The Unit

Season 2 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 01, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mack is following Wilson and watching his home when he gets a call to report for assignment. Bob and Jonas are working with another soldier practicing for a mission. Bob is the mission leader with the other soldier and Jonas is running the mission from the control center. During the practice, the other soldier does not follow Jonas's direction and dies. Jonas convinces Ryan to allow him to replace the other solider on this mission. Ryan stipulates that Jonas must get medical clearance first.

Mack, Charles and Hector are assigned to protect a Prince and his family until he can finalize a deal with the US. Mack is obviously upset and distracted and at times takes it out on his men. The Prince's son, Kama, is very disobedient and disrespectful. He orders a car to be delivered to the home without his parents or Mack's permission. The Prince takes the car and grounds him, he attempts to threaten on of the Prince's guards into letting him go out and when that fails he tries to bribe Mack. Jonas is unable to get the doctor to clear him for the mission, based on some shrapnel that is too close to his spine. Tiffy heads down to the legal aid clinic to talk to Wilson. He tells he how surprised he was that she decided to take the bracelet. She tells him that she did not change her mind and he notes that the bracelet is gone. They realize that Christine knew that the bracelet was in Wilson's drawer and confront her. She states that she took Tiffy's belongings to her home one night and gave them to Mack.

Ryan tells Jonas that he can't go and after a debate, Jonas states I go or I quit. Ryan gives in and assigns him to the mission. Mack's temper seems to get worse when he sees the Princess having secret meetings with one of the Prince's bodyguards. Jonas works with Bob on prepping the mission. When Bob returns home he finds Kim has created a seductive setting and tries to engage her husband. Bob is distracted with the mission and shares his frustrations with Kim that this was his mission and now Jonas is taking over and changing his plans. Kim suggests he talk to Jonas. Tiffy goes home and finds the box of stuff and the bracelet box which is empty. She goes to Wilson and tells him he needs to leave town. She stress that Mack will kill him and that the only question is which one of them he will kill first. She also lets it slip that Mack is not just a clerk, that someone has to complete those secret mission that no one claims.

After a failed attempt on the family, the Princess tells Mack that the Prince is trying to kill her and her son. Bob follows her advice and talks with Jonas. He states that Jonas has replaced the #2 man and he is open to any suggestions to making this a better mission. Jonas backs off and leaves Bob to the planning. Mack decides that the need to move up the signing of the deal for everyone's safety, but tells only the Prince. Once in the air they make their jump and Bob's parachute malfunctions, both the main and reserve chutes. Jonas helps bob out and both land safely. Once on the ground they proceed with their mission. The Princess tries to sneak out of the compound with her son and when she is caught tells them her son is sick. The Prince reports that he is not sick, but he is an addict. He demands that they take the son's car not his. Mack finds them transportation to the hospital. Tiffy tells Molly and Kim about the situation. Molly suggests that Tiffy talk to Mack and that Tiffy stay with her right now. They both pledge their support along with their husbands to help Tiffy and Mack through this trying time.

Tiffy is afraid that Mack will get home before she can talk to him and stop him from doing something stupid, so she decides to go to Ryan. She tells him that Mack suspect that she is having an affair and then tells him it is not him. She states that she is not having an affair and that she needs his help. He does not want to get involved. Tiffy suggests that maybe she will go through official channels and maybe she will let them know everything. Ryan accuses her of blackmailing him and she states that best she can. They find their target and lock on the automated tracker that allows the air force to lock onto the target. As they are waiting for the bombs, Bob sees a small boy run near the building, knowing he will be hurt and/or killed, he immediately runs out to grab the boy. Jonas provides cover fire for Bob during the rescue. Then the missile hits and destroys the building. The Prince signs the deal and Mack explains to the Prince that his men found the bomb attached to the car. He knows that the Prince is trying to kill his wife and son. Tiffy convinces Wilson to leave town and she goes to see him off. He tries to convince her to leave with him and she says no. He kisses her and she kisses him back. He states that he does not liking running from a fight and Tiffy replies that he won't win this one.

Mack, Hector and Charles report to Ryan to be debriefed and then head out. Ryan calls Mack back and assigns him to another mission. He must leave immediately. When Bob returns home is he is excited and immediately shares his excitement with his wife. Jonas returns home to a very upset Molly, who wants him to start planning his exit strategy.
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