The Unit

Season 2 Episode 23

Paradise Lost

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Season Finale is in the books. Betty Blew is missing, DirtDiver and Hammerhead are in the brig, SnakeDoc is on the run and CoolBreeze is playing a dangerous game.

    WOW!!!!!! This episode was great. Where is Grey? Hiding? Captured? Does the Colonel ice himself? Where did Tiffy go? Is Bob a traitor? Who knows to most of these ?'s but I think Bob is playing the C.I.A Remember Jonas telling him Think of it as The Unit having someone in the Agency a couple of episodes back. Plus the last thing you see Bob say before he meets the guys at the end of the episode is "I cannot betray my friends." I think he finds Jonas and or Grey and they get to the bottom of this. I hope it is not all just because the one CIA guy is just pissed cuz Jonas sold his van. haha jus jk. At least they gave them another season. I would of been heated if that was the last episode. By the way How does the C.I.A even trust Bob?
  • great episode

    The unit comes home to Fort Griffith after a mission and they find themselves in a middle of a government investigation. Their security clearances are revoked and they are no longer allowed inside the premises of their HQ. People from the government visit the wifes of the unit and gives them threats. It's an exciting episode, it's the finale and we get to see our heroes in trouble. It's a perfect way to end a season, the cliffhanger works well for the show. The suspense is built up for the anticipation of season 3. I really enjoyed this episode. I can't wait for season 3.
  • Oh My God!!!!!!!!

    What a brilliant episode and what a storyline to bring season 2 to an end ( if it‘s the end ). We learn that the Unit has been brought to justice by the government due to some trumped up charge of war crimes and has to be disbanded, Ryan is no longer in charge but has secretly taken documentation of all the unit’s missions, Jonas has gone into hiding, Bob has become a C.I.A agent and his first assignment is to track Jonas down, Mack and Hector are both in the stockade and Grey is missing.

    Funny seeing Randy Couture the UFC fighter playing a sergeant in this episode..

    Is Bob playing the C.I.A, will Jonas along with Grey ( who could have gone to ground ) and Ryan find the truth as to who’s set the Unit up, what will be come of Tiff and Mack’s marriage, lot’s of questions unanswered. This set‘s up the opening to season 3 nicely.
  • Wow! What an episode!

    Ok...must admit that this was an awesome episode! However, there are several things that are bugging me!

    Firstly, is this the last of Mack and Tiffy? I mean she took the kids and everything, but how is that possible? she doesn't have any money! Didn't Mack empty the savings account when he suspected that she was having an affair? So how can she afford to relocate with the kids?

    Plus, has Mack given up? Has he accepted the fact that his marriage is over and that Tiffy took the kids to be with her lover? It doesn't look as if he will fight for his marriage anytime soon! Almost forgot, is Tiffy out of her F#*%ing mind? OMG, i can't believe she would cut her face to blame Mack! And they say that the soldiers are the "krazy" ones!

    Secondly, i can't believe that Bob would turn to CIA after all the Unit has meant to him; just because his wife has a percieved fear! I mean what the hell does she know?!

    Now he will have to prove his loyalty to the CIA by hunting down and possibily killing Jonas! In what world can that be right?!

    Thirdly, i can't wait for the next episode, did Ryan kill his wife???

    Last but not least, will Jonas return for his wife? And how will Molly cope without her husband or the strenght of the other army wives to lean on?!

    All in all, what an awesome episode, but so much have been left on said! How on earth will they rap it up?

    I guess i'll just have to wait and see!
  • Awesome episodes with a few twists...

    This is, so far, my all time favorite Unit episode. It was something I didn't expect and it was new. They always talked about having to hide and get a new life, and now we get to see them do so. In this episode, the CID is investigating criminal activities of the Unit and, especially, Jonas and his team. They all have to make choices. In the end, Colonel Tom Ryan chooses to give up his career and his wife for him men. Bob gives in and chooses his family and takes a deal from the CIA, which order him to find Jonas. Mack and Hector face the charges while Mr. Grey disappears. Jonas chooses his family and disappears himself. He gives them all of his pay and there is one moment where I almost cried when Mrs. Blane was decifering Jonas's message to her that said "arrived safe be strong" It was heartwrenching. Now we have to wonder, is Bob going to give up his loyalties for his family and track down Jonas? And, what is Jonas going to do in his new life, especially if Bob comes along. And, whatever happened to Mr. Grey? Awesome, awesome episode which adds a whole new story line and I can't wait to see more.
  • Compromises may lead to sacrifices

    Very good episode and that it leads to the team
    Really showing that they may need to make compromises and
    Sacrifices to protect both their unit as well as their families. Bob I can't believe turned his back against the Unit and went to the feds with some info. While Tiffy took the kids away from Mack and left him. Did the Coloniel kill his wife? All of those things lead to the season finale.
  • This was an incredible episode and one of the strongest of the season. The second season finale for The Unit sees the recurring story line from this season take the front seat and turn everything upside down.

    The second season finale for The Unit sees the recurring story line from this season take the front seat and turn everything upside down. A formal investigation by the government is now being done on the team and the whole base is shutdown and put under guard. Colonel Tom Ryan puts on a show and chews out the team as they return to base laying out the situation for them. Now the team is on the defensive and must cover their tracks and figure out a way to protect their lives and family.

    Despite all missions (well most of them) coming down through official channels, there is no record of such orders as the unit doesn't official exist. Realizing the danger this poses to everyone involved, the commander of the unit has secretly been keeping a log of all mission orders in such an event as this. With this news revealed to the team, they break into the Colonel Ryan's office to retrieve the info that could save them but discover that it's missing and probably in the Ryan's hands for his protection. With Ryan and the unit not allowed to communicate with each other or face conspiracy charges, they're all on their own.

    The team secretly meets a couple times to go over their options. As we've seen, they have a protection plan in place to relocate any member of the unit and family should it come to that. Each member must decide if they will run or fight. They say their goodbyes just in case.

    On the home front, this is taking an ever bigger toll on the Bob, Jonas, Mack, and Tom's family. Molly tries to stay cool and in control as always but Kim is frightened and wants Bob to take the exit that's been presented to them by the CIA. We've seen in the past the CIA's efforts to recruit Bob to be a spy. Where his true loyalties lie become clouded now that his family is in danger as well. Tiffy and Mack's troubled relationship reaches the breaking point when Mack finds divorce papers Tiffy has been hiding probably since her relationship with Colonel Ryan. Charlotte wants Tom to protect his career and only help his men through official channels which would essentially be selling them out.

    This was an incredible episode and one of the strongest of the season. We've seen how good the unit is at their job. We've also seen the horrible position they are in with the government as they're fully expendable and non-existent as far as the government is concerned should the crap hit the fan. Now that someone has an axe to grind with them, they must protect their lives when everything they've done has been to keep their country and family safe. We've seen them in tight places like this overseas before, but now the ante has been upped as they no longer have a place to call home and must defend themselves against the people they served. How this all resolves and what will be left after it's all over will surely change the direction of this show for the new season. The Unit has never let us down with hacked together resolutions like other shows often do.
  • After returning from a mission, Alpha Team finds that they're the subject of a criminal investigation. They find they have two options-stay and fight the system, or drop off the radar.

    This was definitely a pivotal episode. Watching the break-up of a crew was definitely gut-wrenching.

    I'm ashamed of Brown's decision to take up the CIA's offer. I liked him until he made that decision. Now he's only so-so with me. But it's still great acting on the part of Scott Foley. And Kim Brown (Audrey Marie Anderson)? I'm hating her, too-her loyalties are admirbale but The Unit comes first.

    Mack is a multifaceted character, full of anger, hypocrisy, and in the midst of it, a twisted kind of love. I think also that Tiffy is a crazy whore. I'm hoping when Mack breaks out of prison next season (here's hoping he does), he'll find her and off her and her yuppie-haired scum boyfriend.

    Jonas was definitely the man. And Molly's dedication to him was very touching. I couldn't help but feel my heart tug as we saw her decode what could possibly be Jonas' last communiqué with her.

    I also dislike Charlotte Ryan. She strikes me as a power monger who "fell" in love with Colonel Ryan because of his power and prestige, not because she loved the man. And I'm worried for Colonel Ryan-I hope that if he does commit suicide, we get to see it on camera and not have a cheap cop-out explanation.

    My only concerns were these:

    -Where did Grey go? He disappeared so suddenly without so much a second mention.

    -What happened in Portugal? Was this a mission we already know about or is this an off-screen thing? If so, they need to show us more about what happened here, and i don't mean in dialogue. I mean full-blown flashback scenes showing us what happened. And personally, I think this should have been about Iran-the pieces were already there for Iran to come back and bite them in the ass.

    But all in all, an excellent season finale. I loved it.
  • In the season finale, the Unit is still investigated for committing criminal actions. The CIA is looking for a fall guy and so loyalties will be tested.

    For a season finale it was decent. A continuation of what's been going on in the last few episodes.

    The unit is investigated for disobeying protocol, maybe stealing hundreds of thousands, and a big mishap that happened in one of their missions.

    Seeing the team break up was something I was looking forward to see how people would react. Mac and Tiffy already had problems of their own because of the the infidelity issues on both of their sides. Kim was getting agitated for the whole thing. It was only a few episodes prior to this where Colonel Ryan thought she was a spy.

    Jonas the other try to keep straight faces but it's obvious things won't be wrapped up simply. Bob initially rejecting the CIA's offer seems to take it in the end. His first assignment is to track down the AWOL Jonas.

    Each person is going through one frypan to the other. I hope they continue with the same intensity and don't wrap up a situation like this cheap and easy like "The Shield".

    So far I haven't been disappointed in any episodes.
  • The Unit is falling apart. Both personal & professional lives are taking a turn for the worst.

    One of the reasons I look forward to watching this show every week is the covert operations these guys pull off. Some of the personal stuff is good, but I'm disappointed they are going in a direction that's tearing them apart. I LOVE to see the Snake Dr. in action and I'm extremely disappointed that this is just becoming another soap opera type of show. It's not very realistic to believe for one second that any of these guys would turn on each other. I'm not buying it. If that truly happens, I won't watch this show ever again.