The Unit

Season 3 Episode 4

Every Step You Take

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Molly and Jonas are discussing the college and the future with Betsy. Molly is upset that Betsy wants to join the Army and Jonas remains calm. She gives her enlistment papers to Jonas and then puts more meat on Betsy's plate. Molly tells Jonas she is not ready for Betsy and does not think that Betsy is ready. Jonas confronts Molly.

In the Ivory Coast, Bob is trying to get people out of the Embassy and running into some resistance from the Ambassador. He wants to stay. Mack helping the injured and stating that the locals need sot stay behind.

Jonas takes Betsy out in the middle of nowhere and drops her off. Tells her his camp is 3 miles up the road and leaves her a bag of supplies and a change of clothes.

Mack getting people organized and ready to leave, as they exit there is gunfire and Mack is hit. They get everyone on the bus, except for one man, who won't leave without his wife. Bob goes after him. The bus drives away. Hector returning fire and the bus is hit by an IED. Maddy, one of the Ambassador's assistants is hurt and Hector gets her, she cannot see. Mack gets group together and they begin walking. A car is approaching very fast, it is Bob and the O'Neill's. One of the men runs away afraid and Mack orders him to stop. All of a sudden he blows up and Mack realizes they are in a minefield. . Bob takes cover with the O'Neill's and provides support to Mack and the group.

Betsy arrives at camp, where Jonas lectures her about the length of time it took her to get there. She states that she is hungry and he gives her supplies to make her own camp.

Mack takes control of the group and begins issuing orders. Kapp takes Maddy and puts her feet on his. Hector orders everyone to stay still and walks them through checking for mines. Bob is discussing options with the O'Neill's, mostly being a diversion to protect those in the minefield. Mack demonstrates to the group how to probe for mines. Mack tells Kapp that he needs to listen to him. Enemy soldiers arrive, Bob with O'Neill's help create diversion. Once the soldiers are taken care of, he contacts Hector and asks what do you need. Hector states they need probes.

Jonas discusses the risks of their camp area with Betsy. Later, while sleeping he touches Betsy and tells her, 'Your dead". He explains that boot camp will be much harder and she asks him if he wants her to quit. He says, "No, I want you to be ready".

Hector explains to the group more about probing, while Bob throws make shift probes to Hector and throws them to the Ambassador who throws them past Kapp. Kapp tries to catch them and drops Maddy. She falls and is wounded. Mack goes to her to help and realizes it is too late. She dies. Kapp states he did not think, Mack tells him he needs to and now he can probe. Mrs. O'Neill is upset and Bob attempts to calm her down. Ambassador talks to Mack about Maddy and Mack explains that it is his job to get them all out safely. More soldiers arrive and Bob explains how to use the grenade to O'Neill. Bob throws grenade and it blows up, with a few soldiers. O'Neill throws his grenade and realizes the pin is still in it, Bob shoots the grenade and it blows up. One last soldier has sights on Bob and then the soldier is shoot, but Hector.

Jonas is working on climbing a large boulder with Betsy. When she reaches the top, she asks how long. He responds 45 minutes and she questions how long it should take. He states 15 minutes. She wants to go again and the second attempt is 25 minutes. Jonas explains that men and women are made differently and perform differently. He tells her he is proud of her.

O'Neill is still dwelling on his failures and Bob explains the reality of the situation and tells him he needs to stand up and help. He asks how and Bob explains that they are going to booby trap the area. Shortly more soldiers approach in a truck and hit the booby trap, which takes out the truck and several soldiers. A gun battle ensues and O'Neill steps up and saves Bob.

Jonas and Betsy are sitting next to the campfire and he is sharing his food and beer. They remember some of the good times that they have had together.

Mack and the group are working their way through the minefield. Kapp tells Mack that this situation is his fault. Bob brings the O'Neills' around the perimeter to their reinforcements. Soldiers have moved in and are firing on the group in the minefield. Kapp wants to just run for it, as it is only about 20 yards. Mack grabs stops him and points out he is not going to sacrifice the others due to his stupidity. Mack continues that his son is younger and is better at following the direction than he is. And states that he should be proud of his son. Mack gets everyone through the minefield and onto the truck.

The next morning, Jonas is doing push-ups when a snake slithers towards him. Betsy shoots it. Jonas discusses the possibility of her being an officer. She wants to be like him. He tells her he will see her at home and that it is 18 miles away. Molly is upset when Jonas comes home with out their daughter. She is even more upset that Jonas would consider going to bed before their daughter gets home. She tells him he should expect anything in that area for some time. Betsy comes in and Molly talks with her. She announces that she is going to like the Army.
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