The Unit

Season 3 Episode 7

Five Brothers

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 06, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Unit is in Lebanon when Charles is seriously wounded. They must think and act quickly to save his life.

On the Home Front, Tiffy's problems continue to build when a man she met at her job tows her car. The women stand up and fight to protect her.

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  • Another great installment to this wonderful television series. This review contains spoilers, thefore if you have not seen this episode, then it would be prudent to skip this review.

    Two words - Absolutely fantastic. At first, I thought that the episode was going to drag on to be another SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape) mission after the first couple of minutes of covert and attention-drawing action, but it turned out to be quite compelling, with the serious wounding of Charles (Betty Blue), and their primary exfiltration route being severed by the helicopter being destroyed.

    All of these mishaps all happening at once shows exactly how a well-oiled military machine only has to have one thing break down and then all Hell breaks loose because of that one failure, and the show demonstrates that even after such misgivings, well-trained and determined personnel can and will make the appropriate arrangements to either climb over, dig under or walk around the obstacles set down in the gauntlet they face.

    The most gripping part of the episode is the last firefight, where the team all but runs out of ammunition, and faced with the certainty of being shot whilst caught in a narrow corridor, Mac (Dirt Diver) comes down from creating the ground-to-air signal and blasts the remaining enemy combatants with his trusty Heckler & Koch 416 rifle, saving the boys. then on exiting the building, the ever-familiar and grace of armed United States Marines is always a comforting sight to see, right up until Hector (Hammerhead) gets shot in the neck, and Jonas (Snake Doctor) attempts to provide immediate medical care, whilst Hector lay on the floor of the 5-ton truck, appearing unconscious. In the end, we see Jonas fold Hector's arms across his chest, as though he had lost the fight. I anxiously wait for next week's episode in anticipation for Hector to either begin a lengthy recovery, or the possible introduction of a new guy into the team. I'm counting down the seconds as we speak.moreless
  • Conspiracy!!

    Gotta pick up on the subtle hints and clues to why and how Hector was killed. Col. Ryan had everything to gain by having Hector killed. To keep his love affair with Tiffy a secret. Just keep that in mind when you continue to watch. Look for certain things that might shed some light on who specifically targeted Hector on the truck. There were a few other guys in a much easier location on the truck to shoot. So why Hector? Hector knew too much and I hope they make an example of Col. Ryan. The Unit Rocks!!! Best Show!!moreless
  • Makes you think on how a real war is fought

    this episode reveals how US forces have to conduct secret mission in places that we do not even think posible, in hostile territories, out number 10 to 1 and in political contries that are friends to the US. In thei episode one of the team get hit twice and is almost dead, becuse od the intervention of the doctor in a make shift operation table in one apartament in the bulding were they rescue a jurnalist. The situation come more danger qhen the team finds him self trap do to the bad guys searching the bulding. The make the internationl signal of help on the roof and the marine comes to help them retrive, but not until one sniper kill one of the teammates in the marine truckmoreless
  • RIP?

    Well, another great show. But it has a sad end which I will get to in a moment. The Unit goes out as Charles is wounded. As they try go help him. Meanwhile, a guy named Webber is harrassing Tiffy. Despite not liking Tiffy at all and all of the embarrassement that she has caused the women and especially to her estranged husband Mack. Glad that the women stood up to her. And that they took on the creep Webber. Sadly, the ending is that Hector is struck down. While trying to help the men. And dies. Sadly, it is very sad to see one of them go. But that is life, you die for your country to protect others.moreless
  • Excellent

    i could write the word excellent one hundred times to fulfill the requirements of submittal, but i won't. This show should and hopefully will, get The Unit an Emmy Award. The coming attractions from the previous week, about one brother will fall, was great. Killing Willams, although I think was a mistake as he was a strong back actor in the series, was excellent. One shot, very passive, very real. Willams and his home life, was developing and interesting. I was totally shocked with the ending. Let's start at the beginning. A great premise, and great scenes throughout. I thought the apartment hallway scenes were acurate and believable. The episode also brought out Bob Brown as one of the most ruthless of the Unit. No wonder the CIA wanted him. Frank Military and Steve Gomer should stick together and write and direct, many many more episodes.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof:***SPOILER ALERT***
      At the end, when they are sitting in the truck, a sniper shoots Hector. In the scene after that we see that the wound is on the right side of his neck. Yet, he was kneeling down with the left side facing the opening in the back.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • (As the men prepare to make the 10 block trek to the secondary extraction point with an injured Grey)
      Jonas: You good?
      Mack: Hell yeah.
      Bob: Cake walk, Top.
      Jonas: (To Hector) You good?
      Hector: (About Charles) He loves the beach.

    • Charles: You know, I think Annie is good for you. Annie's different - you need different.
      Hector: Yeah, why is that?
      Charles: Spice things up a little, keep your world interesting.
      Hector: Sergeant, are you saying I'm boring?
      Charles: Hell, yeah.

    • Mack: Hammerhead, how are we looking for an exit?
      Hector: West entrance is not looking good. They know we're here.
      Mack: Locals or army?
      Hector: Locals. They're making a block party of it - I even saw Grandma with a gun.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Jonas: (Referring to the reporter) He's been Stockholmed.
      Jonas is referring to Stockholm Syndrome, which was coined in 1973 when a group of Swedes were held hostage in a vault during a bank robbery for six days and they ended up growing attached to their captors. It is used to refer to someone who develops sympathy or compassion for his or her abductors.