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    Hi all, I think they canceled The Unit because of low ratings. Not that the Unit wouldn't have been one of the top draws on CBS if they had a better name for the show. Everyone that I told to watch this show loved it but all said that they never would have believed the show was of that format by looking at the name in the TV guide, I was also one of them! My grand daughter turned me on to it. I think if they would have named it something like "Special Forces Unit" or something of that nature people would have tuned in when seeing it in the TV guide. I passed over it myself until my grand daughter told me what it was about. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
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    I get that this is severely late but to name this "Special Forces Unit" would be incorrect. "The Unit" is a name the "Delta Force" uses. You should research it.
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    My understanding is that the unit had great ratings and that it was canceled due to the fact that CBS wanted to reduce the production costs of all their shows. I think the unit is a great name and with that said, I don't think their ratings would have been any better if they had named the show "Special Forces Unit". You're not in the Army, your in the Special Forces Unit now? nah, thats just lame.

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    Cancelling this show was a huge mistake.. Great cast, great show..

    5200 votes on this site rated 9/10 That is with all the trolls who like to vote 1/10 for the fun of it.. Most Top 10 shows don't even have that..

    They so need to bring it back.. I forget the exact details of how it ended, but yeah.. It could be done. I normally don't like shows based in the now.. For example.. All those cop shows.. Nothing out of the norm.. Boring as heck.. But with the unit.. It WAS off the norm.. All those missions, etc.. It kept you on your seat.. They didn't need no supernatural or sci fi or w/e angle.. It was pure, and it was good. Ah well.. Stations always cancel great stuff and leave crap on the air.. Look at what they did to terminator the sarah connor chronicles, and firefly, and Jericho, etc.. I could go on and on.. What pisses me off, is they don't even have the common decency to NOT end it on a stupid cliffhanger.. It's almost like.. Screw the fans, let them guess! Not to mention how our hr shows are not 40 or 41, maybe 42 43 minutes at most now, because of all the commercials.. For every 30 minutes there are on average 9 minutes of commercials.. Grrrr! That and most shows having around 10 episodes or 12 a season.. THAT IS NOT A SEASON! Anyone who says so needs to hush!.. minimum 16 episodes for a first season.. Specially if you expect someone to wait almost a year or a year between seasons.. I mean god.. And seasons after that.. min 20 episodes.. Lots of shows have done it this way.. It works! and it shows love for fans! I also miss how they use to have 2hr premiers for pilots to a new show.. not many do that now adays.. I am sure this comment will fall on deaf ears, but ah well..

    This is my rant for the day, so cheers! And as always.. Keep shows somewhat real with the emotions of the cast and just.. Think things through mostly! I mean.. Don't get me wrong.. I loved the stargate series.. It is just.. Your not gunna be cracking jokes or have it playing the comedy in the middle of people dieing and fighting going around.. And then have the next day business as usual like nothing happened.. At least with stargate universe.. They made an effort to keep it real with the character development and environment and emotions etc.. Pisses me off that it was canceled.. On guess what.. AN EFFING CLIFFHANGER! .. Grr man.. Like grr!! Sry.. *counts to ten*
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