The Unit

Season 4 Episode 7

Into Hell, Part 1

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 09, 2008 on CBS

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  • Outstanding plot. Simply the best of season 4, and arguably the best in the series for some folks.

    When the the dispute between Mack and Ryan and Betsy (jonas' daugter) got kidnapped in iraq, you know this is going to be something.

    This episode didn't waste much time to explain what happened to betsy, they basically started from molly home with tears. Then straight into the operation. While Mack found out Tiffy/Ryan's affair, he has to pull himself together to help Jonas get his daughter back in one piece. Ryan volunteered to join the operation and took off with the team on the same flight. There were action going on, but the most exciting part is to see how Jonas react and plan out for the rescue. He's desperate and angry. the coming episode 'hero' might explain how much betsy's dad meant for her in a tv interview.
  • what a show!!!

    This is by far the best episode i have seen of the unit! The things that i like about it is missions that people can relate to in the world like Iraq and the whole war thing and it was full of action with them hunting down the bad guys , the whole Tom Ryan side plus you cant forget about the wives in my head its what it would be like to have a loved one miss in action. i really would love to see more of the wives roles like this in stead of giving them silly missions to play out. I must say its one of them 2 part episodes after you see the first part you just have to watch it again and you play out what you thing will happen in the next show! wow what a episode *****:) five stars
  • Besty Blane is Kidnapped and the unit tasks themselves to bring her back alive.

    I really enjoyed this episode. The episodes of the past sort of lost this style of both action and adventure. Its great to see them move away more from a war at home and be on the front lines again. I almost forgot how much shooting this show could do :) bang bang! I can't wait to see part 2 of this episode and see if ryan actually gets what the unit unanamously voted on. ok. now the rest is just filler.. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
  • great episode

    Jonas's daughter, Betsy, was captured and Jonas and the team go after her to try to rescue her. It's interesting because even Colonel Ryan goes with the team to help. Tiffy warns him not to go because Mack is planning to kill him. This is a great character development episode as well as a great story and great action. Betsy is just like her dad and tries to give her rescuers clues any way she can. It's interesting that Ryan went on his own and got captured so the others could follow his radiation signature. Anyways, this was a great episode and I can't wait to see the ending of the two-parter.
  • This time it's personal.

    Jonas and the team are sent to rescue some American soldiers after being taken hostage, the thing is Betsy Blane ( Jonas and Molly's daughter ) is part of the convoy that was attacked and taken, along for the ride is Col Ryan who is also being set up to be executed by the team for having an affair with Mack's wife Tiffy.

    The episode is being split into two parts simply to add more suspense and extend the possibility's of " if they, wont they " rescue Betsy and Ryan, plus how will they deal with Ryan after the mission is over, personally they'll rescue Betsy but I think Ryan will go one of two way's, he'll either get killed in the rescue or he'll save Mack in some way allowing Mack to feel guilty if he killed him.

    best episode to date 10/10
  • Wow! What an episode!

    I hardly log-on to TV.COM since the recent change to the website, but I just had to log-on today and write a review on this very special episode.

    Though I have enjoyed the rest of the episodes this season, this episode is by far the best. I can't wait to see the conclusion of all the events in next weeks episode.

    Without giving away too much information, I will say that the acting was superb. At last we get to see Jonas loose his usual "cool", not to mention Molly completely loosing it for a second or two and slapping Tiffy. Tiffy was great, as usual, as the character I dislike the most on the show and Mack was just brilliant. And at last, the moment we've all been waiting for - the showdown between Mack and the Colonel, began.

    There was something very realistic about this episode that made it so very special. The filming of the convoy begin acted looked like it was the real deal. What a shame that not all the kidnapped soldiers have a parent in the special forces that can show up and try to save the day.

    Like I mentioned above, I can hardly wait till next Sunday to see how everything is resolved.

    Just brilliant. My favorite show!
  • Incredible first part.

    With FOX hyping the holy Heaven out of their program 24's television movie Redemption CBS is cranking out its own two hour special of its superior action series.

    Part one of Into Hell featured the most intense story arc in The Unit history when Mack finally decides to murder Colonel Tom Ryan. The scene with the two of them in a closed door environment is tremendous and you feel like you are watching an 80 million dollar budget movie, not a Sunday night TV show.

    Dennis Haysbert gave another Emmy worthy performance only this time it was much more emotionally-driven as he stopped at nothing to save his daughter. Back at the base we had a breakdown by Molly who was willing to throw everything about her cover away to send a message about her daughter until two men from the Army were able to convince her otherwise.

    And for those out there who love blood this episode had that to. Some great shootouts as I mentioned Jonas' destruction of the roadblock van was something out of the world.

    Just a great start to this two part episode and hopefully next week is able to live up to the hype.
  • The Unit goes to war for one of their own …

    Although some of the elements may be a bit unreal, this is a powerful story, packed with excitement and explosive action. Mack, Tiffy, Col. Ryan, Molly and (of course) Jonas each have great, emotional scenes. Col. Ryan doses himself with medical radiation and purposefully gets himself captured by terrorists and dragged off to Syria in order to save Jonas's captured daughter - before he must suffer the Unit code punishment for sleeping with Tiffy : death. The opening web-cam images of the convoy ambush are right out of real life (and every soldier's parent's nightmare). From then on, the emotional setting for almost every character is red hot. Molly is almost vicious when she slaps Tiffy and condemns her : "Your whoring may have cost everyone we love their lives". Col. Ryan goes on the rescue mission even after being warned that the men intend to kill him. Mack's rage, which has been simmering ever since he found out about Ryan and Tiffy, boils over and threatens the mission. Jonas will kill any and everyone to save Betsy, his soldier daughter. Top's usual mode of cool detachment has been left stateside.
    The tone is danger and dark excitement throughout the episode, and this is only Part One. We have war, sacrifice, terrorism, government agents and loyal soldiers breaking the law for their brother, for their families, for each other. This is The Unit which has been M.I.A. too often of late. Bring on Part Two!