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  • The Unit

    Bring back the Unit!! CBS made a huge mistake cancelling the Unit. The decision makers of programing really missed an opportunity to continue a show that reflected the integrity of our armed service men and women...God, country, the "Unit", family thats what the Unit projected to faithful viewers. The Unit was a show with substance. The Unit showed the human side of military men and women, they are husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends, etc. I have no desire to continue viewing CBS since the network will no doubt fill the time slot with lackluster programing. Bring back the Unit soon!
  • Great show bringing new content to the tv landscape with subject matter not popular for the time.

    Great show bringing new content to the tv landscape with subject matter not popular for the time. The beauty of this show was it's ability to give us characters we could relate to and cheer for. Even for those unfamiliar with the subject matter could enjoy the depth of the stories and become immersed in the characters plights. Politics didn't play into the show unless you wanted them to. The show although about the military didn't go out of it's way to present pro-war propaganda that was at it's peak during the shows conception. This was simply a good show with engrossing stories that just so happen to revolve around the military and one of it's top units. The show took a turn to some peoples dismay. Introducing a woman into the unit which is not true to real life and changing the theme song to something more accessible. However for the true fans these were television conceits that had to be made to give us more of what we wanted which was more of The Unit. Good show with a large fan base despite whatever nonsense went into CBS's decision but for the fans who supported this show no explanation will ever justify this shows abrupt end.
  • Good show.

    I liked this show for many reasons. For one, it has great drama. The actors and actresses are quite decent and they have good chemistry. I also liked the fact that they play so well of one another. The action is what makes this show entertaining. Mixed with the good storylines, it is very interesting to watch. One thing I wish the show would do more of is be a bit more clear with its plots. Sometimes it is a bit difficult to understand what is going on, but it gets clear as the show continues. Overall, a good show. Thank you.
  • i watched the unit while i was deployed to iraq and afghanistan. i couldnt wait to see the shows every week and canceling the unit would be a big mistake!!! but i guess cbs doesnt care what there viewers wanna watch!!!

    the unit is or was the best show since mash! **** all these crime scine shows and give me action!!! i personaly wont watch anything on cbs until they bring back the unit! its stupid to have a show as great as the unit and cancel it. i wanna know what happens with molly and where the unit will go next. will the families move back to fort griffith? will the sgm stay in the unit or retire? if the sgm leaves who will take over the team and who will be the new unit commander? these are questions that shouldnt go un answered!!!!! cbs should get there **** together and make season 5!!!
  • "The Unit" should have never been canceled, It should have been renamed something that signified what the show was all about.

    Hi all, I think they canceled The Unit because of low ratings. Not that the Unit wouldn't have been one of the top draws on CBS if they had a better name for the show. Everyone that I told to watch this show loved it but all said that they never would have believed the show was of that format by looking at the name in the TV guide, I was also one of them! My grand daughter turned me on to it. I think if they would have named it something like "Special Forces Unit" or something of that nature people would have tuned in when seeing it in the TV guide. I passed over it myself until my grand daughter told me what it was about. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
  • It was the best, most sophisticated action/adventure/drama on TV, yet it got canned. Why?

    In what was and is an audiovisual wasteland of throwaway lines, lame plots, shallow characters and the ever-present liberal bias, The Unit was an oasis in a desert of mediocrity and hype.

    I wondered why a successful show like The Unit would be canned when there are so many other worthwhile candidates for the deep-six. It had superb acting, writing and directing. They made excellent use of local sites to portray exotic places. Camera work was exceptional. It had an ensemble cast that flowed together like a good cocktail. But CBS tossed it anyway.

    Then, it hit me; it had all the elements that the current maladministration is against. First, it highlighted the US military, when the President sees our troops as expendable assets wothwhile of nothing more than a 'great photo-op". It showcases the best of our best; intelligent soldiers who place the safety of our country above all else, even when it would affect their careers. It also showed the human side of military family life, but emphasized loyalty (even Molly's departure was left with a "find me" option).

    To cap it off, I noticed that it was produced by News Corporation. I may be wrong, but isn't that also the parent company of Fox News? Need I say more?

    I'd love to see this show resurrected, Even if only in a made-for-TV film, a miniseries, or a theater production film. Ah, hope springs eternal.
  • Unreal.

    Unreal. This was a must watch show for my wife and I. We are in our 30's and loved the show. As the years have been going by great shows just don't seem to fit into the mold of the masses. And the networks follow the masses. It's like being at a casino everybody wants the jackpot. When a network sees another network hit one, bam! they dump quality and just throw everything they can into new shows and hope they get the next big one. Therefore very very few really good shows last. The attention span of the masses viewer is too short. Thus the rest of us that like quality starve when our shows get dumped. I've been upset about other shows, but this one really hurts. I loved it, turned other people on to it, and am really disappointed at CBS for again just doing what the big three do, trash can the good quality shows to chase the buck. I'd say bring it back, but they never read these posts. A show canned one day is as good as dead 20 years. Their already on to the next dollar.
  • Sad it just ended

    I have been a fan from Malaysia.I have been watching this show since season 1 was hoping it will continue but it just ended what a sad thing. Like other members have said i was hoping other network will pick it up and continue. This show not only the army life of a soldier and also their family, the choices they made, the action they take, the sacrifices they have made to protect themselves and the countries. It also expose to us what is happening in the less fortunate countries. The show also teaches some self defence and how to handle diffuclt position in our normal days of our lifes. So i was hoping the show will go on
  • Wow, I'm really sad to see that the Unit has been canceled, this the best show on TV.

    I am so sad, I really love this show, it has top spot on my TIVO even for the reruns. I really hope some other network can pick it up or the very least lets get some movies from it. Like Star Trek, the fans made it keep happening. The actors are great, the story lines were wonderful entertainment and it supports our troops and portrays what hero's they all really are.

    Let's keep pushing the network and make something happen so we get our show back! Didn't know until tonight while watching a rerun that we had the final season, sigh.
  • I am very disappointed in CBS for canceling The Unit. Once again they have canceled on of our favorites. Maybe we should consider boycotting CBS. My husband and I always enjoyed watching The Unit and were looking forward to the new season.

    This was one of my husband's and my favorite shows. We had our sat box set up to automatically record every episode so we could watch them when we could. Why do they always cancel our favorite shows? They didn't even have the guts to wind up the open story lines. We have been looking forward to the fall season so we could start recording it again. I wish there was something we could do to get them to change their minds and bring the show back. I would love to know where they get their stats to determine which shows get canceled. They sure don't count the average working person.
  • CBS killed this show by changing the time-slot and then the day it airs. 'The Unit' was a halmark show that could have established a rival to the other networks highest rated programs,

    CBS killed this show by changing the time-slot and then the day it airs. 'The Unit' was a halmark show that could have established a rival to the other networks highest rated programs, but thanks the meddle-some airhead execs another brillliant show dies another undeserved death. The show had strong and proud characters with an amazing amount variabilty to each of their stories back-drop. When will the networks realize that the 'consumers' do not drive the demand for entertaining TV, but 'viewers' are more loyal to tv programs than consumers are to marketed brand names. The Unit deserves more than CBS is willing to put forth at this time.
  • NO - say it isn't so. I love The Unit!

    Everyone I know who watches this show loves it. Delta Force is so secretive that even a fictional show gives us a view on what these soldiers go through and must know. The characters are well picked - although I didn't like when Hector was killed off however, I do like the new characters. I have been hooked on this show since the beginning. I can't believe they would cancel it. I do hope another network picks it up! This show is a lot more interesting than some of the junk that is still on TV. Bring it back now!
  • Don't cancell the show. Bring Molly back!!

    I love this show! I think this show is well balanced with action, and family. The wives play an important part in keeping the show balance. Anyone who says you guys need to get rid of them are problaly self righteous individuals who abuse women. The military is not all about the soldier it's about the family as well. Further more, I think Regina Taylor is an excellent actor!!! Just right for Jonas Blane!! I'm tired of all the CSI and other stupid reality shows that are rigged from the beginning of typing. Keep the Unit!! Jonas go after Molly!! That's what a real man would do.
  • All of the shows are great, great writing, great acting. Best on TV. Please do not replace any of the most supberb actors on TV! The show, actors, writers, producers, directors and everyone involved should get TV awards for a job most well done...

    This is a fantastic, wonderful and exciting show week after week. I would not miss it ever. If I was in a meeting with the President I would leave in plenty of time to watch The Unit. Keep The Unit and all of the actors and themes.

    This type of great show only comes along every few years. UNIT fans get in your votes and let your voices be heard!!!!!

    Bring Molly Back! However, have her come back on her own after Jonas asks her to. All of the ladies are superb. I do think when they are working their "2nd jobs" they should get paid (equal to) risking their lives and sometimes the lives of their children and being separated sometimes from their children.

    It would not be the same without "Colonel Ryan" and his character, he is superb as well. I do think Jonas should get 2 free "knock your block off" shots at Colonel Ryan for putting Molly in extreme danger and lying to him about everything. In fact all of the guys should get two free shots (1 for endangering their wifes and 1 for lying). That should put the Colonel in the hospital for a bit of time.

    I like the marriage of "Betty Blue". Make his wife treat him right and be a good wife like the rest. However, no more extra marital affairs for anyone.

    Lastly all eight of us (my wife, 4 adult children & spouses) and I were saddened when you killed off one of the original Unit members. We miss you man! May you rest in peace.
  • best show on tv!the most realistic, always entertaining,on the edge of my seat,and great acting.only show worth watching

    absolutley the best tv show on tv today if not all time.great acting,great storylines, even the most minor details are accurate which help contribute to the best tv show around.even the worst episode of the unit is pretty much better then just about any other tv show in my opinion.i would like for there to be a little bit more combat situations but its already a fantastic tv show. but i would like to see a little bit more combat like there was in the first 3 seasons which seemed to have gone down a little bit but thats the only complaint i have on this show and i greatly urge you to watch it if you havnt already.this show deserves a 12 out of 10.
  • the show the unit. come on. it's the best show on tv.

    Let's be honest. the unit is a great show. if you've served in the military or even if your a patriot and you like seeing the good guy win then this is the show for you. the cast is an awesom group of actors. the story lines are close to real life. if you fans of the unit are reading this i urge you to take the time to write the network and plea for the return next season of the unit. word around the campfire is they might not pick it up next season. if cbs dosen't then another should. i come from a famoly of military and trust me there are people like the charecters in theis show out there fighting for our country. some of the storys are close to real events. it's good to watch something other than a reality show.
  • I'm writing an overall opinion since the show started, definately the best series i've ever seen but i'm a little horrified at the direction it is going with the focus on the ladies. Please stick with the tactical operations and saving the day stuff

    Absolutely love this show, i have never watched a series on television for any length of time till "The Unit" came on tv. One thing i noticed lately and i'm praying it doesn't keep going in the direction it seems, but it is focusing more and more on the wife's of the guys and their issues instead of the guys on the team. It really started to go off in a directon that has nothing to do with it's origins when i started to see Max's wife helping the kid from the school that was hurting himself and then with her having to work at a strip bar etc... watching Blaines wife screw up their finances and invest in a fake business. Lets stick with the tactical operations and saving the day stuff.
  • A classic guilty pleasure!

    Maybe this show isn't an accurate representation of the Army, or the Special Forces, but I still can't resist it! Season one starts with Bob Brown (Scott Foley) joining the elite "Unit," and from there on out it's a roller coaster of great characterization and crazy cases. The rest of the Unit's Alpha Team, Jonas Blane (Dennis Haysbert), Mack Gherhardt (Max Martini),and Charles Grey (Michael Irby), as well as their families, are the focus of this character-driven show. Seasons one through three were fresh and exciting, with a great season two finale. Season four had room for improvement. The show definitely could be improved by getting rid of Bridget Sullivan (Nicole Steinwidell), and focusing more on the team. I can't wait for the Unit to get back on base, literally. The Unit is an Army special forces team- but in season four they are hiding behind a phoney company, avoiding their own government at times. Overall, though, I still love watching the Unit.
  • This is what TV is all about, having knowledge of activities in support of our Great Country, I appreciate a look at the sacrifice our warriors endure to enforce the freedoms we enjoy.

    American grit, true to the word and believable in the presentation, worth your time! The characters are real and present a true view of the types of people it takes to make a team such as this. Americans are in service to our country all over the world every day. A worthy example of the real life drama that plays itself out everyday. America needs to appreciate the service of our Men & Women and this show is an example of what they can be proud of. No other Country is able to claim such a rich history of service.
  • Classic Unit action in the field and on the homefront, with several threads coming to a head during this episode.

    This is going to be a spoiler-laden, I figure you already watched it, kind of review. If you're just looking ahead to see if the show is worth watching: it is. Watch it all. Top notch stuff. Better TV than you normally get or probably deserve. Here goes:

    In reading the reviews provided so far on this site for this show in particular, I am surprised to see such negativity. I just watched the entire first season on DVD over the last several weeks and have greatly enjoyed the show from the first minute to this last. I understand that people are sometimes off-put by issues such as the wrong uniforms on the French or the wrong trucks being used by them, too. But, this is TV, and it is filmed on a budget; this was the last episode of a 13-ep run for a mid-season replacement. I couldn't have cared less, though I am ignorant enough not to notice such things, frankly. If you are, too, then it won't stand out. I, for one, was completely fine with the Frog-bashing. I'm American. Anyway, there are important pay-offs here, and the season's running threads are capped off quite nicely. Yet, they leave enough juice left in them to warrant a return should there be a next season, which, of course, there was. The wives' money lost in a real estate scheme comes to Jonah's attention, and it ain't pretty. The point is made, however, that the wife needs to be even more vigilant and protective of the family (and the extended family of the Unit) than she was--and all season, you are led to believe this woman has a lock on that aspect of her role. It might not the pay-off some were thinking it might build to. A little underplayed, but I thought a completely appropriate result. The affair is clamped off, and the new wife knows it all! Well played, adulterous sir now wanting the $#*& out of a situation he never should have let himself get wrapped up in. Plus, we are led to believe Mac will not be re-upping and the adulterous woman gets what she wanted all along after all! A happy ending that works well for this thread--but you know it could come back should such drama be required in a later season. (I haven't seen the later seasons yet, so I have no clue if it gets totally dropped or not in the future. Written well enough it could go either way and I could be happy--rare!)

    The actual field work in this ep is classic for this show and I was into it the whole time. It was not what I expected, but often I am glad for the change of mission-type on this show. You really do not know where they are going to be or what kind of work it is, and that's a good thing. This not the most spectacular field op the team has been on, but I enjoyed seeing our men in action nontheless all the way through it. There is a gaping hole in how these bad guys got into the facility where our team was having dinner with their wives in the final scene, but it happened fast, and it's a question you ask after the scene ends if you think of it at all. It could be explained away somehow, I am sure, but it really was not addressed; it just happened. You have to just ride it and be glad for the action what may come of it happening at all later. I didn't feel ripped off; I figure there may be some kind of hell to pay for the whole thing next season. (If not--if they just pick up and go with no reference, I'll be surprised and honestly a little disappointed.) I figure this is a great set-up for conflict and high emotion during at least the season opener of the next season. How did this happen, who on the inside helped facilitate it, etc.? The writers couldn't have known and should have completely expected not to get to pay this off in a future season, so it was just there and the action worked and you got what you got. Even so, in case it came, they gave someone something to run with, and left you wondering what would come of it--wanting to see that next season, I would think. I really can't say how it played on the initial airing, though. Maybe it didn't work as well if you didn't know there were at least three more seasons in the can for you to enjoy on DVD. But that was my reality, so I report it how I felt it.

    Great show, great first season, good finale. I want more, and I am glad there is plenty more where this came from!
  • The Unit -- nothing like it on TV, a must see!!!

    The Unit is one of the only shows on Television that deals with topical issues (policy, war, loyalty, courage) and does it in a way that seems real. Has anybody noticed that sometimes a Unit episode will air and then in the news something similar will occur afterwards? Just goes to show you how on top of it they are. My only problem is I hate it when they wait several weeks to air a new episode, and wish they'd change the time slot, but all in all it's one of the best shows on TV. I'm really looking forward to watching the upcoming episodes with "Sam" the new guy. How will he fit in with Jonas and the team? Or will he fit in? Anyway, I'm looking forward to it, and lets hope CBS will promote the show once and for all; i'm tired on turning on the TV and seeing all these ads for other shows (doesn't the Unit deserve that too?)
  • Great example of how things can be achieved if you have good communication, staff and money. I wonder how often this sort of thing goes on in real life? Perhaps we cant handle the truth.

    The Unit is one of those shows that is shot on a relatively low budget and can still make interesting and sometimes intriguing storylines.Most of the situations the cast find themselves in are setup and portrayed without much background but this allows you to see just how they deal with and resolve just about any problem put before them. Even when you think they have failed in their task and are thinking who is going to be severely reprimanded or kicked out of the unit you suddenly realize that was their objective all along. I'm not so sure about the inclusion of the mens wives as pseudo spies as this kind of direction in a show usually alienates some of the shows original and biggest fans. Time will tell if this does eventuate.
  • Two thumbs up for the show. Every episode is a pleasure to watch.

    I did not have high expectation for the show initially as I did not like war shows and this was exactly the first impression that I had. A tv series based on some war stories.

    However, as time goes by, the show really grows on me. I would have felt absolutely lost if without at least a weekly dosage of "The Unit" now. This is not just a war show. It show different perspective about patriotism, love, loyalty and unwavered determination to serve the country. I especially loves the "brotherly" love and loyalty among the unit members. Of course, it does help tremendously with having such a cutie "scott foley" on the set as Bob Brown. Adores him trememdously.
  • I really love the show

    For a show named The Unit there was a decided lack of childish joke fodder. The Unit, on CBS, follows a team of US super-secret Ranger Special Forces who fight terror around the world while maintaining a cover in their Stepford-styled on base suburbia.

    The show is the brain child of producers David Mamet, whose credits include Wag the Dog (screenplay) and Spartan (wrote and directed); and Shawn Ryan (who wrote for the acclaimed FX show The Shield. The Unit offers definite potential to replace the void left by Alias when it stopped being interesting two years ago. To do this however it will have to overcome some clichés and push the limits of the genre.Both Mamet and Ryan have ripped apart the moral underpinnings of each of their characters in their individual works, but The Unit's unflinching adoration of macho ass-kickery lacks the bite of each of these auteur's other works. In Spartan, Val Kilmer's character is forced to confront the naivety of his patriotic devotion when his handlers turn out to be the bad guys. In the Shield, it is our morality that is constantly challenged by the compromises forced on those we pay to protect us. There's nothing challenging about The Unit. It feels like well-scripted wacking material for paramilitary junkies. Even Jack Bauer, at times forces audiences to re-evaluate our moral, racial and patriotic compasses. I'm forced to admit that The Unit, for all its component excellence, tends to hit my jingoistic gag-reflex several times per episode.
  • This show just how power can go to someones head and how they can make mistakes and cause others to get hurt, or even cause country to go to war.

    This show is so good I just can't get enough. I think the acting is so good that at times I get lost in the show. When they had to crawl through that tube system and then it was filling with water, well I felt like it was there and was holding my breath too (glad it went to commercial so I could breath). I don't want it to ever end. But in this show that CIA dude my die! or one of your guys will because of him. Thank you to the creator for this superb show. Can't wait for the next show. Please don't cancel this show anytime in the next 20 yrs.
  • Good Militar Drama

    The Unit its an awsome military-drama show in and out the field Season 1 was the start a good season of 13 episodes really good TV show i watch it complitely just to see if worth watching and yes it worth it
    Season 2 was the longest one and very awsome except some "out of the field" plots with thw wives but good anyway
    Season 3 was like a "deception" only 11 episodes really too short and like "un-finished" but good Season 4 its very good until now im waiting the new episodes and i think its gonna be an awsome show Well done Tv show
  • i love this show

    a number of military shows have appeared in recent years. many tried to capture the success of military movies but they all fail to impress. the unit breaks that stigma of same old military shows. the unit is unique and it pulls punches every time. the characters are awesome, they come from diverse backgrounds and storylines. they really hit their marks. each episode is another adventure, this gives this show a must see each week. this is what action movies must be and the unit definitely makes wonders on tv. i love this show and i am always looking forward to the next episode.
  • Excellent show. Writers need to stay on track.

    Having served in a VERY similar organization for several years I find this show to be very good. Given the artistic license used to entertain it follows pretty well except for one MAJOR thing. Get the wives and that new female operator OUT! The back story that family provides is necessary and interesting, but spouses in the field is nothing short of ridiculous. Dennis Haysbert AKA Jonas Blane reminds me of a certain MSG to the point of eeriness. The overall storyline and use of authentic weaponry and clothing is absolutely amazing. The creators of this show have something wonderful to work with; I hope they don't blow it by getting over the top trying to please all audiences.
  • Troops defending their secure point. Radio to the HQ is down. They've to use the limited resources they got to defend it out for the night against the terrorists

    Off you go a nice episode of battle between the terrorists in the middle east while capturing the three wanted prisoners. The unit had no choice but to fled to their secure point near the border while they got chased by several trucks of militants. The militants spotted their troops' secure point. They had to gather all their resources for the night. The title says it all.

    I enjoyed the episode for several reasons. There's no interruptions between wives and the men and women in action. This is the first episode that they've done it so far. The action was quite intense for the scale of this project. It could've done better with the explosion, blood and movement on the troops and militants. The movements were quite sloppy from what I see. But it's good enough for storytelling. This is the first battle i see with the troops from the show. That means something.
  • A good episode and starting to get back to it's best, but a huge problem with the plot!

    I always look forward to The Unit, hoping it's going to be making the show as good as it could be. And this is a good episode, not the best, but a good one. The only issue I have is the ridiculous idea of using the wives in the mission. Seriously, what the hell is that about?! It's as mixed up as the decision to let Bridgett into the Unit, this highly specialised, uber secret outfit that has massive levels of security allows some bint in just because she's already involved in covert ops for the government. To be honest, we want less of the wives and more of the missions, we certainly don't want them IN the missions!
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