The Unit

Season 1 Episode 5

Non-Permissive Environment

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 04, 2006 on CBS

Episode Recap

Jonas is walking into a hotel room and Mack lying across a table with a sniper rifle. He announces that he still doesn't see the target. Meanwhile, Bob tells Jonas that the target reminds him of his wife's grandfather. Jonas tells Mack and Grey that they have 40 minutes of downtime while Bob and Hector take over the sniper. Jonas then gets a text and goes to meet someone. His contact announces that the operation has been called off, and the Spanish government will not protect the men. Jonas tries to call Bob, but his cell has no service.

In the hotel room, Bob and Hector have spotted the target. Bob calls out 'yellow', meaning that he doesn't have clean shot. Jonas runs up to the room, but before he gets in Bob calls 'green' and takes the shot. Jonas checks to make sure he hit the target, and says 'prairie fire'. The others look concerned, and quickly begin cleaning up. Hector runs across the hall and passes the message onto Grey. Jonas tells Mack to use air, to Grey use land, and Hector to use water. He tells Bob that they will not be protected, and to use escape and evade tactics. "See you around the water cooler," he tells Brown before leaving. In the background police sirens are heard.

Back on the home front, an unknown young woman is breaking into a house. She is clearly looking for something, and searches through a drawer until she finds a ring.

In Spain, the man Jonas met with earlier, enters a code into a keypad, and Jonas quickly follows him. The man tells Jonas that the agency has no association with Jonas or his men, and the Spanish government will be looking for them. Jonas punches the man in the chest and steals his passport.

The mystery woman is now looking for a key. Once she finds it, she opens a file cabinet and finds a gun. Molly walks into the room and asks her daughter what she's doing home from college. The girl gives her an attitude, and Molly quickly reprimands her. Her daughter says that she needs papers because she's dropping out of school.

Jonas is at an airfield with freight planes. The woman at the desk tells him their planes only carry freight, but quickly changes her mind when Jonas folds the corner of his passport over.

Bob is in the streets looking to steal a motorcycle. The owner sees him and yells for the police. Bob steals a bicycle, and is chased throughout the streets. He hops off and is hit over the head with a police baton and kicked. The officers throw him into their car and say they'll deal with him after they find the assassins, thinking he is just a thief. He looks out from the back of the car and sees Mack, who either does not see Bob or is not willing to help. Either way, it's obvious that Bob is on his own.

At home, Tiffy is ranting about men to Molly's daughter, Betsy. Apparently, Betsy has decided to leave school because her boyfriend broke up with her. As Tiffy is leaving, Betsy asks how long it takes to get over a guy. Tiffy tells her 'forever'.

Bob is watching the police, who are holding wanted posters for his team. One realizes that Bob is one of the assassins. Understanding that it's time to leave, Bob breaks the window and jumps out of the car. He runs off with a mob of police officers chasing him.

At home, Kim is getting ready to go out somewhere with Serena. She picks up the wedding ring Bob left on their dresser and kisses it. Then Kim is at a university talking with an admissions officer. The woman tells her that they no longer offer the class Kim is looking for, even though that's what she needs for her major. The woman says her credits are difficult to manage because they come from four different colleges, and can only offer a class that Kim has already taken. Serena won't sit still, and Kim is frustrated with the situation.

It seems that Bob has lost the police for the moment. He stands in a plaza looking for something, then heads into a hostel nearby.

Jonas throws the stolen passport to Colonel Ryan back on base. Ryan tells him that Williams and Grey are both safe and inbound. He hasn't heard from Mack, but he's not worried. He then says that he's seen a police report of a man matching his description resisting arrest. They are in pursuit. Jonas clarifies that if they catch him, they will put him on trial for murder.

Bob leaves the hostel with a stolen backpack and a change of clothes.

Molly is talking with Jonas about their daughter. Apparently, Betsy was actually the one who broke up with her boyfriend, not the other way around. As both her grades and attendance are fine, Jonas concludes that she's not having a problem with school. Molly worries that Jonas will go easy on his daughter and not solve the problem.

Bob is at a ferry station, waiting in line with his passport. When he looks up, he sees that the police have begun to check passports, and realizes he is in trouble. He slips a gun into a man's bag, and begins to yell and point that he sees the assassin. The police rush over and detain the man, and Bob uses to confusion to cut through the line. When he gets onto the platform, he hears an announcement that the ferry has been delayed. He walks over and starts flirting with an American woman who also missed the ferry, and asks her where she got her drugs.

At work, Tiffy is walking out by a set of bleachers and splits up a couple making out. She sits down on the bleachers after they leave, and drops her book. When she picks it up, she also picks up a can with the number 4 written on the bottom. She goes to a motel room and meets with Tom, pointing out that he actually made it there on time at four. She sits down on the bed and kisses Tom, and he then gives her flowers. Tiffy is worried that the flowers are Tom's way of telling her that something has happened to Mack. Tom assures her that although he doesn't know exactly where Mack is, he's confident that he's all right. Tiffy still seems worried about the fact that both Bob and Mack are late.

Kim is in the parking lot at a grocery store when she sees Hector and Grey. She asks the guys if Bob is back too, and they both avoid answering. They drive off leaving Kim confused.

Jonas is sitting in his house waiting for Betsy. She walks in, and Jonas tells her that although she back talked her mother and said she wanted to talk to him, he couldn't find her when he got home. After scolding her for a few seconds, he quickly gives in and gives her a hug. She tells him that she came home because she needs her birth certificate. Jonas replies that she doesn't need a birth certificate to get a job, which is what she has to do if she drops out of school. Betsy tells him that she needs it so she can enlist in the army.

Bob and the woman go to a bar, and she points out the guy who gave her the drugs. Bob asks her how much money she has, and she hesitantly gives it to him. She says she was supposed to buy a guitar for a friend, and he replies that the drugs would be more fun. He approaches the dealer and asks how much 2000 euros would get him, and the guy says that since he doesn't enough drugs on him, they have to go somewhere to get it.

Back at home, Tiffy is folding clothes when Mack sneaks up behind her. She asks him if he had any trouble, and wonders if he's ever afraid of losing everything, including her. Mack responds by saying 'you are what gets me home'.

Molly tells Betsy that the deal was four years of college. Betsy tells her that she can learn just as much in the military, and they could even pay for school after. Molly is obviously against it, pointing out all the cons of a being a woman in the military. Betsy tells her that she doesn't have a say in her decision, and Jonas replies that she needs to show some respect. There is a knock on the door, and Kim comes into the house a little worried. She realizes she interrupted something though, and leaves after saying that there's still no word on Bob. Jonas gets a call and says that he has to go, but they'll continue their discussion later. Betsy tells them that as an adult, she needs to make her own decisions.

Bob ends up at some sort of campground, having followed the drug dealer there. He explains that he has a thousand dollars if he can get a boat. The dealer asks Bob why they shouldn't just kill him and take his money, and Bob tells him to give it a shot.

Molly tries talking to Betsy about her decision. She tells her a story about when she was younger, saying that she knew she had made a mistake chasing a boy to Chicago, but was too proud to admit it to her parents. Betsy replies that although she made a mistake, it was right for her at the time. She wants a life that she can call her own, and asks Molly where her life is. Molly tells her that her life is with her family, and leaves. Jonas comes in and hands Betsy a gun, telling her to get her coat. He takes her to a shooting range and asks her why she wants to fight. He tells her it's not a video game, and she says she knows. "How do you know? My job doesn't have a take your daughter to work day," he replies. He tries to convince her to finish college before considering the army, keeping her options open.

Bob walks into a bar with one of the drug dealers. The supplier sits down next to Bob, telling him that a thousand dollars won't even get him a look at the boat. He says that the police are offering ten thousand dollars for the American assassin, which is a tempting deal. Bob offers his infrared scope, which is worth well over ten thousand dollars because it is only available to the US military. The girl he met earlier walks into the bar, obviously upset that Bob stole her money. The supplier takes the scope and says that he'll take the girl as a favor to Bob, and tells him where to catch the boat. As they are leaving to bar, Bob tells the men to let the girl go. When they refuse, he beats them up.

Jonas shows up at the Brown house and tells Kim they need to take a walk. Kim asks Jonas if he would tell her if Bob was in trouble, and he says no. She then asks if he would tell her if Bob was all right, which he agrees he would. She realizes that because he won't tell her anything, this means that Bob is in trouble. Jonas reasons that Bob has had the best training a man could have. Kim just needs to have faith in how good of a soldier he is.

Back at the bar, a woman is cleaning Bob up. A man approaches the first woman and says that he has to leave, because he's not even supposed to be in the country. The woman complains that he never takes her anywhere on his yacht, but he took another man. Bob loudly announces that he is gay, and tells the man to take him over his friend. The younger man punches Bob in the face, and Bob hits him in the stomach, knocking him to the ground. The older man tells Bob to come with him.

At home, Betsy is getting into a cab. Molly hands her birth certificate, saying that she doesn't need it any more because she remembers that Betsy was born. The cab pulls forward a few feet, but stops as Betsy gets out. She tells Molly that she's afraid, because the base is home to her. Molly assures her that they aren't going anywhere. The base will always be there, and she is proud of her. She looks across the street and sees Bob pull into his driveway and hug Kim.

Back at the office, the men are all discussing how they each got home. Grey had been hooking up with a woman at the hotel, and learned that she was illegally in the country. She smuggled him into Romania in her cousin's chicken truck. Mack laughs and claims that it would have been easier to steal a plane. Grey then tells Bob that he has a hard time believing that he turned down a beautiful hippie, and Hector replies that Bob is married. Mack and Grey both chuckle and say 'not overseas'. The guys all wonder how exactly Bob paid the man for a ride on his yacht, and Bob says that it doesn't matter. They start laughing again.