The Unit

Season 4 Episode 10

Mislead and Misguided

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2008 on CBS
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When the team is ordered to raid an anthrax lab, they find themselves fighting against their ally; a political official who thinks the high-tech gadgetry is better than field logic.

On the home front, Kim finds herself in a life-threatening situation when her boss tells her to help him cover up a murder.moreless

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  • Mistrust.

    Jonas and the team are put through there paces to raid an anthrax complex however the plan has been drawn up by a politician who has never done ground work and relys on photos taken from satellites rather than eyes on the ground, naturally when the team try to implement each dry run one or all of them are killed, Jonas is not happy and tells the politician so but the mission still go's ahead with some surprising results.

    At home Kim is getting deeper and deeper involved with her boss when he kills someone and needs her help to cover it up.

    The episode was better than last weeks and I'm more concerned how Bridgets story is going to develop.moreless
  • Everything mission requires a perfect plan. Run it then run it and run it again. If it doesn't work, work another plan.

    While Jonas and his team is working out a plan to infiltrate an Anthrax Lab. This Dr. Death keeps bugging the team and giving them hard time. His role was so drawn out that I wish he could stay for a few more episodes. This is one special episodes that viewers are able to see them run the mission in their imagination a couple times. The plot is direct and smart. You've to pay attention to Jonas' facial expression when he talks to Dr. Death. It's guilty pleasure!

    This episode is the first installment that features CISCO TelePresence in the show.moreless
  • The Unit has to deal with a clueless boss.

    This is really beginning to sound cliched but The Unit gives us yet another great installment on Sunday 30 November. I do not think there is any show out there having the season the fourth year CBS show is.

    We had a great mission with Jonas, Charles, Mack and Bob planning out a way to enter an anthrax lab only for it to be a heroin trafficking site. Dr. Mentz (played well by veteran actor Michael McKean.

    I think the show truly excels when not only the parts with the men in the field are interesting, but when the women back home find a way to be entertaining. That is certainly not always the case but I did enjoy the intense murder situation between Isaac and Kim.

    Between Dexter and The Unit sunday nights are really starting to become the best in the television week.moreless
  • The team has to prepare a raid on an Uzbeki anthrax lab, while Kim has to return to duty.

    After Bravo team was taken out, Alpha team has to come up with a raid plan for an Uzbeki anthrax lab with all the latest technological intrusiondetectors. They have the latest intelligence via satellite surveilance and every time they may have a plan, during training it appears to be fraud. An overly eager politician meanwhile pushes the team to hurry up and lays out a plan drawn from his own war experiences. When the time limit nears, the team accepts the mission and figures out a possible plan on the plane. When executing the raid, it turns out, things are a little different on the ground than they appeared to be from the sky.

    Meanwhile, Kim is reassigned to keep taps on her boss again because Bob is away in the field. Things don't go according to plan here either and she finds herself in several near-death situations.

    The mens' storyline was very fun to watch, we all know some politician pretending to know better and this shows how their lives are affected by it. And for what... They also get to take sweet, sweet revenge on him, but that's something for the next episode. Kim's storyline wasn't annoying for once and having just one of the wives in the picture and not all of them is nice. I know the wives' stories are necessary, but I always found them to be unrealistic and annoying. But this non-overly emotional version is really pleasant to watch compared to the dramaqueens they used to portray.

    All in all, a fine example of The Unit and I hope they keep it up with these original storylines!moreless
Michael McKean

Michael McKean

Dr. Donald Metz

Guest Star

Matt Gerald

Matt Gerald


Guest Star

David Giuntoli

David Giuntoli

Major Paul Grand

Guest Star

Nicole Steinwedell

Nicole Steinwedell

Bridget Sullivan

Recurring Role

Hank Stratton

Hank Stratton

Isaac Reed

Recurring Role

Kavita Patil

Kavita Patil

Sergeant Kayla Medawar

Recurring Role

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    • (To the team after a failed exercise.)
      Jonas: Well that wasn't pretty. (marking a board) You're dead, you're dead, you're dead, and my wife is planning my funeral.
      Bob: I know a place. Gives you a group discount, they'll even bury you with your medals.

    • Dr. Metz: You know what I see. (To Mack and Bob) A team leader who doesn't bother to show his face; and two accomplices either too ignorant or too displiscedis to share with me an acceptable plan.
      Bob: Plan is developing.
      Dr. Metz: So, now that I've seen this won't get done without me, I will be assuming operational control of your unit and the mission will get done my way.
      Mack: That won't be necessary, sir.
      Dr. Metz: Gleason, get my jet fueled up and humming.
      Mack: Sir, that won't be necess …
      Dr. Metz: Signing off.
      Bob: Well, let's break out the tea and crumpets. Looks like we have company coming.

    • Bridget: The MP's out there?
      Colonel Ryan: That's right.
      Bridget: What will they do?
      Colonel Ryan: Well, they'll search the base. There's just the two of them. It'll take awhile.
      Bridget: Colonel, I'm ready to turn myself in.
      Colonel Ryan: You're gettin' out of Dodge.

    • Bridget: And how long will I...?
      Colonel Ryan: "Til death or I cut loose that tie". Who said that?
      Bridget: Rudyard Kipling, sir.
      Colonel Ryan: You saved our ass in Syria. You did it at risk to your own career. Well done.
      Bridget: Thank you, sir.

    • Charles: Look, if the lab is what you want destroyed, why not just lob in some missiles?
      Dr. Metz: Bombing the lab leaves an American footprint in Central Asia at an inconvenient time.

    • Jonas: I don't object to the mission, I object to the plan.
      Dr. Metz: I gave you a chance. You came up with nothing better.
      Jonas: Look, I have 3 men and 4 hours. Give me the room and get out of my way.

    • Kim: You don't have enough to take him in?
      Colonel Ryan: Isaac Reed? No.
      Kim: With everything you know?
      Colonel Ryan: To question him, yes. To scare him, perhaps. To charge him? No. The only certain way to flip him is to charge him and we don't have enough. To flip him, give up his buddies - not yet.

    • (Isaac has just killed someone in front of Kim. Baby Ella is crying)
      Isaac: There are things you don't understand. I can't explain them now. I will explain them. For now, I need you to trust me. Do you trust me?
      Kim: (softly) Yes.
      Isaac: What?
      Kim: Yes, I trust you. Yes
      Isaac: Then help me move this body.

    • Doctor Metz: The mission is of unparalleled importance. Do you accept the mission or not? Your plane is on the tarmac. Do you accept the mission or not?
      (Jonas makes eye contact with each Unit member)
      Jonas: All right. (Jonas steps close to Metz) But you remember these faces, sir.
      (Metz looks at each Unit member)
      Jonas: Let's go.

    • (Charles tries the radio on the downed chopper)
      Charles: Radio still works.
      Mack: Metz said they lost communication when Bravo team went down.
      Charles: He also said everybody died on impact.
      Bob: They were cut down here, making a stand.
      Jonas: Where are the bodies? And what else did Doctor Death forget to tell us?

    • (Once the power is cut, Jonas and Mack head in using night vision)
      Mack: Ah … Dancin' in the dark.
      Jonas: Shall we?

    • (Jonas prepares to blow up some of the heroin)
      Mack: Everyone, put your masks on. This smoke'll take you higher.

    • Jonas: We're officially a co-mission.
      Dr. Metz: I don't care if we are!
      Jonas: Which means, I have full command of all personnel on this plane for the duration of the mission.
      Dr. Metz: Meaning what?
      Jonas: Meaning I'm a man down. And men of your experience … are in short number. Men who have held a weapon, been in the mix.
      Dr. Metz (shakes his head, looking ill): No.
      Jonas: Oh, to the contrary. Gear up, soldier. It's time to take that hill.

    • (Discussing Dr. Metz)
      Mack: Who the hell gave him any power?
      Bob: Oh, you heard him. He held a weapon in Desert Shield.
      Charles: Is that what he was holding?
      Jonas: You know, a month's salary says he never made it out of his hotel room in Kuwait.

    • Jonas: You know what inspiration is? A momentary cessation of stupidity.

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