The Unit

Season 1 Episode 12

Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 16, 2006 on CBS
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The Unit is called in to consult on a bomb planted in an Atlanta bank, but they soon learn that the bomb might be nuclear. Meanwhile, Bob and Kim decide to take a much needed vacation, but Kim soon discovers that Bob has whisked her away on a mission and wants her to help him out.moreless

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  • Doesn't the Govt. have specialists to deal with nukes, they have to call Jonas and his boys

    First of the episode sucked, I'm a big fan of the show from day one, but I really find it stupid that the Unit, gets involved in domestic affairs, ie. the pilot were they go and rescue a hijacked plane in the middle of the US, doesn't the FBI or DHS or some other Govt. Agency, have the resourses to do that, and calling the Unit to prevent a nuke from going off, I'm sure there must be some guys more trained to handle nukes than the Unit. Personally I think that when military series like The Unit start taking over police and law enforcement duties they're just making up a filler episode. The epis took me back to time when I watched (big mistake) E-Ring, the Deltas there did the same thing took up duties as police officers... hope stuff like this doesn't continue to happen.

    On Bob and Kim's end things were a little better but not that better either, I'm sure the Army could've called the CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS or some other Federal 3 lettered agency, to find out if the guy Bob was staking out was indeed turned.

    Far from being the show I really like to watch monday nightsmoreless
  • very nice to watch

    in this episode the actors and writers do a much better job, i think that if this series keeps going we will have a good serie in our hand. In this episode they have to consult on a bomb planted in atlanta, we see how the military has to strech the limits of knowlege even in real life like in fiction. They have to endure tought desition making process. We also see in this epidoe how the directors and writers make a good job on mixing 2 or 3 story lines at the same timemoreless
  • I think this is a fine example what our Military men and their spouses have to endure when their husbands have this sort of job.

    Yes it was kind of a betrayal that Bob took his wife on a mission. But these were his orders this is what he had to do to get his job done, so be it. His wife should have understood the importance of it rather than to be upset with him right then and their and put his job and life on the line. This is how I view it; I found this episode very interesting because this is what the spouses of the military do endure everyday!

    The bomb part of the episode was interesting a little bit of a bore after watching the other episodes before this one. As the other episodes had more excitement for an edge of the seat episode. But, still it had a good edge to it and a good plot!moreless
  • Exciting!

    Another great installment of "The Unit" What does every hard working mother and wife want? A vacation. Then to find out you were taken along a mission was very upsetting to Kim. It's not like he wanted to get away just the two of them, no Bob had something to do. I would have felt so used. How did someone get into the bank to put the bomb in their. Thank god the boys of the unit were able to assist. They turned what could have been a catastrophic event into a mere victory, minus the loss of the two gentlemen who said they could defuse the bomb. The end of the show was lacking understanding as to what happened after bob took the guy away at gunpoint and what was up with the mom. I guess we will never know what really happened.moreless
  • Bob shouldn't had done that to his wife!

    What started as a much needed rest and relaxation for

    Bob and his wife, really turns out to be a mission

    Though I love Bob, I thought he shouldn't had done

    That to his wife. Given that she is pregnant and lost

    Her first baby. Unit is in Bosnia as they try to

    Capture some war criminals. Great show and great acting once again!

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    • Jonas: Mr. White, status report.
      Charles: These guys are working on something equivalent to proving there's an Easter Bunny.
      Jonas: Are you a believer?
      Charles: Here's the deal - trembling switches, mercury gauges, hidden levelers in all four corners, blind spots - Top, this bomb was never built to be deactivated or disarmed. It's meant to go off.
      Jonas: Then why are we still here?

    • (to Hector, about the hole he's blowing in the basement of the bank)
      Jonas: Mr. Green, get your pop ready - the sooner you do your thing, the sooner I'll know if my wife is going to be a widow, and the sooner she can start dating.

    • Agent Bluman: You just lied to the governor of Georgia.
      Jonas: Is that a sin or just a crime?

    • Jonas: Listen up people. Just received critical information. We are now in a hot zone. I repeat hot. This entire building is now under my jurisdiction. I want a television set to watch local news channels. We need to stay on top of any leaks to the press. Agent Bluman, I need a fresh cup of coffee and low, secure frequencies to my men. You are now under my command.
      Agent Bluman: But...
      Jonas: The IED in question has nuclear capability. You're in my house now.

    • Jonas: At least we know it's not a terrorist.
      Agent Bluman: How's that?
      Jonas: We wouldn't be having a conversation in the building. It'd be gone already.

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