The Unit

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2009 on CBS

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  • Okay episode.

    Great to have The Unit back after a few weeks break and we are introduced to a new Unit team member, the training mission at the start goes wrong and I knew from previous episodes that it was all a Unit set up, Bob had to go through one when he was first inducted to the team and I presume Mack and Grey also.

    On the home front Betsy has to give a interview regarding her kidnapping however she has to lie about her rescue as not to bring her father and the team into the public eye.

    As I said it was good to have the Unit back, I love this show but not sure why they need to bring in another new team member, they supposedly replaced Hector with Bridget and this new guy is already ruffling a few feathers, I can see him and Mack getting into one major fight., and though in my eyes all done a bit quick I'm glad they got Hector's killer.
  • ok episode

    A new Unit member is being tested and introduced to the team in this episode. We are led to believe that he killed a prominent man and the team is now being hunted for manslaughter. It turned out that was just a test for the newbie and he's welcomed in. I don't really like the new character, but I really haven't seen him for long enough. I think the addition of a new character means someone else is leaving or dying. On the home front, Betsy has to lie to protect the Unit and the military. Overall, both story lines weren't interesting for me. I like seeing more family dynamics with Jonas, but it was slow and rather boring. Overall, just an average episode of The Unit.
  • Great introduction of the new Unit member. It's definitely bourne style with lots of leaping. The manila scene was just so exciting.

    very nice episode. Finally see the wives families hanging out together The episode started out like it was an undercover. I think if there wasn't any spoiler about the new guy, I'd have thought he's the bad guy. OOPS! I was wondering why they brought up the dream sequence of Hector and Mack. Can't believe finally close out the Hector's death story. It's a surprise for me and probably everybody else. As for the action part. It's excellent. Mack really didn't like the new guy huh?! Sam gave him a punch instead. Wooo.. I think the new guy has got all the energy, youth. He's still a bit wild and puzzled which is OKAY. Remember, he just started. Don't expect anything until a couple missions later. He's not the early Bob Brown. He's another person. And for my personal opinion, He'll need to use a haircut too.
    The Manila suspect chase scene was unbelievably cool. They really made it look like Bourne style with The Unit twist - heavy gunfight. That was plenty of Mack minutes. As for the home front, there's Jonas with a casual suit. He's in good hands. A huge round of applause for Betsy, I've to admit she's good at those emotional moments. I really think that this episode gave audience a fresh reset - if you will. It'll lead on to more great episodes. I believe this is the only times Mack running in full speed, dashing thru the stairs. Now we know what the alpha team and the new guy CAN do. Sam can leap! One thing that I concern is, how fast Sam is going to adapt. If the show wants him to act like a veteran warrior, that's a bad move. They've to pace him slowly and make him grow. Don't rush this. I have to agree with SH. I think the new guy is hitting on Red Cap and they both kind of acknowledged that. There you have it, you got the explanation why Red Cap is in the Unit at that scene. i like ryan's motorcycle jacket too. I really thought he's visiting tiffy at that house, it turned out to be their safe house. My bad interpretation Overall, I like the new member of the Unit. More action guy = me happy
  • New cast member introduced and awards given

    I have to agree this is not one of the "better" episodes but at the same time it was still worth watching and I sure wish that they would go for a season 5. I am unable to watch episodes at normal airtime, in the states right now... so I don't think that my viewing pleasures even match up with the ratings, but at the same time... I have enjoyed watching every single episode that has been aired... The new cast member... I believe shows potential, I know that a lot of people may not agree but for me I believe that this could work out! A little on the optimistic side I suppose.
  • Sorry, but Terence O'Hara's directing efforts were such that I sought out this site as a means to register my dismay.

    Sorry, but Terence O'Hara's directing efforts were such that I sought out this site as a means to register my dismay. Randy Huggins was a little too clever by half as it was evident how the Unit's ruse would play out. All of the regulars did their customary great job with what they had to work with but the fact that I've been moved to comment is a shame. The new addition is a bit of puff pastry. You handled the last cast member addition very well with no suggestion of comprise to the franchise. Regardless, The UNIT is still 'must see TV' to me but head's up with regard to O'Hara and Huggins. Your 'interactive design' for viewer feedback and involvement is certainly impressive. I was maddened by the unintelligible dialogue. I played it back at least ten times and never could figure it out. Any deciphering experts out there? Aggravating. All the Best. Allen Mostow
  • The end is near?

    The Unit has been one of my favorite dramas of the past few years and I was saddened at first when news broke that a 5th Season was not likely. After some of the show's latest offerings though I find the end of the CBS drama a blessing in disguise.

    I gave some 4th Season episodes 9's and higher but this show could barely hold my interest. The acting is strong from the veterans like Dennis Haysbert, Robert Patrick and Scott Foley, but there really was not much of a story here. I liked James Remar (Dexter) popping up as a "detective" but outside of that this was pretty boring.