The Unit

Season 3 Episode 5

Inside Out

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 23, 2007 on CBS

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  • I love this show but was disappointed with this episode. I was surprised that others reviewed it so high(maybe it's me).One of the things I like about the Unit is the air of realism, truth and plausibility, this episode didn't have that.

    Though I like the way the Unit shows the real life hardships that the soliders also face, it's the action Ops side of the show that I'm most interested in.
    This operation for me didn't seem to make a lot of sense. It lacked realism, and plausability. The Team is in Marseilles (France) an allied country and basically goes on a beat-em up shoot'em rampage. This would not happen in real life or only in very extreme circumstances.

    They beat two guys up in the Marseilles airport in full view and then walk out with a kidnapped victim, what about all the video cameras, security, armed police etc., if anything super risky for Delta Force to be doing something so overt like that. What would they do if the Airport police stopped them? Shoot their way out?

    Next they have a firefight in a residential neighbourhood, kill 4 guys and drive away with their van, next they barge into a Veterinary office and cut the mule open in full view of the staff, next they have a firefight in a doctors office after he commits suicide killing 3-4 more white bad guy types in full view of the secretary who they then talk to and end it with another firefight killing 4 more.
    The French police are going to be all over this ( over 8 people dead or wounded in 3 incidents)
    Needless to say the French are going to be able to identify them, have fingerprints, photos, warrants out for their arrest and quickly figure out that the no doubt work for the US Government. This stuff would be all over the news, so even if they are using false ID and no one has records of who they are, they have still caused a huge stir, and a diplomatic incident unnnecessarily. This was more a job for the CIA or some other agency not the Unit. It was a sloppy op and not believeable and therefore disppointing and out of line, for me anyway, with the believeability factor that is generally there with the show.
    For these reasons, I thought the episode was unlike the others in that it doesn't follow their pattern of working incognito, under the radar, except in rare circumstances. The home life stuff showing Bob to be a good husband and father is fine but not really very interesting for me.

    Maybe I missed something but I just wouldn't rate this episode very high.
  • Finally, Bob acting like a gentleman!

    Well, Mack, Jonas, and Hector are in France as they are trying to recover the chip from someone. While they are being watched by and trying to get tackled down by those that want to hurt them. As Bob tries to help out Kim by watching the kids. As she needs some rest. He gets mad as she needs to finish up her radio job. Later, she learns that Bob is selling the car from his dad in order to support the baby. Tiffy, whom I really am beginning to despise, is fired from her teaching job. Due to her DUI arrest. She will now striptease. When Mack gets home, he is really ticked off. Feel really bad for him.
  • Jonas, Mac and Hector are in the field on assignment, while on the home front the episode deals with Tiffy's income problems and Bob and Kim's relationship.

    In this episode Jonas, Mac and Hector have to retrieve a microchip that was surgically implanted into a man looking to make a quick buck. After having the chip removed in a veterinary operating room they decide to implant it in the man again as they discovered it has a homing device which they hope will be able to lead them to the person behind the whole operation. Once the chip is implanted they follow the man with the chip and end up killing the people involved. The man with the chip is allowed to go free.

    On the home front, Tiffy cannot make ends meet as she's fired from her teaching position because of her record with the police (the felony charges brought against her because of Colonel Ryans wife) and she ends up taking a job as a waitress in a pub. Kim isn't feeling too well and Bob is sent home by the Colonel to take care of her. They get into some arguments about housework vs. working on the car, and whether Kim should do her radio show when she's not feeling well. In the end Kim does the radio show, he sells the car and all is well between them. Tiffy ends up pole dancing to Macs dismay, in order to gain some extra cash. As much as I dislike Tiffy, I really felt sorry for her. Also, tt was very impressive to see that she did not take the money offered to her by the Colonel My favorite moments during the episode:
    I really enjoyed the sequence in the airport when Jonas attacked the people following the guy with the chip. I wish that they would add more action sequences with him. Dennis Haysbert just keeps on proving that whether it's drama or action he is one of the best.

    Also, another sequence I really enjoyed was watching Bob choke the trainee during the training session and then watching Mac do exactly the same thing in the field, in order to subdue the guy with the chip.

    BTW, where is Michael Irby (Charles Grey)? Has he left he show?
  • good episode...

    Mack, Hector, and Jonas are out looking for a chip, which happens to be implanted in a person which happens to have a tracker on it also. home, Bob is selling his car to get money for his some-to-come boy and Tiffy is waiting at a bar, and she ends up dancing for money. I really want Tiffy and Mack to get back together. Their poor kids; they need both parents. Tiffy can't take care of them on her own, I mean, she got fired because of a DYI charge that she didn't even commit. Oh well. Overall, the episode was good, but nothing special. The whole chip story line was a little annoying and boring, but the home front was a little more interesting.
  • exciting

    Jonas and his team must recover a chip that will help terrorists. But there's one problem, it's surgically implanted inside a person. Tiffy couldn't get a job so she start to work at a local bar as a waitress. Bob works as an instructor to new recruits and at the same time, deal with the hardships of family life. It's a really good episode. Jonas gets to deal with a courier in france. They have to get through a lot within a day. It's an exciting episode, it's fast paced, the dramatic parts don't slow down, the whole episode works out really well.
  • A decent episode but mainly focused on the home front.

    Jonas, Hector and Mack must recover a chip that has possible terrorist information on it, problem is the chip is embedded within the couriers shoulder, the action is slow at first with a lot of cat and mouse planning with both the courier and the tontos, I lost count the amount of times they had to cut open the poor guys shoulder and take the chip out only to pt it in again.

    On the home front we had Bob playing housewife when Kim is diagnosed with exhaustion but would sooner tell Kim what she can and cannot do then work on his car, Tiff on the other hand has her own problems when she's sacked from her teaching job because of the DUI sentence she did for Col Ryans wife in season 2, she try's to get help from Tom Ryan but with little success so she has to wait tables at a local bar, the job doesn't pay great so she's persuaded to do some pole dancing, which when Mack walks in and finds her doing it is not a happy chappy.

    As I said a decent episode but had more focus on the home front than the boys themselves, let's hope Charles is back with the whole team off on a nice little exciting mission to the middle east next week.
  • Good episode giving us the mission based action we love about the series and a few surprises on the home front along the way. We got to see how tough the guys are with cutting open the mark and digging out a microchip. Then Mack shows

    Good episode giving us the mission based action we love about the series and a few surprises on the home front along the way. We got to see how tough the guys are with cutting open the mark and digging out a microchip. Then Mack shows he has a heart by against orders killing the terrorist before they can kill the mark. Jonas was in his first real fight in a long time but of course our man came out on top. On the homefront Tiffy goes from waitress to stripper and Bob parts with his most beloved object to better his family. Good episode I enjoyed it all around.
  • OK so we are back for another average episode.

    Although an average episode for The Unit is above average compared to the mundane lineup on broadcast television today.
    This was an entertaining episode. I have tried to bring this series to the front of my favorites for two years running. I realize that what the Unit needs, is time. What I mean is, the greatness of the last episode of season two and the first two episodes of season three were all connected. The writers should start tagging the military operations over several (2-3) episodes at least. They do this with the Unit's family life, but I feel the writers should spread out the military ops also. After all, this is not "Desperate Military Housewives". This is The Unit.
  • I enjoyed 'Inside Out', but not for anything specific. It was basically a filler, but it's just one of those transitional eps slipping in info for future arc.

    This was a fairly quiet episode, but memorable for the character development.

    Col. Ryan finally made comment about his seperation and impending divorce from Charlotte.

    Kim looks about 7 months pregnant, so I assume it's about 3 months since the previous story. Bob gets to be 'parent' to give Kim a break when she has a 'scare' over the new baby.

    And then there's the train-wreck that is Tiffy and Mack's marriage. You just know that neither of them want to be apart but Mack won't back down and Tiffy is fast coming to the point where she won't want him back.

    Oh yeah...and Jonas, Mack and Hector went on a mission.
  • Cool...yet not really engaging.

    So out in the field Jonas, Mack and Hector (No Grey for two episodes now) must retrieve some sort of chip from some guy so they can find out who some terrorists are. Back home, Tiffy decides to work at at gentlemen's club of sorts, and Bob and Kim just sit at home and don't really do anything Television worthy.

    In the opening sequence I thought it was awesome the way jonas and mack totally kicked some trash, but they really lost me after that. I felt a little left out and emotionally unengaged as they went around with this guy for some objective they never really made clear at all...I really had no idea what was going on. Again, we have a flat character who pisses off mack, but mack in the end is all happy day with him. That just happened last episode!!! Really disappointed with the writing overall. This is nothing at all like the previous two seasons. Good acting is saving this series, in my opinion. The home story is much like the Unit's story in that it really doesn't know where it is headed. Bob and kim get in an argument, something we have seen and came eeriely close to being exactly what happens in "Kill Zone" in season two. Really close. Who's writing these new episodes anyway?

    Tiffy's story is just as unengaging, and the final confrontation lasts about fifty seconds and really doesn't satisfy. And although I found myself extremely engaged with all of the characters, almost to a point of me having to tell myself that these people are only acting, I now find that I'm uninterested in whatever thing Tiffy or anyone else is doing.

    Some other notes:

    1. They really like the whole neck grab thing, it must have been performed 5 times this episode compared to 5 times throughout the shows tenure. 2. Tom Ryan was boring. I didn't think that I would ever have to say that. He has been acting really out of character too the past couple episodes. 3. This show no longer has outstanding lines that every single episode in the first couple seasons had. Instead we're left with almost junior high like statements such as Mack: Top, we have a problem
    Jonas: What Kind of problem?
    Mack: The kind with automatic weapons.

    Tee hee. No! At least they didn't say anything this episode on the lines of "and it just got worse!" or "and just when it couldn't get any worse" or "and everything was going so well"

    And lastly, The new intro/theme song is horrible! Bring back fired up! If anyone who reads this is influential with CBS, please! Help save the old theme song!

    But all in all, this episode has enough action to keep your interest, but not enough to make you want to watch it again.
    This show might sadly become just another show for me. It just doesn't seem like the unit of yesteryear.
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