The Unit

Season 2 Episode 23

Paradise Lost

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS

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  • Season Finale is in the books. Betty Blew is missing, DirtDiver and Hammerhead are in the brig, SnakeDoc is on the run and CoolBreeze is playing a dangerous game.

    WOW!!!!!! This episode was great. Where is Grey? Hiding? Captured? Does the Colonel ice himself? Where did Tiffy go? Is Bob a traitor? Who knows to most of these ?'s but I think Bob is playing the C.I.A Remember Jonas telling him Think of it as The Unit having someone in the Agency a couple of episodes back. Plus the last thing you see Bob say before he meets the guys at the end of the episode is "I cannot betray my friends." I think he finds Jonas and or Grey and they get to the bottom of this. I hope it is not all just because the one CIA guy is just pissed cuz Jonas sold his van. haha jus jk. At least they gave them another season. I would of been heated if that was the last episode. By the way How does the C.I.A even trust Bob?
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