The Unit

Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2008 on CBS

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  • The Unit pretends there was an attack to get information from a hostage.

    This was still a very good episode but it was nowhere near the quality we have come to expect from Season 4 of this show.

    The planning of the attack down to the graphics and the fake news report was great, as was the questioning of the hostage. Where the show got bad was the usual boring stuff with Kim working at the house. I know that will lead to something down the line, but they have to give us something. The Tiffy/Mack confrontation was intense but it's just not the most entertaining thing right now.

    The Unit excels when it focuses on the men in the field. When they remove that element the show is not at its best as seen tonight.
  • Terrorist's, cell's, bombs, and Mack going schizo.

    When the team find a terrorist bomb hidden in the tunnel of a major roadway the arrested suspect is duped into believing the bomb has gone off, hundreds killed and for him o give up his accomplices, the arrested suspect is interrogated by Bob and is very convincing he has nothing to do with it but when I visiting dignitary asks Jonas for the man the team must put a plan into action that will capture the whole suspect in he act. On the home front Molly and Kim are still trying to find information as to whether there is a terrorist cell working within there community and Mack gets a little schizo to convince Tiffy in admitting to her affair with Col Ryan.

    The episode was good, not great but did like the set up to convince the terrorist his bomb had gone off.
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