The Unit

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • Unknown Soldier
      Episode 22
      When several nuclear bombs are believed to be headed for several US cities, The Unit is deployed to find and diffuse.

      On the home front, the wives prepare for a wedding and a possible divorce.
    • Endgame
      Episode 21
      Molly is kidnapped and used as bait, while Jonas is in the field looking into a Russian terrorist cell.
    • Chaos Theory
      Episode 20
      A well thought out and planned mission is affected by a random event leaving Jonas and Bob to plan a new mission, Mac and Tiffy deal with teenage rebellion and Molly's continued contact with Susan Gillum may endanger her life.
    • Whiplash
      Episode 19
      One of the Unit members attacks their own and the team must deal with them.
    • Best Laid Plans
      Episode 18

      Things go wrong when Jonas and Mack go undercover in an attempt to find the terrorists who killed the vice president.

    • Flesh & Blood
      Episode 17
      The Unit is sent in to rescue an old friend and finds themselves in trouble. On the home front, Tom finds a lead in a terrorist attack and implements some extreme measures to get the information from a suspect.
    • Hill 60
      Episode 16
      When a deadly gas is released into the air, the men and their families are trapped. Without an access to the outside world, they must find a way to survive this attack.
    • Hero
      Episode 15
      The Unit tests a new team member and finishes wrapping up the events of their fallen brother. Jonas helps Betsy prepare for an interview regarding her kidnapping.
    • The Last Nazi
      Episode 14
      The Unit is ordered to capture a Nazi war criminal from hiding and deliver him to The Hague. When Colonel Ryan is offered a promotion, he reevaluates his past with the help of a friend. Also, Molly has a surprise visitor at Aerodyne.
    • 1/11/09
      Mack gets badly wounded while on a mission with Jonas and they must seek refuge in a monk's monastery. Mack has vision of a fallen team member. On the home front, Bob is assigned to a dangerous mission and is still having problems from his last mission. Kim goes along to help her husband and sees the darker side of his job.moreless
    • Bad Beat
      Episode 12
      Jonas must play a game of no limit Hold 'Em poker as part of a plan that ends up putting one of the team in grave danger. They are working with the CIA on this mission and their success may have implications to one of their own.
    • Switchblade
      Episode 11
      Jonas, Mack and Bob are saddled with Metz on a mission to rescue a president from his own country. Back home, a mysterious woman shows up at Aerodyne headquarters and develops a relationship with Charles, which may end up blowing his cover. Kim and Tiffy head to the beach for a much need vacation, only to find a surprise waiting.moreless
    • 11/30/08
      When the team is ordered to raid an anthrax lab, they find themselves fighting against their ally; a political official who thinks the high-tech gadgetry is better than field logic.

      On the home front, Kim finds herself in a life-threatening situation when her boss tells her to help him cover up a murder.moreless
    • Shadow Riders
      Episode 9
      In order to keep peace between two Afghanistan tribes, the team is assigned to deliver a young woman to her future husband. On the home front, Bob works with his wife, Kim to find a man who is believed to be working with terrorists.
    • 11/16/08
      Jonas and the team are in Syria and continue towards freeing Betsy Blane from her captors. Mack is still looking for an opportunity to get back at Ryan.
    • 11/9/08
      When Betsy Blane is taken hostage, Jonas and his team go to Iraq to rescue her, but those plans may be put in jeopardy when Mack and Colonel Ryan are paired on an operation.
    • Inquisition
      Episode 6
      The team tries to convince a man to give up his accomplices by making him believe that the attack already happened. Mack is preoccupied trying to find out information about Tiffy's affair with Ryan.
    • Dancing Lessons
      Episode 5
      A dying nuclear scientist refuses to disclose information about an impending terrorist attack until his family is rescued in Mexico. Back at home, Jonas and the wives work on a covert operation of their own.
    • The Conduit
      Episode 4
      Bob and Mack both find themselves in trouble when they each take assignments undercover: Bob as a chemist, who hides cocaine by converting it into paint and Mack, as a prize fighter who tries to bust an illegal betting ring. Back at home, the wives must find a way to protect Lissy and their covers.moreless
    • Sex Trade
      Episode 3
      While the Unit is investigating a man they believe to be smuggling nuclear weapons, they discover that he is also smuggling women.
    • Sudden Flight
      Episode 2
      The men of the Unit are on the hunt to find out who ordered the assasination of the President Elect, as they follow a scientist on a flight who may be the next target of the group. Things back at home are hectic as the women are allowed back on base, but not as the women you knew them as.moreless
    • Sacrifice
      Episode 1
      The women of the "Unit" are asked to leave the base when danger looms for them, while the men are away trying to find out who wants to assassinate the President and Vice President.
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