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The Unit being Cancelled

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    I watch The Unit every Sunday night and I have watched it since it started. It is one of the best shows on tv. I think CBS is making a big mistake. I think this is the worst idea CBS has had since it cancelled Jericho. I hate when networks cancel a show and does not let it end. The season finale now the series finale was good but not good enough to be the end of the show. If they want to cancel a show after four years at least have it end right. Do a summer season or a half season to wrap it up and end it the way it should be ended. Just stopping it is not right. At least when they took Jericho off the air everyone complained enough to bring it back to let it actually have an ending. Now anytime I think of the show I will be thinking did Jonas and Molly get back together? Can they find their way back to each other? How is the new marriage in the unit going to hold up? Is the Colonel still going to be over the unit? Is whiplash going to be there again? Can Sam get over what he did to her? Are Tiffy and Mac going to stay this happy? Are Bob and Kim ever going to get their family back together in the same place? I mean come on... There are so many unanswered questions. Why would a network end a show without a real ending? Fox is doing the same thing with Terminator. They are ending a good show without an ending. At least when they did Prison Break they gave us a five week season with a real ending. Is it to much to ask for five weeks of a show that people watch and love? Is it to much to ask for an ending? I want to know who and where I write to at CBS and to Fox to let them know they owe us endings. We are the ones that watch and I think we deserve an ending to some of our favorite shows and not to be left hanging. We are loyal to our shows and therefore the networks that show them.

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    Duplicate topic. This is already posted at the top of the forum board.
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