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  • When this show premiered, watching it was like opening a bottle of steroids. Fast action, exciting adventure blow up man TV. HOO RAH

    It started out with a heart pumping theme song based on a military PT cadence. Then some more cerebral plot development laying out the basics of the mission. Finally, the excellence of execution. Guns blazing, bombs bursting, jaw dropping marksmanship and cool tech gadgets. What more could you ask for, right?

    Well, apparently the ratings weren't good enough so they've made it more female friendly I guess. The theme song sounds like James Taylor wrote it. They're at home with the wives a lot more and the spouses have joined the team. It's not that I dislike the female characters, on the contrary. They are all smart, sexy and capable.The way Kim weaseled Her way onto the missle (a radio station)and the way Molly handled the real estate scam was classic.

    I guess they are spending more time talking about their feelings.....I just does not seem the same.

    Having said that I still like it and watch it but mourn the passing of a good friend.
  • Good TV Show

    This Tv Show is Excelent from the very beginning when i get Season 1 on DVD was awsome then i watched the "long-long" Season 2 but when Season 3 only had 11 episodes i said "Oh no... the writters strike" What now?
    Then when Season 4 started i said "Ok the first was awsome!" then i watched the other than i download and awsome too i dont know how many episodes Season 4 is going to be but the first ones are really good a good Tv Military Drama with action to complete the equation
    Really entertaining really good Tv Show guys well done
  • Excelent

    "The Unit" makes me nervious at a point i mean first season with 13 episodes, second with 23 but the third, with the problem or the writers strike, only 11 episodes like i sais "Oh no a good show take it down"
    But the Season 4 really start good i only watch 2 eps but ey they're like the writers are back on the track very good episodes How many eps this season has? Anybody know? 13? 16? 22? How many?
    Anyway Season 4 is saving the show that i believe, at a point, it was done but it really uphill fast
    Nice show
  • Quality writing and acting!!!

    Intriguing every week!! Well written and realistic. A must see!!! The military theme is appropriate for the current times. I find the weekly episodes to be in keeping with Haney's original novel. The suspense in each episode keeps viewers interest and leave you hanging by threads during commercial breaks!!! The acting is very good and believable. The men who comprise The Unit each have qualities in their individual backgrounds that are diverse and essential to successfully carrying out the missions of this tight knit team. The wives are at times unnerving and somewhat immature. However, Jonas' wife keeps everything together on the homefront while the soldiers protect and serve.
  • In my opion this show is great it makes me wanting to come back again and again.

    This is a great show. It makes me wonder if this is any way the wives or hubbies of our troops are in reality, these wives back up ther hubbies and each other. In my opinion this show is alot better than watching reality shows, who really wants to see other couples trying to beat other peep and that they will do what they have to do to win, id rather watch this show. The only thing I can say I want to see more of is more of Tiff it makes me wonder whats going to happen between her and mac....... The only bad problem is that reality show makes it come on later than its scheduled for in st pete fl so you have to make sure you record the news slot to to get it all. You should of seen my reaction when i couldnt see that first episode all the way!
  • Well Well, that was a very good start on season 4

    Well Well, that was a very good start on season 4. Have been watching this tvshow truh all 3 seasons and i am very plissed whit the scripts. every week its like i cant wait another week to get the next episode. Its just so mutch action and the actors is just great. I think its special beacuse in this show you see both the life of the army wifes and there mans, and there is not alot of tvshow wich is about war so this was a realy good ide.

    Stay toon all winter for this great tvshow, only one of a kind...
  • Season 4 , Episode 1 - Assassination Attempts , Families Unsafe , Action

    Why oh why are there not more people leaving comments on this great show ? The acting is first class , the characters stories are endearing.This first episode from season 4 did not let us down , it
    just makes us realise how long we have had to wait for the programmes return.I hope that this show gets more viewers to keep it alive , too much useless reality programming.Give us quality drama , that we can relate too !!!!

    Can't wait to see where the story takes us next but I get the feeling that season 4 will be better then season 3 because the writers are back on the same page without any distractions.
  • Good Tv Militar/Dram Tv Show

    The Unit is a covert Special Forces team that does not exist. Their cover is the 303rd logistical studies group. They are assigned covert military operations by the President and never get credit for their actions. Their wives are also a tight group protecting their husbands. They protect their husband's secrets and maintain their cover.

    Looks like an interesting militar drama about the lives of the soldiers on the batlefield and the wives on the home front "Army Wives" plase its the same thing but focused more on the home front

    The Unit im waiting for Season 4 to start i hope to be good as the first 3 Seasons
  • anyone whom doesn't understand molly has never been in.

    the role of a military wife is very difficult. and most definitely the role of the wife of a senior enlisted.

    molly blaine is an archetypal military matriarch. shame on her detractors.

    our society most of all needs role models and depictions of how to act. i would like to know what deficiencies molly blaine has and what her detractors would prefer to see besides racism and classism.

    molly blaine is the essence of a military wife.

    delta force and other units perform duties on a routine basis that cannot be reported on.
    all their wives are heroines.

    God bless our Military Families.
  • Kill off Molly for the sake of viewers sanity!!

    This is a truely good show with only one flaw... MOLLY BLANE. I hate her, she has to be the biggest most interfering woman in the whole world..nay...the universe. She does my head in and takes the edge off an otherwise great programme. All she does is interfere and stick her nose in an ultimately ruins everything.. like loosing $40,000, some of which wasn't hers. KILL HER OFF!!!! Make it hurt. If that seems extreme then just make her more tolerable, maybe just give give her one or two lines per episode. The other wives are fine! And VERY VERY HOT! Others must agree?? I can't be alone
  • One of the more Mature and Realistic Dramas on tv today. Each episode is another trend setter in the modern day reality of world problems. The wives are fantastic and true to their man, God, country, and Army. This program is definitely a keeper.

    When The Unit first started a buddy of mine telephoned me and said to watch this certain program/date/time/channel. I enjoyed it the first time and was hooked for every episode. There is a code of honor, support, dedication, loyalty, patriotism, and the comradery that I will give my life to save you so that we may fight another day. This program lets the viewing public know and understand that the Unit will support and defend against all enemies both foreign and domestic. They are the top of the elete and with their can do attitude they work hard at what they do and they are good at it. This program, by far, is one of the better prograns that has come along in a long time. I wouldn't be surprized if each episode were a training film for various training support groups. This program is enjoyed and should remain on our viewing channel for quite a while. I have purchased the first two seasons in DVD box sets and look forward to getting season III. I can only hope that seasons 4 through 10 are just as good. Keep up the good work.
  • One of the very best shows on TV. Hands down. Great writing, great cast, great subjectt!

    This is absolutely the most well written, thought-provoking shows on television. Superb acting by each and every member of the entire cast. Twist and turns in every episode. I just love some of the responses of the team by questions poised by the people who just don't "need to know". Like when Jonas was asked by a cop, "What business was it of his"? Jonas replied, "Undetermined".
    I also particularly like the perspective of the "home front". So much goes on behind the scenes that most folks a totally unaware of. This brings some of it to light.
    Can't wait for the season to get started again and on a regular night. I like the Sunday night time slot.

  • One of my personal Favorites that I have seen.... Enjoyable to watch and I think it could be great for most to watch, it's not all guns blazing also things to think about..... Would like to see more many more.

    Great start off, action and makes you think and anticipate what will happen next. I like how they slot on to one another like one very very long movies that you cant stop watching till the end. Season 1 got me hooked big time. Season 2 was good but it did not have all that the first one had, exceptions on a few.... Season 3 started getting better and had lots of reviews to see the whole thing fall in to place at the end.... Please bring some more Seasons back for those that where captivated by it. will be waiting in anticipation for what could happen....
  • The Unit is a covert special forces team, that undertake black ops mainly, meaning that they are denieable and untraceable even though they have been sanctioned to be undertaken at the government level.

    The series mainly deals with the missions that the members of the unit must undertake, but we also see how their work compacts on their personal lives, how their wives and family are key components to their cover story and provide the moral stability that the team members require in order to maintain their sanity but also knowing that their missions are vital in the defence and safety of their country.
    Even the base where the unit is stationed, is unaware of their true mission status. So secret, but so vital is the work of the unit, that at times you get caught up in the action and feel part of the plot. Awesome.
  • Some of the best acting I have ever seen!!

    I am so upset that The Unit is no longer running. Being that I am a Military wife, I truly enjoyed this show . During my husbands deployment all me and other military wifes did on Tuesday's was watch The Unit and talk about our spouses. This show hit home in so many ways that it kept us going though a very though time in our lifes. I hope that CBS and the cast will think very hard about bringing the show back on in the fall, because it was one of the best shows that they did!
    This is one show that is truly going to be missed! I saw Tuesday, that you ran a old show and I was so excited that I called all my girlfreinds to let them know; we hope that this is a sign that the show is on its way backkkkkk! My husband is now on his second deployment so this show would be a great help!
  • Best Spec-Ops show ever!!

    Having read the book by Eric Haney and seen the movie Spartan, starring Val Kilmer, I was really anctious to see the show. And I have'n't missed an episode since it started airing here in The Netherlands. It is just a great show, offering a great inside look in the life of an operator werving in the Delta Force. Great action in every episode, wether it is an explosion by a bomb or the tension between the charactars, it all fits so well. It truly is one of the better military shows I have ever seen on tv. Hopefully a new season will start soon!!
  • These awesome actors give a stunning performance into military life in the SPEC OPS community. We've got the look into the life of the families and the operators. Just stunning.

    With the two looks into military life, plus the amazing behind the scenes work and action sequences, there is no way you cannot love this show. CBS has to realize that men and women alike really do enjoy this show. Several more seasons at the very least. Also: whoever likes this show should really come and talk to me! We all need to band together and work towards keeping this show. I really hope that the rumors about a new episode in 9 days are true. Every Tuesday I look forward to watching this incredible show and you should too. For any action junkies out there, the weapons on this show are great. Have a look at the Wikipedia article on the Unit: it's very accurate.
  • We have been faithful viewers of The Unit. Have not seen and response as to wheather the show will return in the Fall. We are hopeful that the show returns. This is the best show on Tuesdays and a good time slot. Cast is perfect and have enjoyed every one

    As a faithful viewer both my wife and I are hopeful that the show returns in the Fall. Have been following the show since the beginning. Each and every episode brings a new view to the audience and a different story each week with also being able to go back and forth with family. The characters are all in a perfect role and each one contributes to the storyline. We wonder what will happen next week wiht each character. The settings and situations are very realistic and the story line is believable each week. Have enjoyed the show and want it to return. Leo and Maria Moya
  • The Unit is awsome. It needs to come back on immediatly!!!!

    it needs to come back as soon as possiable. I have watched every epesoide and will continue to watch them. i have bought the season passes for the unit on Itunes and have the 1st and 2nd season on DVD. so i need my fixing of the Unit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have continualy watched the Unit ever since it has been on. I love the show. It gives me insparation since i am in the military. and i love the action that it has. all though i am kinda sad that they killed one of the Unit members. and i am just waiting to see who will replace him.
  • So.. anyone know anything about the rest of the season? This season was be best by far...

    So, does anyone know anything about the rest of the season? This season was the best by far. I hope the network doesnt kick it to the side. Its the best show on TV now. I really hate this 100 word minimum, I cant really think of that much to say. I just want to know if the show is coming back or is gone for ever. If it is gone forever I will never watch another show on CBS. Seriously, all the drama at home isnt any good, but the drama and action on the missions is awesome. Yay, Im done!
  • A secret military "Unit" defends US interests worldwide with Covert-Ops.

    Mixed feelings down here. The military part is very interesting, well played and portrayed, the non-military part (that displays life at the base for wives) is rather uninteresting and pretty boring. I mean, while their husbands are out risking their life, wives are home with money problems, lovers problem and such. Whom could care about that trash? My guess is that the show creator wanted to make something that could attract both men and women, but it's kind of a waste of time really. Anyways with season 3 things get sensibly better and far more interesting (with the exception of the death of one of the coolest character in the serie that we could have done without).
  • As close to perfect as it gets!

    The writing, the acting, the intensity, the depth ... The Unit is absolutely outstanding. One of the greatest issues surrounding much of tv is that the shows can get formulaic. Bad guy of the week, psychic case of the week, who needs to be rescued this week etc. Many television shows with intriguing premises initially will later become bogged down in a loop where each episode looks like the last with a few changes. Easier to write I guess. But not The Unit. Each episode of the The Unit might take us anywhere, the missions about anything or not about a mission at all. Extremely well conceived this show falls among the all time favorites for myself and family. It is one of the few in which we eagerly await each new episode.
  • A show about a Spec Ops team that doesn't exist on paper and takes orders from the President. While the men are out on missions, there are subplots with their wives at home.

    At times, the show is simply awesome. At others, it gets boring and ridiculous. I have found that the boring, ridiculous, and dumb times are usually when the episodes focus too much on the situations at home and it really takes away from the main story of the missions. This seems to have changed a bit this season, with more focus on the missions, and the show has been REALLY good. I hope it keeps up when the writers make more episodes. I still can't believe they killed Hector off though! They built him up like he was going to have a big future and then he gets shot in the neck to die.
  • Soliders in war, their jobs kept a secret from the public and from their family, where are they?...they are at The Unit.

    Okay i have to say that this show is one of the best Military shows on T.V, better than MASH i have to say...sorry to people who are MASH fans...But i have to say that the Unit is an awesome show, it dosen't matter if you are just tuning into the show, it dosen't matter where you start watching, everything is basicly the same, it isn't like "Home and Away" you don't need to wait for the next episode... The Unit is a show more for the guys however there are some parts for the Gals, it isn't all action, and that's what i like about's not none stop action, they have alittle bit of action, then they take a brake...Thats good, and i think that other people would also agree with me there.
  • wow

    a elite and top secret group of soldiers are recruited to stop Military struggles and they have to be secret about it. Their Wives are the only ones that know this secret and they are sworn not to tell. But at some times there is tension between the wives and things get out of hand. But this elite group of men go's on incredible missions and they have Goliath challenges. But all of them are doing something they want to do, They are all keeping peace with terrorists and other threats to Americas safety. I love this show. you should check it.
  • An elite group of soldiers paricipate in missions around the world while posing as clerks. Thier wives keep their secret without knowing the whole truth of what the men do.

    This is a military show but it is not the standard military show. Its is as much about the relationships between the men and their wives and eachother as it is about the army. I watched this show on and off in the first season, began watching it regularly in the second and became addicted in the thrid. This show is why I found this website as I needed people to talk to about The Unit. If you haven't seen this show you should check it out, it has a good mix of action and drama. I hope this show is around for a long time to come.
  • Great interview with Demore Barnes - Just Posted @ MovieWeb

    My favorite show lost a great character when Hector "Hammerhead" Williams was killed. I know we'll all miss him. It is a tragic consequence of war that loved ones will be lost, inevitably.

    Thanks to MovieWeb, though, we got a glimpse into Hector's final day(s) and what Demore Barnes will be up to in the very near future. Demore Barnes talks about the 3rd season and the death of Hector Williams on MovieWeb:

    Check it out. It is definitely worth a few minutes to peruse. Can't wait to see more of Demore coming soon. Let's hope the writers get done with the strike and get back to business!
  • Women are always the retards

    I'm starting to dislike this show as over and over they portray women as mindless hormone driven idiots who can't fight, be analytical, or get the job done.

    I love spy shows, but The Unit is so demeaning to women and its starting to annoy me. Compared to other shows on TV right now, the other shows are much more respectful to women's minds, aspirations and abilities.

    Please tone down the attacks on women. The show is showing all the ladies as home makers who ultimately might turn into strip dancers. While I'm here, there's a lot of loose ends on the show too; wasn't the unit exposed and we had a melitia break in and shoot them all? You'ld think the cover is blown, but the writers think we are so naieve as to think the common people never noticed the shooting ablaze and we will still believe the unit are paper pushers.

    Gimmy a break!
  • I love it. I used to be in the young stages of Delta in the late early/late 80's. The 1st SFODD was a special place to be while in the military. I loved all those guys.

    I love the show. Some of the plots seem unrelaistic but there as close to the truth as one can get from a special ops unit. Being involved with Delta in its conception, I am glad that I can now speak of my involvement. Unlike those guys on the show, we all would like eveyone to know how special we were then. I love the characters in the show, especially Jonas. My wife has fallen head over heels over Bob. She says that the fact that his code name is cool breeze is a true name for him. She also states taht the wives parts are so close to real that it takes her back to the old days. We both loved it when we were special, like the show is to us now.
  • Oh NOOO....not Hector

    I am so confused!! Why let Hector began a relationship and let him DIE? Oh NOOO! So now what? Whose gonna tell it on Tiffi? I want Hector back. Did they plan to try and "replace" Hector? I am soo disappointed. Then the preview for next week.. now The Unit seems to be having some problems. How are "they" gonna fix this one? Does Mac really want Tiffi back or is he just scared? Doesn't Hectors' "would-have-been" girlfriend seem a little suspicious? She was already suprised when Tiffi walked in the bar to tell her the news. PLEASE write Hector back in.
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