The Unit

Season 1 Episode 5

Non-Permissive Environment

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on CBS
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Jonas and the team carry out an assassination of a terrorist in Spain. However, they soon find out that the government called off the mission and will now not protect them in the country which means their only hope is to escape. Back at the base, Molly learns that her daughter Betsy wants to drop out of college and Kim thinks about taking a college course herself.


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  • The good thing about this show is they don't try to make the plot too big.

    This was a decent episode. Bob's escape from Spain was very entertaining and I actually liked the family drama with the daughter. As I said above, I like that this show does not try to make the plots too big. There are no mega-schemes to blow up the entire country and they are not waging open urban warfare every week. As opposed to 24 which lost its way, the plots here are small and tight so while this episode was not spectacular at all, it is solid and at least satisfying without making me think it's unrealistic. I just started watching this show and I am already into it. With the writer's strike, this is going to fill up a lot of time.moreless
  • Much better than the previous episode.

    Well, I'm somewhat surprised that many people preferred the previous episode over this. I thought this one was much more energetic and interesting.

    Although the beginning was incredibly unclear, and stayed unclear until... well, I still don't get it. Obviously, there was a job that needed to be done. Shoot someone. But then, we never found out the "why". Also, who was the employer?

    Anyway, once you get through this nuance, it's a pretty darn entertaining episode. The Unit escaping from Spain on seperate routes, it can only be fun, right? It is.

    Bob of course gets in trouble, so he has to pretend to be junkie, then to be an innocent macho, then to be a homosexual guy... well, that's kinda fun, isn't it?

    Meanwhile at home, Jonas' daughter arrives home and wants to go to the miltary, blah blah. Again, the "family-plot" was awful. Although we got less corny dialouges from the wives this time, mostly because(I guess) Jonas was home.

    Overall, this is a decent episode of the Unit, and it took a good direction.moreless
  • The only good thing about this epi, is Bob playing 007 to get out of the country...

    The UNIT, are tasked with killing a notorious terrorist leader in Spain, but seconds before carrying the mission out Jonas recives word that the op has been disavowed, however before he can relay it to the rest of the team, they shoot the bad guy, the Unit member are now been hunted by the police and must make thier way out of Spain on their own.

    No problem with the rest of the guys but Bob sees some though action trying to get out, he gets caught by the police, steals form a hippie girl, and ends up being saved by a gay man after he poses to be a gay guy in need of help. But no matter what he makes it out and safe home.

    On the home-front Jona and Molly's daughter comes home from school with shocking news, she's gonna drop out of college, to enlist herslef, Jonas is all but thrilled to hear this, but after some tough parental advice by both of her parents, she end up saying she'll make the right decision, we aren't really shown what that is.

    I wasn't particularly thrilled with this episode, coz it was more evade and survive, than going heads-on with the bad guys, but still a decent instalmentmoreless
  • Is this really Spain?

    First of all, sorry if my English isn\'t as good as it should be. I\'ve been following this series because I love Mamet\'s work and \"The Shield\" is one of TV\'s all-time greatest shows, but... when it comes to place an episode in Spain, I can\'t help but laughing my pants off. This one is supposed to take place in Valencia, but the music is \"flamenco\", the Guardia Civil is dressed in white and even the signs aren\'t written in good Spanish (\"Albergue juvenil\", not \"Albergue de la juventud\", please). Always the same mistake. Just like \"Mission Impossible 2\", the American seem to think that Spain is just bullfighting, flamenco and people with whacky South American accents. For God\'s sake, we\'re in Europe! This is a modern country, and certainly Valencia isn\'t a small village full of peasants.

    The next time, try doing some research instead.moreless
  • Great way to develop characters

    I wished that the homefront, with all due respect to

    The wives, wouldn't be the focus most of all. And that the husbands and boyfriends would be the focus as it is called the United after all.

    When the team tries to go to Spain, they are left without protection and must find a way to leave in one piece.

    As Jonas daughter wants to drop out of college and Kim is thinking about going back to college herself.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Bob is gone his car is sitting in his driveway, but when he returns at the end he drives home in his car.

    • Goof: The Spanish spoken by the supposedly Spanish characters in this episode is definitely NOT the dialect spoken in Valencia, or any other part of Spain for that matter. The actors were probably all Latin American.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Jonas at the firing range with his daughter)
      Jonas: I fear no man... (smiles) woman... maybe.

    • (Molly starts pulling plates out of the cupboard and pauses)
      Molly: How many, ya think?
      Jonas: She bring laundry?
      Molly: Mm-hmm...
      Jonas: Set the three.

    • (in the kitchen, getting ready for dinner)
      Molly: You gonna talk to her?
      Jonas: Said she'd talk to me. I imagine that's what she'll do.
      Molly: And you'll "daddy" her up, but you won't put it to her.
      Jonas: Don't tell me what I'm gonna do.
      Molly: Then show me what you're gonna do.
      Jonas: Be careful... Even the dumbest of generals wouldn't start a two-front war.

    • Bob: (pointing to a picture of the target) He reminds me of someone.
      Jonas: Does he.
      Bob: My wife's grandad, maybe. What does that make him, my grandfather-in-law?
      Jonas: Did grandfather-in-law ever bomb a busload of schoolchildren?
      Bob: Not that I know of.
      Jonas: That's one big difference, then.

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