The Unit

Season 3 Episode 4

Every Step You Take

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Not worth summarizing

    The ending made no sense. They're trapped in a mine field, they must crawl slowly, feeling their way through the dangerous terrain...then a truck pulls up and they get on it and go, everyone safe, and it's all over. What happened to the mines? Why did they have to crawl through the mine field to begin with? Totally contrived, artificial and lacking any reality. One of the worst episodes ever. The so-called characters from the embassy personnel were cardboard cutouts, and the situations were phony. If this was the first episode of this show that I'd seen, I would never watch it again. Garbage!
  • Danger lurks with gunfire all around !

    Enough. Are the writers on vacation for the last two weeks. Or are we trying to bring the IQ of 65 and below to the viewership.(or is it the mothership)
    I will try to be nice. This is one of my favorite shows. (that is why i give you a 5.0 this week) So we have two of the best leading our beloved civilians through the harrowing streets of rebellion. Sounds like Somolia. Let's take a short cut across a field. After going about fifteen to twenty feet, we realize we are in a mine field. E-Gads. What to do, we can spend the next 35 minutes going across the field very very cautiously for the remainder of the 100 yards, or just go back the fifteen feet. That's right, "REVERSE, ABOUT-FACE" Oh, you say, that wouldn't be logical? I mean, if Bob Brown can "run the outskirts in 33 seconds" why the heck not? ....George is getting angry!...Bring back Over There!!!!
  • US embassy is in the middle of a conflict. All personnel had to be evac. Mack, Hector and few other americans stepped into a mine zone. Militants are closing in.

    Jonas was taking a break on the evac mission in Ivory Coast. Mack, Bob and Hector were making their way out from the US embassy with a few other americans. Bob had to stay behind for a family's wife and baby. Mack and Hector got on a bus to their evac rendenvous. The bus was bombed on its way. Everyone safely escaped from the bus. Mack led everyone into a minefield. It was a bad move by him. I still don't understand why they didn't go backward. The bus driver made for a run and died.

    While the guys are still probing for landmines, Jonas' daughter Betsy came home for dinner with the family. She decided to quit college during her junior year and enlist. Her mom Molly was not happy about the decision she'd made. In the minefield, Bob finally caught up with the rest of the team. He was scrambling to create a diversion for themselves. Plenty of action over there. Bob and the husband he's rescuing eventually helped the team eliminated that came for them. Back at the base, Jonas took her daughter for a camping trip. He challenged her daughter as if treating her as a soldier. Betsy didn't like the way her dad was treating her. Until she spoke her mind after taking a fall in climbing, Jonas saw the determination that her daughter has. He was very proud of her. Their relationship went one step higher. As far as i remember, Charles didn't make a appearance on this episode.
  • Jonas' daughter dropped out, joined up, and pissed off her mother.

    Jonas' daughter announces a big change from the plans her parents had for her. Her mother is upset - to put it mildly.

    Her father is more reserved.

    Being the consummate leader, he has something better in mind as a way get across to his daughter what he thinks she should do. And to find out what that is.

    Nice wrinkle to the usual situation for Jonas.

    Usually, he gives orders and his men snap to and carry out his orders as instructed. They are already taught to obey and trained to succeed.

    Not quite so his daughter. But it turns out he has been training her all her life.

    His little test proves that.
  • The Unit is back together once again!

    Once again the Unit is back together. And the way they do teamwork as well as really needing to be together and the friendship and missions that they share together are really the reason why I watch this show. And that it is neat that they really trust and care for one another. While they are on a mission after nearly being broken up by the CIA and to a lesser degree, Bob! Jonas is back home. As he now is trying to train his daughter into going into the military. You can tell that he is proud as well as nervous at the same time. I mean, any other parents would be that way at both times as well. Very well-written and well-acted episode.
  • great episode

    the team travels to the Ivory coast to evacuate civilian personnel from the american embassy. Jonas stays at home and enjoys his time with his family. Jonas life doesn't get any easier when his daughter tells him that she's enlisting in the army. Jonas shows her daughter some basic skills that she can find useful in the army. Mack and the others deal with their mission in the ivory coast when they go to extraction point. But things don't get any easier when the bus that they take hits a landmine. It's a great episode, I really enjoyed watching this. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Family.

    The team minus Jonas and Charles are sent on a mission to the Ivory Coast to rescue a group of Americans from there embassy and get them to safety, struggling to make the pick up zone Mack and Hector find themselves in the middle of a mine filed along with 5 of the embassy personal, Bob on the other hand has his work cut out as he and another family try and help the trapped team by keeping the rebels off there backs.

    On the home front Jonas and Molly's daughter Betsy tells them she's dropping out of college and enlisting in the army, Molly naturally is against the idea but Jonas only has one thing to do and say to his daughter ' Be the best ' as he takes he on a survival weekend and trains her hard.

    Personally I thought the episode lacked a little something but the episode had more of an hidden message in it……. Family come's first.
  • Great episode this is a nice showcase for why we Unit fans like the show so much. The action which is the main draw for most viewers was top notch. I really felt like I was watching people make it out of real African hotspots like

    Great episode this is a nice showcase for why we Unit fans like the show so much. The action which is the main draw for most viewers was top notch. I really felt like I was watching people make it out of real African hotspots like Mogidishu or Sierra Leone. Bob has become the action and scene stealing go to guy. He was excellent as was Mack both dealt with whiny civilians very well. The homefront story was equally great and I was so please since I hate it when people say get rid of the wives. So stupid the wives are an integral part of the show. So on that note it was Jonas and not his wife who gave a great story about families growing and letting go in the form of Jonas daughter joining the army. It was nice to see Jonas do more than action he was great as a caring father. Great episode showing what long time fans love about the show.
  • jonas is at home training his daughter before she enlists the rest of the team rescue some american embasy workers and have to get them to safety.

    well as for the plots i enjoyed em good story as always
    shame the execution was a bit lame,

    i have no complaints about jonas and his daughter they had great chemistry and you could believe how a real family unit would behave in this situation as for the embasy ppls well the man who wouldnt leave without the paper work, unrealistic true thts his job but when you've got insurgents coming in to kill you any normal person would get his bare insentials and high tail it

    the father and son well the father was an idiot, and thanks to him innocent ppl got killed/ hurt i felt sorry for the woman who was blinded then died from the mine injury, the young family guy who got his head straight was nicely done a normal guy in an extraordinary postion is plausable,

    yep they cut the ep short by glossing over the remaining mines, once the pick up arrived but i was under the impression they had further to go to get rescued ?

    as for bob and the family walking around the perimeter was silly, mines would have been placed around the outside as well as the middle, so if they should have had one mine go off narrowly missing bob, seems to be running theme with mac getting injured every ep so far :P
  • The Unit is finally back on normal missions, and they start with a great one!

    I really didn't care too much for the whole pandemonium thing, but I am glad to see the unit back to their old ways again. The action was intense, and Mack, Bob, and Hector were awesome as usual. The people they were aiding though seemed a litle unrealistic, quite contrary to our unit friends. I did find the ending a little confusing, however. Maybe they left something out, but the nonsensical finale to an otherwise engaging 58 minutes was a bit dissapointing.

    Jonas on the home front had to have been one of my favorite home stories. I really like seeing him in the home environment, and him "training" his daughter was really interesting.

    I think that this show is heading in the right direction again, but I still can't stand the new theme song. "Fired up" was way better IMO. This one almost seems to negate the action that was building up in the opening 5 minutes.
  • Another exciting time with The Unit.

    I think it was a decent sure had intense moments. I think the fact that they gave us a father who didn't really think his son was all that, was a good addition. Not only are they trying to save lives, but they have to deal with this father. It's sad at the end that he doesn't say anything to his own son...but he didn't have to; he did it with a hug and maybe that's all he was capable of. I think the fact that they are making the daughter seem like she wants to go into the Army will lead us to some interesting future episodes.
  • Jonas's daughter enlists...

    Mack, Hector, and Bob are off in Iraq rescueing some American embassasy people and their families from insurgents. Meanwhile, at home, Jonas is teaching his daughter to be the best she can because she enlisted. Overall, it was a pretty good episode. I really liked the little story with Jonas. I also enjoyed watching Mack get pissed off at the stupid American that was going to get them all killed. The story was pretty good, but there were a few points where it got a little slow. Overall, good episode but it could have been a lot better, in my opinion.