The Unit

Season 3 Episode 8

Play 16

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on CBS
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Jonas goes on a solo mission, enlisting the help of some local militants to hunt down a terrorist known as "The Butcher". Charles is still recovering in the hospital, Mack takes on the task of arranging Hector's final funeral preparations, with the help of the other wives and Bob has been ordered to deal with the rescued journalist. Ryan must deal with the man sent by Washington to oversee the cover story.moreless

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  • With the death of Sergeant First Class Hector "Hammerhead" Williams, this television show loses a great character, and shows exactly the sort of emotion that is displayed by professional soldiers who have lost dear friends in combat. Spoilers included.moreless

    Hector held a place in my mind as one of the better characters in The Unit, and one of such diversity, being a Special Forces Operator and a doctor, yet holding enlisted rank. He will always by me as the sort of man that would give you the shirt off his back, and one that would protect his friend or mission right down to his very last breath, as he did. He will be sorely missed.

    We see a side of Sergeant Major Jonas "Snake Doctor" Blane in this episode, where vengeance gets the better of him over virtue. On exfiltration from Lebanon, he sends his team home without him whilst he attempts to capture the person responsible for Hector's death, rather than returning with his team to maintain deniability and operational security of the mission.

    We also see Master Sergeant Mack "Dirt Diver" Gerhardt remorseful and ever-loyal to his fallen friend and colleague, Hector. Mack watches over Hector's body whilst they conducted an autopsy to remove the sniper round that brought an end to Hector's short but eventful life. Even after the Army Medical Examiner, who was a Captain, said that he would take care of him and that he was no longer needed, Mack stayed to ensure that his friend was treated with the respect and dignity that he deserved.

    In this Episode, Charles "Betty Blue" Grey returned from Beirut critically wounded but stable, thanks to Hector's final actions before he died. We can see that Charles is deeply saddened by the loss of his best friend.

    Bob Brown takes Mr. Granger (hostage from the last episode) to a holding cell, where he needs to bring him "on-side", and tell the press that he escaped on his own rather than having American soldiers rescue him, for Operational Security and Diplomatical reasons. Granger, being a journalist and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, is somewhat opposed to this, because as a journalist he publishes facts, and he is also sympathetic to the Lebanese. In the end, Bob gets him to turn, especially after Bob revealed that if he didn't tell the press that he escaped on his own, that they could very well explain that Mr. Granger pointed a pistol at an American Soldier's head and depressed the trigger.

    Colonel Tom Ryan appeared to know exactly what Jonas was going to do, therefore he followed Jonas' lead and created political white noise whilst he conducted his mission. It would also appear that Colonel Ryan feels responsibility for each and every soldier that he loses, as he keeps a small wooden box in his office filled with the bullets and shrapnel that kills each of them. We also see a very moving eulogy at Hector's funeral where he calls the name of every man in Alpha Team, including Hector. This part of the episode is by far the most moving, as it shows the feelings of each of the soldiers in the team in their eyes as they respond to Colonel Ryan's roll-call.

    Overall, There was some indication that Demore Barnes was going to leave the show, as he was beginning a wonderful relationship with an ex-army Medic and when spending a night with her, he spotted Colonel Ryan and Tiffy Gerhardt together at a motel in a somewhat compromising position, and the being only Unit Operator that knew anything about that affair, it was slightly evident something bad was going to happen to him. Although this was the case, it will most certainly not stop me from watching this show each and every week. Well done!moreless
  • Hector gets killed by a sniper shot that enters the neck and stops at the ribs somewhere. He dies almost instantly.

    This is such a sad episode. I couldnt believe they killed Hector's character. He was a great soldier and medic. He died saving carlitos life, who got shot twice as well but lived because of Hector's heroic medical expertise. It was a sad moment for the whole team, especially Jonas, him being Hector's uncle i think.

    THe journalist they were saving made the whole rescue mission probem because apparently he suffered from Stockholm syndrome and even considered the American rescuers his enemies & pointed a gun at Jonas.

    After they get rescued at the beach, Jonas goes back to do justice on the Butcher for Hector's death. Spoiler: (sorry) He doesn't kill the butcher though.moreless
  • What an episode!!!

    Five Brothers was the most shocking episode so far, in my opinion, and this episode was by far the saddest episode. "Play 16" deals directly with the aftermath of "Five Brothers". Hector is taken to autopsy and Mack stays with the body throughout the whole procedure. Kim deals with all the preparations for the funeral and opens her heart to the Chaplain in a very touching manner. Jonas goes after the Butcher and manages to take him alive, even though his so called allies try to double cross him. In addition to that we see how the characters on The Unit emotionally cope with the loss of a friend, colleague and loved one. All the scenes were just terribly sad, whether it's the very upsetting scene of Tiffy breaking the news to Hectors girlfriend, Charles meeting with Hectors parents, Tiffy and Mack consoling each other in their time of grief or just the very simple scene of the Colonel adding the bullet to the bullet collection in the box he keeps in his office. It was a very touching and upsetting episode and I love this show to bits!!!moreless
  • Hector's last show!

    Seems like for these men when you lose someone, it is like losing a family member as they have Hector. With Charles meeting his parents while Mack is assigned to help with funeral arrangments. Jonas must track down a militants group that are really very evil. Bob is also assigned to help out in resucing a journalist. Kim I really like a lot and adore as she is my favorite character on here. As she says that she prays for her husband, children, country. Which I find was really neat and touching. As I think Ryan is no more a one-dimensional character nor that much of a jerk as he started out to be.moreless
  • good episode...

    Hector is dead. Jonas goes after the Butcher and captures him while Mack, Bob, and Charlie go home and give everyone the news. I almost cried when Charlie went to talk to Hector's parents. It was also really sad when Hector's girlfriend found out and how she dealt with it. I liked how they played on each character and how they dealt with a death of a friend. I'm excited to see if they bring a new character in. I'm also excited to see what happens with Tiffy and Mack because of the kiss. They still love each other. I just hope Tiffy doesn't screw it up. Overall, good, emotional episode.moreless
Ori Pfeffer

Ori Pfeffer

Marc Granger

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Yara Martinez

Yara Martinez


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Omid Abtahi

Omid Abtahi

The Boss

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Kavita Patil

Kavita Patil

Sergeant Kayla Medawar

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Alyssa Shafer

Alyssa Shafer

Serena Brown

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    • Jonas: (To Granger) Do you see this man? (Points to Hector's body) Look at him! He died for you! And I kind of liked him!

    • (Bob wants to go with Jonas to look for Hector's killer)
      Jonas: I'm not gonna tell your wife I've lost another.
      Bob: You want me to tell your wife? Your wife's tougher than my wife.

    • Jonas: (Patting the flag draped over Hector's coffin) Time to go home, Hector.

    • Mr. Williams: Were you with Hector when he died?
      Charles: I-I'm not going to lie to you. There are things that I can't tell you; and I'm not going to lie to you.
      Mr. Williams: I don't need the details, just the essence.
      Charles: The essence, sir, is...your son saved my life.

    • Chaplain: That's my job, serve all faiths. Why are you doing this?
      Kim: I want it to be a good service...for all of them.
      Chaplain: Then, you're a good woman.
      Kim: No, I'm not good. Every time my husband goes on a mission, I pray.
      Chaplain: That's good.
      Kim: No. I pray that, if someone has to die, that it won't be him. If someone dies, I feel relieved; for my baby, for my family; that it wasn't him. This time, God answered my prayer with one of my husband's friends. God answered my prayer.

    • Mr. Sack: Your man attacked me.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: A seriously wounded man, on his back, attacked you?
      Mr. Sack: Yes.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Well, he may have dinged your ear, but I'll break your jaw. Now get the hell off my base.

    • Mr. Sack: We're a team, from the top down. We make sure we've got it straight.
      Charles: Got it straight?
      Mr. Sack: That none of it...occurred.
      Charles: (Motions Sack to move closer) They made my friend. Hector Williams. He was a good soldier. None of that occurred.
      Mr. Sack: Easy enough, right?
      [Charles smashes a glass over Sack's head]

    • Jonas: I'll go in first. You don't like what you see, turn around and go home.

    • Mack: Look like a rock star.
      Charles: Drugged up, strung out.
      Mack: Looks good on you, dude.

    • Mr. Sack: There a reason you neglected to tell me?
      Colonel Tom Ryan: Operational security.
      Mr. Sack: I have A-16 Clearance.
      Colonel Tom Ryan: How happy you must be.

    • Jonas: Lift your feet up. Why is that?
      Charles: Face is red, raise the head. Face is pale, raise the tail.

    • Bob: What did Jesus say to the Revlon lady? Don't talk to me about nails.

    • Colonel Ryan: (To Sack) I'm telling you that I'm not wearing a saddle, so stay off my ass.

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