The Unit

Season 4 Episode 16

Hill 60

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Mar 15, 2009 on CBS

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  • CHLORINE GAS ATTACK! Typical AMERICAN weekend, until Jonas finds dead birds WHILE RUNNING. GAME ON.

    Somebody tell me why this program got axed and much of the drivel remains? I realize we are far enough passed 9-11, that soldiering has become the typical peacetime non-chic

    The characters were interesting. The writing solid. Week after week the story and back story were interesting. THIS PARTICULAR show, involves a typical american weekend. Soccer, jogging etc. Jonas out for a run happens upon dead birds. Thinking canary in a coal mine, he sounds the alarm and begins getting those he cares about safe. Cool breeze and dirt diver were at the soccer game, they lead folks back to the apartment and seal it off. Betty blue, in his car, tries to help some motorists by herding them into a refrigerated truck. If you are not familiar with the program, by all means give it a chance.
  • 6.5
    Dont get me wrong i love this show. But just doing minimal research into the affects of chlorine on the air and water systems, going out into chlorine gas would be the stupidest thing to do. Secondly Jonas covering his face with the a wet rag also results in absorbing more of the chlorine not less. I realise its just a tv show and not everything is meant to be portrayed as realistic but they are teaching Americans how to kill themselves. Couldn't another team have come and helped ? Enjoyed the episode but it asks several questions thats for sure!
  • A gas attack takes on the team.

    Oh dear. Chlorine gas leaking through the water system, poisoning an entire community. Discovered through dead birds (although quite how a high flying bird would succumb to this ground hogging gas before any ill effects on any human at ground level escapes me), it soon appears that every type of tap or water outlet dispenses chlorine gas from a local water works. Totally unbelievable (even for a TV show), one of the worst episodes in a long time.

    Plus how the hell in this uber secret team tracked down again and attacked?! Once is bad luck, twice is sheer incompetence!

  • One of the better episodes for a while.

    The team are trapped when a deadly gas is released into the air through the water and sprinkler system, Jonas, Mack, Bob, Charles and new boy Sam along with family and loved one's are trapped in their homes, school and mission control. Naturally is edge of the seat viewing all the way with the team going after the terrorists involved, taking them down and saving the day, but now the team must move on as Col Ryan thinks there cover has been blown.

    Like I said in my eyes this was one of the better episodes we've had for a while.
  • A poisonous gas is released into the air.

    I understand that my reviews for The Unit's past few episodes have been quite scathing, but frankly when you know a show is capable of episodes like this, the bar is set so high that I have been accustomed to quality.

    This was a really good episode that gave all the main characters, including the new fake Michael C. Hall dude, plenty of screen time. Tiffy actually sounded like a real teacher, which is both a compliment to Abby Brammell's acting and this show's writing. The whole classroom metaphor for it being like the Articles of Confederation was well-done and it reminded me of the school shooting episode of One Tree Hill.

    Did anybody else notice how Molly was almost never holding her mouth? Did she get in a fight with David Mamet prior to the filming or something? Come on Regina Taylor, you're better than that.
  • A normal day turns into a disaster. And the alpha team still managed to gather their men and gear when they're scattered.

    It's the worst nightware you'd ever imagine. No communication to the outside world. Chlorine is everywhere outside that region. The team members and families have to stay inside without every doors and windows sealed. While many of them are struggling to survive, the scattered team have their goal and know where their rendezvous is. Speaking about the unsung heroes, this is what it is about. They never reveal their identities to anyone. While many of them waiting out at where they were, the team headed out to the exact location to find out what's going on. Yes, i dig all the action with the hazmat suits and m4s. That was totally awesome. A must watch for Season 4. All the lead, support, guest actors did a great job make the scenes. I was coughing in front of the tv the whole time. That's how much I was into this episode.
  • How good was this episode? Well, I found myself trying to holding my breath for the entire hour.

    I also cannot understand why The Unit is on at 10:00 on Sunday night... Maybe the content is too violent, and CBS believes that the kiddies should be in bed before this is aired.

    I have loved this show for 3 seasons now, and this episode was one of the best yet. When the audience feels like they are part of the action, that is truly when they have created something special. This was one of those episodes. Bravo to CBS, this great cast and the Producers/Directors of Hill 60. This season has seen a lot of changes to what was a steady cast, but the addition of a Babe to the Unit has been outstanding, and now we have a new "puppy" too, who I am sure will get involved with our new lady.
  • go go alpha team

    this episode is awesome. It really shows that this show is not dying and that this is still one of the best shows. I dun understand why it is on CBS at such an odd time. This show should be in the prime time slot and not be in such an odd time slot. I cannot wait for the next few eps to come out. For those who have never watch this show, i suggest you go back and watch from season 1 because this show is simply awesome and you can re-watch these episodes over and over again. Wonderful
  • One of the best episodes this season!

    we all know that this season , and last one are not like the first ones(i mean good). But this episode was special. from the first 10 seconds it took my breath off. and all 45 minutes my eyes was in the monitor. interesting plot. massive gas attack makes this episode different from the whole plot, but still everything continues with this season plot.
    second thing i liked that new member came into the unit pretty good. i like him.

    i gave this episode 10/10 , and i can say that this how Unit should work.

    One of the best episodes this season!
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