The Unit

Season 2 Episode 23

Paradise Lost

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2007 on CBS



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    • Kim: You've been in the Unit two years. You gonna let yourself be punished for something the Unit did before you signed on?
      Bob: No. It happened a month ago, it happened five years ago—you signed onto the Unit, you're the Unit. You picked it up, you carry it.

    • Jonas: All right, boys. If this is goodbye, it's been a hell of a ride...and I thank you.

    • Jonas: And if you ever speak to my wife again, buy a bugle and find a guy who can play "Taps."

    • Jonas: When the torturer comes, the last thing in the world you want to be is innocent because you got nothing to confess. And no, baby, anything they accuse us of, beyond what we had to do and what we were charged to do, we did not do.

    • Colonel Tom Ryan: Sergeant Major, this entire organization is on stand down pending an Article 32 investigation from criminal action and war crimes of members of this command.
      Mack: Sir that's-
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Thank you Sergeant. And it seems your team, Sergeant Major, is essential to every aspect of those activities.
      Jonas: Colonel, I'm sure there's an explan…….
      Colonel Tom Ryan: In fact, at the present time, your men are the sole subjects of these potential criminal charges, therefore, pending further notification you will hold yourselves ready for interview by investigators from the CID and I warn you now if you speak about this matter among yourselves, under law, such action is considered conspiracy and under military law conspiracy against command constitutes mutiny. And, men, know you well, that I will not hesitate to bring those charges against you myself. This team, you five men, by your actions, may have destroyed a unit thirty years in the making. Now you will walk away and you will leave this compound and you will walk away in five different directions and you will have no further communication with each other…You are dismissed.

    • Sergeant Strickland: You men, drop your bags and take two steps back; this is a restricted area.
      Jonas: Who the hell are you and what do you think you're doing?
      Sergeant Strickland: I said drop the bags and take two steps back. I'm not going to say it again.
      Mack: Does your mamma know you're out?
      Charles: You should take your hands off your weapons unless you're willing to use it.
      Jonas: Alright, everybody stop. Everyone, take your hands away from your weapons. Sergeant Strickland, I am Sergeant Major Blane. This is my compound. You want to tell me what this is all about?
      Sergeant Strickland: My orders state-
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Sergeant Strickland, you may return to your patrol.
      Sergeant Strickland: Yes sir, let's go.

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    • Title: Paradise Lost
      An epic 17th Century religious poem by John Milton describing the fall of man. Molly pulls this book out to decipher Jonas' message.