The Unit

Season 3 Episode 4

Every Step You Take

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • US embassy is in the middle of a conflict. All personnel had to be evac. Mack, Hector and few other americans stepped into a mine zone. Militants are closing in.

    Jonas was taking a break on the evac mission in Ivory Coast. Mack, Bob and Hector were making their way out from the US embassy with a few other americans. Bob had to stay behind for a family's wife and baby. Mack and Hector got on a bus to their evac rendenvous. The bus was bombed on its way. Everyone safely escaped from the bus. Mack led everyone into a minefield. It was a bad move by him. I still don't understand why they didn't go backward. The bus driver made for a run and died.

    While the guys are still probing for landmines, Jonas' daughter Betsy came home for dinner with the family. She decided to quit college during her junior year and enlist. Her mom Molly was not happy about the decision she'd made. In the minefield, Bob finally caught up with the rest of the team. He was scrambling to create a diversion for themselves. Plenty of action over there. Bob and the husband he's rescuing eventually helped the team eliminated that came for them. Back at the base, Jonas took her daughter for a camping trip. He challenged her daughter as if treating her as a soldier. Betsy didn't like the way her dad was treating her. Until she spoke her mind after taking a fall in climbing, Jonas saw the determination that her daughter has. He was very proud of her. Their relationship went one step higher. As far as i remember, Charles didn't make a appearance on this episode.