The Unit

Season 2 Episode 14

Johnny B. Goode

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The team is sent into Iran to set up a system that can detect Weapons of Mass Destruction. The mission goes off kilter when civilians become involved.

On the home front, Tiffy runs into a dilemma while doing her community service. Molly and Kim are helping Jeremy and are confused by Crystal's behaviors. Mack finds himself in trouble.moreless

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  • But ultimately fails...

    I like this show, but its turning away from its strengths imo. The covert nature of the operation in this episode leads to the main set of scenes in this episode. Handled in flashbacks, the team face a difficult debriefing. This part of the story is well done in my eyes, though Id have like to have seen more conflict between Mack and the General/Col. The actual mission wasnt convincing for me, surely alarm bells would have sounded at the apparent lack of security at a supposedly nuclear material producing plant.

    As for the happenings at the home front, the shenangans of Summer Glaus character didnt particularly interest me in the slightest. Hoping that its just the setup for the issues they are going to explore of her character and her onscreen partners problems to come. Hoping it parallels real-life issues faced by our boys who took part in the 2nd Gulf conflict. Fingerscrossed it will present the issues in an informative way.

    Not the best but not the worst either.moreless
  • great episode

    The team goes to iran to get a system that will detect weapons of mass destruction. the mission goes just as planned until the civilian elements of the mission becomes a problem for the team. tiffy deals with her community service working at a law firm that deals with people who are disadvantaged by the government. molly and kim are helping jeremy readjusts to his new reality at the home base. crystal is having a hard time facing jeremy's severe burns. the unit faces an investigation at home after their mission in iran goes horribly bad. this is a really good episode. the action is good, i love the sets. the story is well written.moreless
  • One of the best if not the best episode yet.

    So much action and drama in this one, gets me really excited. One of the best episodes yet. Mack is starting to be like Tiffy, but aside from that a very explosive episode, and awesome how Mack told that general off. Next to SERE this episode ranks second on my list.
  • Most explosive show yet!

    Probably one of the most tough episodes ever and that

    The team comes under fire in Iraqn as civillians want

    Piece of the action. Col Ryan whom I couldn't stand

    At first has warmed up on me and takes blame over his

    Men's actions. Meanwhile Mac is injured and faces certain death. Great episode once again and shows that you have to make compromises to get the job done right.
  • A much more explosive episode.

    Basically the story revolves around Mack and Tiffy though for completely different reasons the end gain is the same for both.

    After the team are sent to Iran to seek out weapon of mass destruction with a new system the mission go’s horribly wrong when firstly a teenage boy is shot dead by Mack then the Units guide turns out that he’s on his own mission and set’s off an explosion near a nuclear cooler killing himself and trapping a female guide, naturally the local soldiers are alerted to the explosion and it’s a race against time to get the team out of there plus all signs that US soldiers had been in the area, with the female still trapped and no way of getting her out Mack has to come to terms about killing her. Once back at base Col Ryan and a 3 star general question each unit member as to what happened and to make sure no presence to them being there was let behind.

    Molly and Kim are watching over a badly burned Jeremy and are still waiting for Crystal his girlfriend to come and visit him in hospital whilst Tiffy still serving her community service try’s to keep the peace with an AWOL soldier and the peace activist she’s now working for.

    To be honest though this is one of the better episodes this season I didn’t like the end, okay we all knew about Tiffy straying from the first season but I was shocked at Mack and with crystal…. Tut tut tutmoreless
Daniel Wisler

Daniel Wisler

Jeremy Erhart

Guest Star

Conor O'Farrell

Conor O'Farrell

Major General Carl Heath

Guest Star

Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet

Christine Ross

Guest Star

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

Crystal Burns

Recurring Role

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm

Wilson James

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Goof: Jonas gives an order "Mack, you have high ground." This was a mistake as the team never uses their real names when on a mission and especially not when in earshot of the civilians who were helping them.

    • Goof: When the team is staking out what appears to be a greenhouse, Bob is using a thermal scope to see changes in temperature, which draws his attention to a high-pressure pipeline that is giving high-temperature readings by glowing white, but when the camera shows him looking through the scope, the lens cover is hanging in front of the lens, which would have blocked his view completely.

    • Goof: Conor O'Farrell is listed in the credits as Major General Heath, but he wears the insignia of a Lieutenant General (3 stars) rather that of a Major General (2 stars).

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  • NOTES (3)


    • The title of this episode of the The Unit, "Johnny B. Goode" is an allusion to the 1958 seminal rock and roll hit by Chuck Berry called "Johnny B. Goode". The song is about a boy who could "never learned to read or write so well but could play a guitar" a reference to Mac being able to handle a rifle real well.

    • (Referring to the overheated truck)
      Jonas: Nearest Triple A is 7000 miles away, gentlemen, I'm open to suggestions.

      Jonas is alluding to the Automobile Association of America (AAA), which offers its members help with their automobiles in times of trouble, in the forms of towing, gas and other vehicle related services.