The Unit

Season 2 Episode 23

Paradise Lost

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • After returning from a mission, Alpha Team finds that they're the subject of a criminal investigation. They find they have two options-stay and fight the system, or drop off the radar.

    This was definitely a pivotal episode. Watching the break-up of a crew was definitely gut-wrenching.

    I'm ashamed of Brown's decision to take up the CIA's offer. I liked him until he made that decision. Now he's only so-so with me. But it's still great acting on the part of Scott Foley. And Kim Brown (Audrey Marie Anderson)? I'm hating her, too-her loyalties are admirbale but The Unit comes first.

    Mack is a multifaceted character, full of anger, hypocrisy, and in the midst of it, a twisted kind of love. I think also that Tiffy is a crazy whore. I'm hoping when Mack breaks out of prison next season (here's hoping he does), he'll find her and off her and her yuppie-haired scum boyfriend.

    Jonas was definitely the man. And Molly's dedication to him was very touching. I couldn't help but feel my heart tug as we saw her decode what could possibly be Jonas' last communiqué with her.

    I also dislike Charlotte Ryan. She strikes me as a power monger who "fell" in love with Colonel Ryan because of his power and prestige, not because she loved the man. And I'm worried for Colonel Ryan-I hope that if he does commit suicide, we get to see it on camera and not have a cheap cop-out explanation.

    My only concerns were these:

    -Where did Grey go? He disappeared so suddenly without so much a second mention.

    -What happened in Portugal? Was this a mission we already know about or is this an off-screen thing? If so, they need to show us more about what happened here, and i don't mean in dialogue. I mean full-blown flashback scenes showing us what happened. And personally, I think this should have been about Iran-the pieces were already there for Iran to come back and bite them in the ass.

    But all in all, an excellent season finale. I loved it.
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