The Unit

Season 2 Episode 8

Natural Selection

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 14, 2006 on CBS
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Episode Summary

While struggling to keep himself and his translator alive after their helicopter crashes in Siberia, Bob remembers the process in which he went through to become a member of the Unit.

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  • During a heavy storm, the team goes to take an African doctor back to Africa for crimes against humanity.

    Good little episode. This one didn\'t have that much action, it was one of those dramatic episodes that relied on tension.

    I forgot the guy\'s name I think it was Luthar, but anyways,

    the team finds the dictator in horrible shape and barely breathing.

    The twist in the episode is that the team finds other sick patients in the hospital and seeing them in trouble think they can take them back to safety. That\'s it in a nutshell.

    A bit predictable. I had a feeling that the sick dictator wouldn\'t make it and his bodyguard people would start trouble. Bob and Jonas handle the situation well even when the hospital starts getting flooded.

    All in all it was a decent episode.moreless
  • The Unit helping out a flood!

    The Unit is sent to Africa to help take back a ruthless dictator and find out that the hospital had like a Hurricaine Katrina like flood. And that they put aside trying to put away the dictator a bit to help those people in the flood. Very moving and touching episode and that really underneat those muscles of steel, there are some hearts of gold really!
  • great episode

    Bob is operating within Siberia and finds himself in big trouble when his transport helicopter crashes. He deals with the harsh elements of nature while he tries to survive and save his russian translator. This is also a flashback episode, we get to see Bob undergoing training before he got accepted to the unit. It's a really good episode, it's different but it's very interesting. There's no gun battle on this one, it's more psychological. There's plenty to see, each scene was well directed, the actors really did well playing their parts. I really enjoyed this one, I can't wait for the next one. It's awesome.moreless
  • The \"Best of the Best\" from all military branches competed against each other to be the last man standing & chosen for the coveted spot in \"The Unit.\" Scott Foley was eventually chosen but what he went through is a jawdropper!moreless

    I was so absorbed in this, the lingo, the exercises they had to perform, I don\'t even remember commercials! It was that good! Watching Scott Foley agonize over his decision to help or not help a fellow applicant given his instruction from Jonah, and the results of his decision made this one of the BEST episodes ever!!! It was great! What the Colonel, Jonas and Max put him through to bring out his very best..blew me away! If you missed it the first time, don\'t miss it on the rerun!! One of the best episodes EVER!moreless

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    • Jonas: Wait. Blue 6, what were today's instructions?
      Bob/Blue 6: Formation 0600 hours. Uniform, (huffs) boots, fatigues, 40-pound ruck sack, meals: one MRE.
      Jonas: Stop. Repeat that last instruction.
      Bob/Blue 6: (After brief pause) Meals: one MRE.
      Jonas: You think that meant one MRE for the entire day, that we're trying to starve you?
      Bob/Blue 6: Yes, Sergeant Major.
      Jonas: (looks at Red 2) Red 2. Have you understood the instructions?
      Red 2: Yes, Sergeant Major.
      Jonas: Would you explain them to the other candidate?
      Red 2: One MRE for each meal – breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's three. (grins)
      Jonas: Well, you're wrong, Red 2 and you're out. Blue 6, you may proceed. (blows whistle)

    • Bob: So, I just passed Selection?
      Jonas: You have now. (brief pause) Welcome to the Unit.

    • Ilona: Why did this happen?
      Bob: Y is a crooked letter; nobody ever got it straight.

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