The Unit

Season 4 Episode 8

Into Hell, Part 2

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2008 on CBS

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  • So many words, so little space. A serious character development episode, transfixed with brilliant acting and gives proof for its huge line of die hard fans.

    With the love of his daughter driving Blane and the love of his wife driving mac, this episode was a serious step forward to connect the viewers with the characters. Even though Blane's daughter has been in a very few episodes, i believe 2 - 3, her impression has been much larger, thanks to the excellent acting of her mother and her father and their devotion to her protection.

    Last season I had given up all hope for Mac's sanity and had mixed feelings for both him and Ryan, when it came to putting in the good guys book or don't like books. But, this episode seriously changed that. We see Mac getting back together with his wife gradually and Tom Ryan trying to admit his fallacies and his crimes towards his men he is commanding and it was very evident once you watch the episode.

    All in all, a must watch for every action, drama and 'The Unit' fan
  • Laughable cop out, nothing really happened.

    The first part had me on the edge of my seat and counting the hours until the second part. It was truly setting up the best episode of the unit, but instead, it set up the biggest let down of the show, ever.

    So there was nothing about this episode that I can appreciate to be honest. The return of the old lady from the episode Sub Conscious was forced, and the whole thing with Molly and her daughter was laughable, almost sci fi. Yes, Sub Conscious was a fun episode, but lets leave it at that, and dont integrate that plot in an episode like this.

    The rest? Ok, what a cop out, Ryan gets away without punishment, and nothing exciting happens, to be honest.... the big showdown the previous episode set up never really happened, and the suspense was lost too.
  • into hell part 2 Jonas and the team are in Syria and will do anything 2 get his daughter back. Mack is still looking for an opportunity to get back at Ryan this is y i watch this show its great one of the best episodes i love this show

    into hell part 2
    Jonas and the team are in Syria and will do anything 2 get his daughter back. Mack is still looking for an opportunity to get back at Ryan this is y i watch this show its great one of the best episodes i love this show one of my fav shows :)
    great show cant wait to see more of this cant wait for the next episode`s bring on the unit
    the unit code woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woo woow ww w w w w w w w w w w w w
  • awesome episode

    This is the continuation episode - it picked up right where it left off with the team heading into Syria to rescue Jonas's daughter. The character development in this episode was amazing. Jonas saying he would blow everyone up to bits - wow, I definitely believed he would. I would never see his character do that; but you steal his kid and he's willing to go to Hell and back to save her. Anyways, the whole Mack and Ryan thing continued. I thought their fight was a bit out of place. I knew they had to end the story line somehow and have a fight between Ryan and Mack, but it seemed odd that they just left the people they rescued completely alone and went off. Well, anyways, I did like how it was settled. Ryan is not dead and it was so sweet when Mack got home. I hope he and Tiffy can work things out. The story line with Molly and the psychiatrist lady was annoying at first, but I liked how they interweaved the flashbacks with the story. Overall, great story and great development of characters - one of the best of the show.
  • Follow The Unit code.

    Continuing from part 1 we find Jonas and the team in Syria trying to track down Betsy and Ryan, back home Molly still wants to go to the press with her humane plea for her daughters release but higher powers have taken her to see a doctor of mental and psychological beliefs who gets Molly to concentrate her mental powers and reach out to Betsy making her safe.

    The main issue is for the team to get Betsy and Ryan from the terrorists by any means possible, this includes taking a group of people including a cleric hostage and forcing them to tell Jonas where Betsy and Ryan are kept. Naturally things get a little edgy when Ryan Is taken in front of a camera to denounce his part in the war and blame America for it's participation however the team come to the rescue, they then have to make there escape by a underwater sewer when all other exits become blocked by the local militia.

    Once safe and awaiting the halo ride out, there is one last bit of personal pride to take care of, Mack decides to use his fists rather than a gun to kill Ryan but at the last moment decides not to go through with it.

    A really good episode to finish this 2 parter, plenty of action, suspense and morals, not sure if we needed the doctor/Molly/Betsy story and even though I'm happy Mack didn't kill Ryan I'm not sure how this is going to progress, does Ryan stay on and all is forgotten or do the Unit get a new commander.
  • Breathtaking!

    What an unbelievable episode!!! From the begginning we just can't get our eyes off the screen. The suspense, the waiting, the emotional weight!!! We always knew they were all getting out of there, but it was hard to figure how. I always believed that the colonel would survive, but was looking forward to see in which terms and now I'm looking forward to see how is he going to work with them and how the unit is going to follow his orders! Also exciting is to see if/how is she going to be punished from lying and sending the chopper to Syria wihtout clearance from Washington!

    Definitely the best military series ever!! AN ICON!!
  • Amazing episode of The Unit.

    This two part episode has established The Unit's place in television history. While many people will associate military shows with MASH I'll be thinking of this series when asked which one was best.

    I do not think I have ever been so locked in on the screen while watching an episode of TV as I was with "Into Hell Part 2". An absolutely captivating hour of television jam-packed with intensity, struggle, inner and outer conflict and non-stop excitement.

    The Unit has found that perfect balance of action while still maintaining the emotional struggles of being a soldier and part of a family. The show is able to make you nearly tear up when Betsy and Molly were reunited after only two installments of conflict. They are able to get you to suspend disbelief and wonder how the men will be able to escape troops surrounding the hospital when you know very well that they are going to get out. That is the making of a brilliant TV series.

    I am glad that Colonel Tom Ryan survived but the question now is where does The Unit go from here? All I know is that my hat is off to David Mamet and the rest of the crew from the show is they gave us two unbelievable episodes these past weeks.