The Unit

Season 3 Episode 1

Pandemonium, Part 1

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on CBS

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    While a lot of shows do a good job with two part episodes, especially on CBS, I think that The Unit did it better than anyone. This was never really a ratings winner, but the show always brought the quality and this was as much of an adrenaline rush as you could expect from the show. The first half was definitely superior to the second half, I think it got a little bit too political and over the top, but for the most part things still worked. And I am glad the dad from The Brothers Garcia blew up, that was cool.
  • I was actually disappointed...

    I am fairly new to the series, having only recently gotten my hands on the 2 seasons to view... and while I was fairly certain no episode would dip under the low mark of some of the less potent episodes, this was aired. As a closely knitted team, there would be no reason for the strife and the mistrust that comes out in this episode, and for the guy that in the two previous seasons have been shown as being a newbie that cant be fully trusted. The plot line as to what might be so devastating as to break up the team that answers only to the President is yet to be fully revealed, and while I do understand the power struggle plot line, it feels silly compared to what they have already done in the past.

    I am hoping to truly be shocked and awed in the conclusion of this cliffhanger, cause I refuse to believe the writers would make a slow, yawning start of a season premier as they (so far) have succeeded in doing.

    Score is given as 8.5 simply cause the show is awesome, slow moving episode or not.
  • I hope this isn't where the show is going.

    I started watching the unit because it was notionally based on the exploits of a real life military unit that responded to nearly impossible situations around the world. I enjoyed the episodic nature that had the men of the unit responding to a given conflict for roughly half the show, with some background on the home front during the other half. This episode, along with last season's finale, launches the series onto a poorly crafted, open ended, conspiracy theory track. It's as if the writers are trying to transition from a military action series to some sort of detective show. There are more than enough detective shows.
  • excellent

    Jonas is hiding in latin america while Bob is sent by the CIA to hunt him down. Col. Ryan is facing the congressional committee to answer for the alleged crimes committed by the unit. Bob gets close to Jonas, but he gets compromised. The fragmented team deal with their new lives not knowing what exactly got them in that position. It's an exciting episode, I can't wait for the next episode. The writers started this new season with a really exciting story. The plot is a thriller, the cat and mouse game is so riveting. I can't wait to see how the story concludes next week.
  • The season three opener picks up right where the finale ended. Jonas is off in hiding in Panama and Bob is apparently working with the CIA to locate him.

    The season three opener picks up right where the finale ended. Jonas is off in hiding in Panama and Bob is apparently working with the CIA to locate him. Mack and Hector are still being held prisoner as a CIA agent tries to coerce them into admitting their guilt. Colonel Ryan is at a hearing being questioned about the missions of the unit and insists on their innocence and says he can produce a copy of the mission orders. As he leaves the trial, a key witness set to testify against Jonas is killed by a car bomb right outside the courthouse. In Panama Jonas finds out about this on the news and contacts Doyle for information. One of Doyle's contact is murdered as he's in the middle of relaying a message and Doyle tells Jonah he's been compromised. It appears the CIA and however else is behind this conspiracy have grown tired of waiting and are trying to end this mess immediately.

    With hitmen out after Jonas and his allies things don't look so good for the unit. Jonas pays a visit to one last contact that maybe connected to all of this. Finally looking to be on track to getting leverage to save him and the unit he sets off to uncover just what exactly the unit is being used as scapegoats for.

    An interesting twist to the show comes when a major secret is revealed about Charlotte. It really goes to explain her sudden appearance and relationship with Tom. She once against tries to convince Tom to save himself but he still won't sellout the unit.

    The wives story line are often a mixed bag for me. However, in cases like this were their story is tied directly in to the unit's, it's a very welcomed to the show. Tiffy goes to see Mack despite their last encounter but it doesn't go well. Mack and Tiffy's relationship still appears to be ruined possibly for good even though Molly insists Mack is just doing it to protect Tiffy. With Mack feeling completely betrayed by both his wife and country, this really could be the end of his marriage. Molly has been pretending to be Hector's Aunt to pass along information and doing everything she can to keep everyone from falling apart. Kim decides to flee to her parents as it is still unknown to Molly and Tiffy that she talked Bob into working for the CIA.

    The first part of the season premiere ends of Jonas, Bob, and Charles discovering the dark secret that the CIA is trying to protect. Hector also appears to have given up hope in the light of new info and says he'll confess to everything if he's taken to DC. While it's clear the unit will get back together, things will never be the same after the event of this story arc. This shift in the show is further implied by the drastically new opening credits which I really like. I don't think I've ever been this eager to see the next episode of The Unit.
  • I think the feel of the chaos in the beginning of this seasons is a great palate cleanser. More of the old unit will come back I'm sure but I'm enjoying what they have lead up to thus far. Can anyone tell me who sings the new intro, and what song?

    This shows how a good plot can reward the loyal viewer, with so many connection to past episodes it makes you feel part of what is going on.
    I think the new start is fresh but kept much of the original look... change isn't always bad.

    Thinking that they took a risk on going this direction, since some viewers can't tolerate change; I hope that they come back to a cohesive whole but not quite what it was before. Going that way would just cheapen the whole story line and make it irrelevant.

    Has anyone figured out who sings the intro song and what the song is? It almost sounds like ring of fire... but I don't think thats what it is.
  • Seems good to me so far, but the feed at keeps freezing at 13:23 of the 3rd part, so I can't see how it ends... :(

    8.0 is not working right and I am not sure why. I tried watching the first episode today at lunch and the innertube viewer kept freezing at 13:23 of the 3rd part. I tried this on multiple computers and multiple browsers to no avail. I guess this means I will have to get my DVR setup on my PC again ( Haupaugge WinTV is a wonderful thing to have in a PC ). Has anyone else successfully viewed the entire episode online? If so, I would love to know you did it. I emailed about it and was assigned a ticket number, but the link to the tracking system doesn't work.
  • We kick right off from the end of season 2.

    Mack and Hector and still incarcerated in the base's lockup and though they are being deprived or sleep and food are holding up very well playing there part to feed the interrogators false or mis-leading info, Bob who we knew was working along side the CIA and after Jonas tracks him down only to find Charles has also joined up with Jonas, now the three of them must find out why they are being set up and by whom whilst still trying to avoid the CIA, hitmen, local authorities and there own military.
    Col Ryan is still trying to defend his team before congress and finds out that he has a problem with his wife Charlotte, Molly and Tiff are trying to stay calm at home, whilst Kim helps Jonas get an important document.

    The great thing about the Unit is you don't know who's playing who until the very end when Jonas and the team pull the white rabbit out of the hat and your left staring at the TV with your mouth open wanting more.
  • picked up two weeks after last season's finale...

    This episode picked up about two weeks after last years finale. Jonas changed his hair, which is nice actually, and everyone else is about the same. Mack and Hector are in jail while Bob and Grey and Jonas are out trying to save the unit and find out who killed the guy (I forgot his name). I like what they did with the story. At the end of last year it was hard to tell what they were going to do, and now they've done a good job. I love the twist in finding out that Tom's wife sold the unit out. Overall, great suspense and good action, great story, good start to a new season, and I can't wait to see what comes next. Also, I like the new theme music. I loved the old music, but the show is a lot different this season so it makes sense that the music is different.
  • The unit is back with season 3 and it gives us what we've come to love about the show. With the exception of the sadly tv friendly new intro. The show picks back up with the chaos of last season. Jonas is still on the run with Bob appearing to

    The unit is back with season 3 and it gives us what we've come to love about the show. With the exception of the sadly tv friendly new intro. The show picks back up with the chaos of last season. Jonas is still on the run with Bob appearing to be coming to kill him. On the homefront we have Molly passing code to Hector and Ryans wife willing to do anything to advance her and her husbands career. The show ended greatly with Jonas back on US soil and going after those who set him and his team up. With the show slowly bringing the team back together it's clear that the unit will soon be back in place doing what we love. Although it's still left wide open enough to wonder if the unit members will stick around after this witch hunt comes to a close. Will the unit be the same as it's been the first two seasons or will some of the members opt for a less thankless and life threatening path? I suggest anyone new to the show tune in to find out and those who have been there from the beginning enjoy the direction the show is going it's well worth the trip.
  • Great way to open the season!

    Great way to open the season as it ended last
    Year with a cliffhanger as it picked up where it
    Left off. As the CIA forced Bob into tracking and possibly
    Killing Jonas. As he and the other Unit members are being
    Targeted and may go to prison over the "things that they
    Had done!" Col Ryan has to testify yet again before Congress
    Over harrassing a foreign PM. Which Ryan flatly denies but as the PM gets into his car, he is blown away. As the Unit is suspected of his murder. Jonas catches Bob as he knows that Bob was forced by the CIA to capture and kill him. The wives were very worried and tried to protect themselves from the CIA interference.
  • What a way to open the season. The action picks right up from last season with Jonas on the run and others in hot pursuit.

    Awesome! The season is starting off with the biggest bang yet. I loved the way the story moved along, yet it was easy to follow and not feel any pivotal plot points were being left out. The interaction between the Col Ryan and his wife was surprising. did not see this one coming with Charlotte being the 'political' player in Washington. The show can only get better if they keep up the level the season premiere episode. Kudos to the cast and crew! As usual Kim surprises us all with her depth of character. What a surprise she is turning out to be.