The Unit

Season 1 Episode 11


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 09, 2006 on CBS

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  • for me a bad episode

    in this episode nothing happend for me, nothing at all. The remembering of a war story for a son that is now a reporter makes no sence of the baseline for this series. I think that director and writers must keep the story telling to the actual facts that they started.
  • Very good!

    I know many viewers don\'t like the wives\' storyline, but in this show they make perfect sense! Wars are fought everywhere, even in our own homes. The men don\'t say what they do and the women keep their secrets also. It\'s this constant duality that keeps me wathching this great show!
  • Keith Soto the son of an old unit soldier arrives to find out the truth about his dad's death. Meanwhile Molly locates con woman who cheated her out of her investment fund.

    The son of a dead soldier from the Unit comes to ask about the real death his dad. This was more a melodramatic episode but still entertaining. A young man Keith Soto
    seeks the real details for the death his father a member of the old Unit. Jonas lies throughout the episode to hide the real the truth. Keith is determined to find the truth but as a reporter Jonas doesn’t’ want the truth to get out and make the Unit look real bad.

    Bob is approached by an attractive widow, Juliet Nichols , who might have sex and a proposition in mind for him.

    Anyways as Jonas tells his different versions of how Keith’s dad died we see that perhaps he was killed as a prisoner of war but that Colonel Ryan probably messed up any attempt at rescuing him. However as we see by the end
    though Jonas may be the one that killed the son's dad.

    Hmmm I didn't the episode as much as the other one, almost
    no action, and it's obvious by what Jonas was doing that he was covering up his mess by lying to the kid.

    Molly's confrontation with the woman who cheated her while
    interesting did not have a great climax. I can't believe
    she just sat there and took what she gave her amidst her
    cheap threats.

    Still a good episode in terms of seeing Jonas, Ryan and others as part of the old unit team.
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