myself called it a few weeks ago, Sam ( Whiplash ) is undercover and only Col Ryan knows of the operation, he arranged the attack on Bridget and kept all the mission details from Jonas and the team, Jonas manages to retrieve Molly back but finds out that Sam is indeed undercover and confronts Ryan about the operation, again Jonas being Jonas is disgusted by Ryan but being the soldier he is continues in his loyalty to the Unit, however Molly has had enough and gives Jonas an ultimatum - It's either her or the Unit.

    This was an excellent episode and though Sam being undercover came as no surprise the ending as to Molly and Jonas splitting was a surprise, but again this is the Unit and Jonas could have his own plan to get Molly away to do some undercover work for him.
  • The terrorism storyline concludes.

    This episode had two shocking endings: the first was of course that Sam was actually working with The Unit all along and had a deal worked out with Colonel Tom Ryan, and the second was that Molly could possibly be leaving Jonas should he not depart from The Unit.

    I can understand her point, this is far more than she signed up for, but it's also their understanding that has kept their marriage afloat for all those years. I have a feeling they'll reconcile next week on the season (series?) finale.

    This was a great episode though. If only everyone was as good as this.