The Unit

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 01, 2007 on CBS
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When a Thai prince and his family visits the U.S. to enter into a deal, Mack, Hector and Charles are assigned bodyguard duty. Jonas and Bob must jump out of a plane to gain entry behind enemy lines and tag a building full of terrorists.

On the home front, Tiffy discovers that Mack thinks she is having an affair and takes steps to prevent anyone from getting killed.moreless

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  • Anything mentioned to be Thai in this episode is clearly far far away from reality. Writers should do more homework or go work for Desperate Housewives!!!

    Bai Ling? Seriously?????? That outfit?? 'Most dysfunctional family in the world'??? Writers clearly didn't do their homework.

    Anything mentioned to be Thai in this episode is clearly far far away from reality. I'm Thai and watching this makes me wonder 'Did I not grow up in Thailand?' All the information is soooooo not based upon any research, especially the culture part. Yeah, it's TV but if you're gonna 'base' it on something real at least base it on the real culture or if you can't --- make up another country!!!!

    I have a question, what other facts have been distorted in this show???

    I'm disappointed and offended. Other else than the artificial 'Thai' related stuff is pretty good for me. When Bob starts to question about Jonas's intervention, I first thought that they were gonna bring up the CIA issue in the previous episode in this episode.moreless
  • nice episode

    A Thai prince visits the US to sign an oil deal with american petroleum companies. Mack, Hector and Charles are assigned to become bodyguards to the prince and his family. But on the very first day, their assignment becomes complicated when the prince's teen son makes use of his riches and buys a car. Tiffy is having problems in her personal life when she finds out that Mack learned about her relationship with her lawyer boss. This is a really exciting episode. Bob and Jonas are in a mission overseas and their story is a really exciting one. This is a really good episode. Two teams with two different missions, all in one episode, it's really awesome.moreless
  • Nothing special.

    Freefall was an ok episode. There was not much action, but a lot of personal issues and a lot happening with Tiffy. We find out about several of Jonas's precious injuries and learn that his wife is urging him to leave the unit. Mack, Mr. White, and Bob are off protecting a man and his family and it turns out that he was trying to kill them himself. On the home front, Tiffy found out the Mack probably thinks she's cheating on him and goes to Colonel Ryan to ask for help, which turns out to be blackmail. I mean, Tiffy cheated on him before, Mack has a right to be pissed at her. She's always like "oh no, he think's I'm cheating!" I wonder why, you cheated on him before and almost did it again. Anyways, Tiffy is starting to annoy me. Other than that, the plot was nothing special and didn't excite me that much.moreless
  • No real action but a lot of suspense.

    This weeks episode had three running storylines and surprisingly two were on the home front…Spoilers.

    The episode started with Bob and another Unit member not part of Jonas team preparing to jump from a plane into enemy territory to kill a terrorist however they were training to jump from a far greater height than is usually attempted, when the other Unit solider is killed due to the training Jonas demands he go’s with Bob on the mission, because of the distance they need to jump out of the plane Jonas is sent for a physical which determines he should not jump, against the advice and orders of the doctor and Col Ryan he jumps off with Bob helping him in mid parachute flight when Bob’s chute wont open, naturally the mission go’s fine with one slight hitch.

    On the home front Mack is gunning after Wilson who he thinks is having an affair with Tiffy, luckily Mack is called away on a mission along with Hector and Charles to protect a Thai prince and his family who have received death threats. Whilst Mack is away Tiffy finds out that Mack has his suspicions about her and Wilson and must tell Wilson the truth as to what her husband doe’s for a living and to get Wilson far away before their is any repercussions.

    This now set’s it up nicely for possibly the season finale, doe’s Mack track Wilson down and take vengeance or will he do harm to Tiffy, also is Jonas being pressurised into retirement by Molly and Col Ryan.moreless
  • An excellent episode that shows the human side of these operators. stop whining about not seeing constant action because that's just not how it is..

    I think the home front portions are part of the reason this show is so good. It shows that being an operator is about more than just jumping from planes and being on covert missions. Too many times people view operators with the sense that they are not humans but some type of superhuman robot. This show is deeper than that and it shows so by allowing the viewer to realize that even though they are highly trained and exceptionally good at what they do, they still have to face the same human issues that we all do, the issues that an M-4 or .50cal sniper rifle cannot resolve. If all you want to see is constant firefights and such then I suggest that you pop any version of Rambo in your dvd players. This show is by far the most realistic depiction of life in the Special Operations community that I've seen thus far.moreless
Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet

Christine Ross

Guest Star

Matt Malloy

Matt Malloy

Dr. Bill Farris

Guest Star

Bai Ling

Bai Ling


Guest Star

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Wilson James

Recurring Role

Kavita Patil

Kavita Patil

Sergeant Kayla Medawar

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The jump mission is supposed to be from 40,000 feet; but the aircraft they use is a C-130, which has a service ceiling of only 33,000 ft.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Jonas: Three targets confirmed, all inside.
      Bob: Roaches are in the motel, stand by for go.

    • Tiffy: I need to find Mack.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: The kids, they all right?
      Tiffy: They're fine.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Is there a money problem?
      Tiffy: No, it's nothing like that. I need...
      Colonel Tom Ryan: I'm listening.
      Tiffy: Please, just tell me where he is.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Where he is; is classified.
      Tiffy: When's he coming back?
      Colonel Tom Ryan: I can't help you if I don't know what your problem is.
      Tiffy: Tom, we're in trouble. Mack thinks I had an affair. He found something.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Something of whose?
      Tiffy: Not yours, if that's what you're worried about.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: And why is this my problem?
      Tiffy: Because he's your soldier and a shooter and if we don't stop him somebody's going to get killed.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Somebody? Who is this man that's in danger?
      Tiffy: Tom, I've never lied to you. I've lied for you. I've lied for your wife, but I've never lied to you and I'm not having an affair.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: I didn't ask you.
      Tiffy: This whole thing is a mistake.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: What do you want me to do?
      Tiffy: Pull him aside when he gets back, detain him, you've done it before when it was about us; you knew what to do.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: That's too much.
      Tiffy: You want me to go through official channels, I will.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Then we're done here.
      Tiffy: And hell, while I'm at it, I might as well let all the facts out and he'll know everything. The whole history about me and you. Is that what you want Tom, is that what your wife wants?
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Are you trying to blackmail me?
      Tiffy: Best I can.

    • Bob: Jonas, I was the senior member of the two-man team and now you've replaced the junior member.
      Jonas: Is that how it works?
      Bob: Yes, you've got your seat on the plane, but this is my mission and I'd like you to allow me to run it. Now, if you know of a better way to run a railroad, I'm all ears.
      Jonas: I'll see you in the sky.

    • Tiffy: (To Wilson) If my husband thinks we are having an affair, the only question is which one of us he will kill first.

    • Colonel Ryan: (Closes door and walks into office) Can't risk it Jonas, not based on this medical report.
      Jonas: Piece of paper doesn't get the mission done sir. Half your operators can't pass that physical.
      Colonel Ryan: Let's let the Air Force run with this one.
      Jonas: There are only three guys that know the details of this operation and one of 'em's now dead.
      Colonel Ryan: No, you're not jumping.
      Jonas: Sir, you don't send me on this mission, I walk and the whole farmer's market. (Takes step towards desk) We cross deck this to the Air Force and they drop their lovely five ton bomb and they miss because we got nobody on the ground, or worse they miss (Swallows hard) and you know what tomorrow's headline is. That's right, one hundred women and children, all dead and it comes back on us. The mission is on and I'm going, or you're putting ads in the personals seeking a team leader and remind me again those grow on trees.
      Colonel Ryan: And what if you burn in at 70 miles an hour?
      Jonas: I won't burn in.
      Colonel Ryan: And what if you do?
      Jonas: Then don't let my wife marry a lawyer.
      Colonel Ryan: I'm sayin' this as a friend Jonas.
      Jonas: Got enough friends.
      (Pause as they stare at each other)
      Colonel Ryan: (Sigh) What are the only things that fall from the sky Jonas?
      Jonas: Manna from heaven and the Airborne Rangers. (Pause) Put me on that mission, Tom.

  • NOTES (3)