The Unit

Season 2 Episode 20

In Loco Parentis

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 10, 2007 on CBS
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The Unit is called in to help out the local SWAT team when a prominent school in Virginia is taken over by shooters. They must determine how to free the hostages without the students getting injured.

On the homefront, Lissy has a young man interested in her, which turns into a delicate situation as he is the son of an Officer. Kim further complicates this matter, when she defies Tiffy’s orders and Lissy pays the price.moreless

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  • We had the bad, now for the great

    Fast paced main school hostage plot. Thrown into the deep end, you wont be able to stop for breath in this one. Excellent source of conflict and action throughout. Lots of dramatic and tense scenes which danger and threat to life from the first minute to the last seconds.

    Even the secondary plot at home is one of the better ones, with emotion and aggravation at home, mistrust, deception, accusation. Great stuff.

    Location at the school was good as it made the whole hostage situ seem claustraphobic. Dialogue was curt and to the point and added to the fast paced nature of the story. My only concern was the actual assault on the school. It was not very realistic, but at least it was done with some flair, drama and action.

    Almost a perfect score, from a perfect resuce. Maybe some casualties would have got it the perfect ten, but that isnt going to be seen on our TVs, even in a show with such an adult nature!

    Still my joint favourite episode ever!moreless
  • excellent episode

    The Unit is called in to assist the local SWAT team when a high school gets hijacked by a group of european terrorists. Doing the rescue is a lot harder than they thought, so they have to rehearse what they plan to do inside the high school buildings. It's a really exciting episode. The climax scene is so awesome, it's well directed, the action was choreographed really well. We really get in the middle of the action. This is perhaps one of the best episodes. The Unit deals with what they are trained to deal with, terrorists. This is one awesome episode.moreless
  • First episode for me.

    Although I don't watch CBS all that much, I knew I'd like this show since it had action and suspense. Although I didn't catch the first few minutes of the episode I couldn't wait for the next week's episode after it was over. The whole military, undercover, and special forces is what made this show unique for me. The idea of the episode reminded me of similar realistic events that have occurred in the U.S. and outside the the country. The way the Unit handled the situation in the school was very exciting to see and was like watching a movie. Hector training the SWAT team was interesting to see since SWAT teams are already highly trained. Bob going in and pretending to be a teacher didn't look like a walk in the park instead it looked nerve wracking from my point of view. Overall it was a great episode and a great one to start off with.moreless
  • Good story line that hit home hard, on both fronts.

    This episode of the Unit was an amazing episode. Jonas and the team were called out to a kidnapping situation at a school that had some high-class students, in which Bob was interrupted from being with Kim to go. Bob goes undercover as a teacher to get intell from the inside and, with his video glasses, Jonas, his team, and the swat teams were able to difuse the situation with no casualties. It could have been disasterous because bombs were rigged throughout the school. On the home front Mack's daughter gets involved with a boy and betrays Kim's trust. The boy eventually shows a picture of her in a braugh to the kids at school and all hell is raised. Overall, the episode was great and really hit home hard. Every parent worries about these things happening to their kids. Great story and can't wait till the next one!moreless
  • Big turn of events on both sides

    The team tries to find out how to help a local

    SWAT team as terrorists hold students hostage at a

    School without hurting the kids. Which seems very hard to do. Meanwhile on the home front, Lissy helps a young man who happens to be the son of an officer. Kim complicates the situation and defies Tiffy's orders. And sadly, Lissy pays a huge price.
Cathy Cahlin Ryan

Cathy Cahlin Ryan


Guest Star

Marcella Lentz-Pope

Marcella Lentz-Pope


Guest Star

Randall Bentley

Randall Bentley

David Tate

Guest Star

Danielle Hanratty

Danielle Hanratty

Lissy Gerhardt

Recurring Role

Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Serena Brown

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • The Beslan School Crisis occurred on September 1, 2004 in North Ossertia, a republic in the Russian Federation. Many students and teachers from the School Number One were taken hostage by pro-Chechen armed men and the standoff between these men and the Russian security forces lasted several days. In the end, over 180 children and more than 300 civilians were killed in the siege.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Jonas: Well, how about that? The bullets go where you aim the gun.

    • Bob: Look, I'll get myself inside, you just create a diversion, alright?
      Mack: Well, how 'bout I put on a wet t-shirt and stage a car wash?
      Bob: Hey, whatever it takes.

    • Molly: And you want me to be complicit in covering your cover-up?
      Kim: I wouldn't ask if there was another way.
      Molly: There's the truth.
      Kim: Well, the truth ain't pretty.
      Molly: That's how you can identify it.

    • Mack: Cool Breeze, a storm front's about to hit your area, and we'd hate to leave that laundry on the clothes line. If you can get to it, give us a nod, sir.

    • Colonel Ryan: Take them, snake doctor.
      Jonas: Rehearsal's over, curtain's up.

    • Jonas: Alright gentlemen, grab your weapons; it's time to go to school.

    • Jonas: The idea is to keep everyone alive, you included. Now, he's already dead where he's standing. You want to know why? Look down, see the trip wire? Look up, grenades overhead. You guys have an eye out, but you're looking for things you can see, but what you need to do is look for things you can't see. One booby trap. Boom. It's over.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Title: In Loco Parentis is Latin for "in the place of a parent". This refers to the onus of a person who takes responsibility for a kid to act as a responsible parent would. This refers to how Kim was responsible for Lissy and how Bob was responsible for the kids once he was inside the school (especially as a teacher).