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  • Has a lot of action.

    What first attracted me to the Unit was because Dennis Haysbert was in it cause I am a big 24 fan. The thing about the Unit is it doesn't just show all the action like other shows. It also shows how military wives live. It is also a lot like 24 it has a lot of action and they fight terroists and stuff like that. I think CBS sort of took the idea from 24. But i still love it. It really shows the lives of delta force people and all of their missions. Overall Unit has a lot of action and I highly reccomend you watch it.
  • The Unit is a great show with an interesting idea of a secret team of elite forces that work under the radar. They characters are great and the action is great also.

    Again, the Unit brings something new to primetime: the idea of a secret unit of the army. Jonas leads the team of elite special forces into dangerous situations and they never cease to impress. It is not over-the-top or unbelievable, but it is written in a way that makes it completley plausible. The story lines are unique and well-written on the soldier front, but the stories back at home are usually boreing and almost pointless. The soldier characters are great, and so are many of the enemies, but the wives can get annoying. They never seem to have good story lines and their characters are not well-developed. However, overall, the show is great because of the action and some of the characters.
  • Excellent show!!! Very insightful. However I did find minor flaws in the series. Whether it was do to budget constraints or oversight. Cant wait for season 2 to come out on DVD.

    Hello there,

    I just recently purchased The Unit season 1. I thought it was very insightful. However, I did find minor flaws through out the series. Anyways. Overall I did enjoy it and can't wait for Season 2 to come out on DVD. My only question is how come there are no Asian in the Unit. Is this because Asians cant be part of Special Forces. Every thing I seen so far points to this. You have blacks, whites and hispanics. I just wondering what the deal was? I not trying to stir any racial tension. But I just wondering what the story was.


  • I love to find shows that my son and I can watch together. This just happens to be one of those shows!

    My son is 12 so it can be difficult to find shows that we both like. I love to spend as much time with him a possible now that he is getting older and nighttime television is a good time. It is difficult to find something that we both like because we look for different things in a show. That being said, I saw the advertisements for The Unit one night and thought we should check it out. Plus, it had Dennis Haysbert in it...who my son and I both know from 24...another show we can agree to watch together. We liked the show immediately, I wasn't sure how he would react to the wives part of the show but he actually really liked it also. He loves Molly, thinks she is tough! There is enough action to keep him entertained and enough drama to keep me entertained. Brilliant show! Thanks for giving my son and I something to talk about and watch at night.
  • Who ever thought of this show is great! We need more shows like this to keep us entertained. No more reality shows please!

    This show is really great! Sure there may be a couple of episodes that may not be that good, but what show is completely perfect throughout the season anyway? If you really give this show a chance I think you will give it at least an 8. I gave it a 10 because it keeps me very entertained. The inteligence alone is mind boggling. I also loved the way they protected the camp site in the last episode, while they had swarms of people coming at them. Even though an elite team like this really does not exist, it is amazing to see what our military must go through to protect the freedom that we have come to enjoy. I am sure they are suffering through alot more than that, afterall this is only TV.
  • About some special forces or secret ops military unit that no one knows about and that go on secret missions.

    Very exciting action around every corner. I am not sure if it's realistic because I have never seen or herd of special operation missions before. I like how they show the home life of the men. because most older military shows only focused on the "shooting" witch didn't look realistic. But the "shooting" look's pretty real to me. The story line is good but it's set up like a drama. don't get me wrong dramas are cool but I like realistic action better. When it comes down to it it is about the show which in this case is very exciting.
  • An old fashioned show

    I watched the first ten episodes of the show, and now I feel it was a complete waste of time. Yes, the action sequences are well directed, but besides that there is nothing special about the show.

    Most of the characters are boring and flat, there is the paternal Molly Blane, always taking care of the hen and her husband, the commander of the team, cares about is family and answers almost every question with a "call my supervisor, the President of the United States". There is the new guy (Bob Brown) with his non-compromising wife (Kim).

    I think the main problem of the show is the depiction of the roles in a family - there are the guys, saving the day and being heroic. And there are the wives, taking care of the kids and the other wives of the guys in the unit. After a couple of episodes I always turned to a different channel when the women came on.
  • A secret squadron of soldiers are given the most important of missions, while their wives deal with worry and troubles in their own lives.

    I love this show! The first few times I watched it, I was a little confused and not quite sure what I was watching. But the more I see, the more addicted I get. The best thing about this show, is not just the missions the men are sent on, but the insight it provides into the lives of the men's families. Dennis Haysbert is excellent as the team leader, Jonas Blane. While he is in command, he still acts as a father-figure for his men. The show is primarily a drama, but has humor, as well. While it might take a few episodes to truly get into it, you will soon find it addicting.
  • I love this show, my husband is in the military I can relate to the wives. And to see what they do and to see what the wives do I really relate. Maybe people will see what our soldiers do for our country. It is worse where they are now. Come Home Soon.

    I put this score high because again it is somethings that interest me. I can relate, even though my husband is training I miss him. I love the characters I like the fact that they are always cool and altogether on there missions. I think of our men in the war zone to be that way to. I feel so safe,watching the show and in real life. I am glad that we have one show out of a whole bunch that represents our soldiers in a nice way. They need that support all the military persons.
  • This is the best show yet!!!

    This is the very very best show you will ever se cause i like and other people should like it to cause it's drama and it's based upon war and the goverment and it sohuld last for a long time so how many seasons will it be i don't know but hopefully about 8 cause thats how many season there are with some shows like american idol and 24 so this show will a lot of exitment i hope they will never cancel this show cause I like the actor that plays in the comercial That's All State Are You in Good Hands.
  • A realistic, objective, yet passionate and engaging lens into the lives of military men and women.

    This is a great show that dispenses with superfluous sentimentalities to bring insight on the lives of an elite black ops unit based on Delta Force as well as the tribulations of their families back on the base. The show's producers manage to present everything in an almost clinically objective light while maintaining an engrossing narrative style that grips the viewer, letting the action speak for itself to provide tension and drama in every frame.

    My only problem with the show is that I'm not myself a huge fan of the home-front storylines and the way they cut into the more high-stakes plots of the Unit's operations. I understand that the use of such juxtaposition serves a narrative purpose: to both help regulate and augment tension for the military stories. However, while said juxtaposition does help add to the dramatical presentation of the unit's operations, I feel that reciprocally it detracts from the home-front storylines and thereby deprecates the efforts of the excellent actors playing the wives and the substantiveness of their characters' lives. To put it bluntly, while mortgage payments and extra-marital affairs can make for interesting television by itself, they don't hold a candle to the kind of life and death situations upon which national security depends that the men of the show are faced with. So while I personally enjoy the military stuff better, the conclusion is that the women deserve better. I care for them, I care for their lives, but when my attention has to be split between their stories and their husbands', inevitably the urgency of their husbands' situations must take precedence.
  • The Unit is an amzing show. Just what people are looking for. Don't turn the channel.

    The Unit is a very good show and what makes it really cool is that the writer of the books. "Inside Delta Force" by Eric Haney actually experienced these situations. The cast is very strong. The wives really give a second storyline and really contribute to the plot. It has action that everybody is looking for.
  • One of my all time favorites!

    This is a great show just enough out in field action with a touch of the home life. It is not preachy and overly political. Personally as a former member of the Arm Forces now a spouse, I like that they show many different aspects of military life as far people having to make personal sacfrices, how families are struggling, how friendships are formed as well as , how some cliques work. This is a great show it is well acted, all the characters flow so well together especially Dennis Haysbert. Great ensemble, if CBS has an ounce of sense this one will be around for quite a few years to come:)
  • This show rocks

    I find this show interesting and totally addictive. Love the why that the home front is portrayed as well as the men doing there duty. Each episode i watch i get more and more addicted to the show. I like the idea that each episode in itself is it own as well as carrying on with an underlying story line, this keeps the show more interesting to watch. For those who judged their ratings on wathcing only one episode i say this not every show is catching for just one episode, watch more than one and then when have more info the decide. I have known many shows which die at the end of the first season but at least i had a chance to see it thru for a finale decision. I am hoping that this shows continues for a while yet as i believe it still has a lot to contribute the world of military shows. Fantastic job to everyone involved with The Unit. It rocks
  • A truthful and human look at the more personal lives of military families and their daily sacrifices as well as their frailties without the usual political rhetoric we see so often in other shows. Bravo CBS! We want to purchase season 2's DVD set now.

    My boyfriend and I are now hooked on this show! We recently bought the first season DVD set and enjoyed every episode. It has really given me a more indepth look of the "underbelly" and as well the real world examples of the very impactful personal side of military family lives. The missions are very intriguing and we love the Jonas, Molly and Col. Ryan notch! Keep them all. We missed seeing all the other episodes up to this point for the season 2 and wish we didnt have to wait so long for the 1/16 finale. Will there be any encore shows for season 2? We looked everywhere...When will the DVD set be available to buy for season 2? Whatever you do don't cancel this show!
  • Off the wall!

    Mamet has made network television by formula look good and he's made it interesting. Haysbert is a very solid talent and the supporting cast is good too. Smart, quick, thorough and not too many holes in the plots or storyline has me watching week after week. I don't understand the dull comments from some of you guys. Too violent or too fast paced I could stomach but how could you call it dull because that makes no sense at all. There is nothing dull about this show from the actors to the writing to the camera work to the execution.
  • Best show this season. Has top priority on our TIVO list.

    Love The Unit. Excellent concept. The mixture of what goes on in the field versus what goes on back at the base really makes the show interesting. Love the characters. We feel real bad for Bob though, seems like he is getting the worst of it all. We hope he is getting paid well. LOL. We would like to see more of the other Unit members, like Mack and the other two men. We would like to see less of Ryan and less of Tiffi. Jonus is perfect as Snakedoctor, they could not have picked a better leader and Molly is priceless. the theme song, downloaded it as a ringtone.
  • Gritty action show that takes you to the front lines and the homefront in a realistic setting.

    I hope and pray that there are men like Jonas Blane on the sharp end.

    The Unit is written and produced by one of my all time favorite writers, David Mamet. Considering this Chicago-based champion of dialog (easiest way to spot a Mamet film) has specialized in most suspense movies and plays, The Unit takes the viewer into a world of clandestine operations and the families that they come home to.

    Well filmed and spectacularly written, The Unit focuses on a small squad of special operators whose mission is to fight terrorism and/or bad guys on the \"gut\" level. At times shocking in methods, the characters (both wives and husbands) move forward with the mindset of doing right no matter what the consequences.

    One of the key aspects to this show that keeps me watching every week is the attention to detail and tradecraft of the operators. The weaponsmaster and military consultant of the show deserves an Emmy in their own right with the careful attention to weapon types, proper carrying and attention to lingo. Many times I am forced to pause (thank God for TiVo) and translate for my wife and mother-in-law who love the show as much as I do.

    I strongly recommend seeing Season 1 to keep caught up and see some of the great back story that has made this show great.
  • Total Rubbish!!!!!!

    I saw the trailer for this on TV and thought that this is going to be really good, so i watched the first episode hoping that it was going to be as good as the trailer made it out to be. I watched it and it was a complete waste of time, i just didn't care about the characters or the storyline and therefore i decided that this programme sucks. Therefore i don't watch it anymore and i suggest that you don't either. The storyline is about some guys lives in the US Army. Overall, although having seen only one episode, i have made this decision as my time can be focused toward watching much better programmes such as Lost and Invasion. Hope this helps...
  • Never heard of this til a friend told me and now i'm hooked

    I had never heard of this show or seen it advertised or anything then a friend told me I had to watch it and now i'm addicted. I think it is truly genius.

    The storylines are a little strange and you can tell the writers were probably drinking when they came up with some of them but it really is a good show and that possible break from all reality is what makes it so good.

    i think that anyone who is thining of watching this show or who has some free time watch an episode and you will be just as hooked as I am.
  • Seems to be rather dull to me

    Yeah...seems rather dull. I watched the first 2 episodes of the 2nd season and they really could not pique my interest. I am usually quite interested by military shows and stuff, but this was totally different.

    I remember one of those episodes where the guy had to kill the busfull of "tourists". It was rather unrealistic in the way he was so calm in the way he did things. I mean...he was shooting people and being shot back and he was just standing there. I'd be kinda scared.

    Maybe its just me, but I think this show could be better.
  • The Unit is really a very good show.

    The Unit shows you the reality of real life as we know it.I think that it is such a good show.All the cast are excellent in this show.One of the best dramas that I have seen in a long time.Let's you know how real life is.They couldn't have made it any better with each show.Each espiode just gets better every week.Leaves you at the edge of your seat at times.Sometimes it can make you cry.I think they should be commended on what they do with this show.The producers are excellent.Most watched show on TV.There is alot of reality and truth in this show.Better every show,and just keeps getting better.
  • The Unit.....

    I'm giving this a 10 first because I love Dennis Haysbert but the main reason is because of such poor ratings from the others. This show is genius. I love it. Where President Palmer (Dennis) goes, I will follow. The man makes the show, period. I wait for the end so I can see what kind of explosion awaiting me. I absolutlely do not think this show is bad, nor is it sending wrong messages. Its only a TV show for our entertainment and that's how I look at it. I don't always look at it and wonder if that really happens in the military because I just don't care. If it was reality maybe I would care but its not. I enjoy this show and I hope it lasts for quite some time.
  • This show is giving the wrong idea about military policies.

    This show is slightly off on what it is like to be in the army. For one, it\'s not a base, it\'s a post. Secondly a wife, which is a civilian, cannot walk into a colonel\'s office and demand answers and actually get them. There is a such thing as Operation Security. I was also upset to see that an FRG is using rank. There is no rank in a family readiness group. The wives do not wear a rank, their husbands do. The FRG is for families and support, not making sure wives are planting flowers! Maybe the writers should attend an FRG training session and get their information and facts straight. This is giving negative publicity and I for one have enough trouble getting wives involved because they are worried about the issues of rank, and I definatly don\'t need a television show promoting it!
  • It's really is a decent show...

    For now i've seen all the episodes, and i must say, the show isn't as brilliant as 24, but the plot missions and acting make one solid good show to watch. So if you have nothing else to do on your spare day, this is really the show to watch. As a former army man myself, it was interesting to watch the whole operations stuff. But there is one problem, somehow i get the feeling that the show is like a famous A-team in the modern times. And the wifes whole wife thing is really just an accesury. In any case it is a decent one, and a lot better than most of the stuff there is today.
  • Why did'nt i catch this series sooner. A brilliant and exciting TV series.

    As i live in the UK i've just come across this new series which started about a week ago and have to say i cannot get enough of this show.

    When i first saw it advertised i thought 'another American drama series ( no disrespect to American Drama series as i love most of them ) that will last 10 or 12 episode's and it will be thrown in the bin but i was so hooked by the first episode ( First Responders ) i managed to get my hands on the USA Region DVD box set and watched them back to back, in fact though i've watched the full first series and also caught the first two episodes of the second series i'm also following it again on UK TV because i'm so gripped.

    I have to admit that all the actors are new to me and though i've seen some of 24 i did not recognise Dennis Haysbert, the only star i knew was Robert Patrick, looking at the rest of the cast they've starred in American programs like Numb3rs, CSI, 24, The Shield etc which i've never watched but they all seem to gel together.

    The story lines are fantastic and okay we don't get a battleground episode each week they are still edge of the seat stuff and it's good to enjoy one week having the team protect some high ranking official rather than go into some eastern hotspot to blow up a missile site, also though i'm a guy i am liking the way the story writers incorporated what happens to the wife’s, girlfriends and families of these men when there away on missions and how the wife’s know what they do are not allowed to know where they go and what missions there on.

    All in all i am a very big fan of this show and hope it carries on for another 5 seasons.
  • I love, love, love this show. This is not my typical type of show to watch, but it has me coming back every week. I couldn\\\'t disagree more that the wives should be shown less. One of the main reasons I watch the show is because of Regina Taylor.

    I tuned into the show in March because I found out that Regina Taylor was going to be on the show, and it looked unlike any other show that I have ever watched. Regina Taylor is amazing and if she had more air time, I can see her winning an Emmy for her portrayal of Molly Blane (as she has won in the past for her role in I\\\'ll Fly Away.) Each week, I admit that I wonder if I will start to lose interest in the show since it\\\'s not my typical type of show, but each week, I look forward to next week\\\'s episode. I don\\\'t know how long a show like this can last, but I look forward to whatever the show presents us with. I, for one, love The Unit!
  • The episodes are not as good as what I expected. I expected more actions since it is a about war but alot of housewives stories are inserted.

    If there should be a future season for the movie. War actions should be more intense instead of showing how housewives and familys behind the war. I am compare the show the show to \"OVER THERE\" which is also about war but it is more intense and more focus on war stories. Im not saying to remove the scenes from family stories but to shorten them by focusing more on creativity on how \"the unit\" war adventures

    This show classifies as one of the best shows so far in the last 5 years. This has really influenced the lives of those who have no clue what its like to have family in the military. This show is most deffiantely addicting to watch. You sort of get sucked in and just can\\\'t turn away.
  • Although this show is not a true to life depiction of a special forces group I do enjoy the depth of the characters in the way that it shows military life.

    I think Shawn Ryan and David Mamet complement each other in the production of this show. I believe that they've done their homework and that there is just enough reality to make this show enjoyable. Showing the military wife in the true role that they play is something that is usually not done and is one of the things that makes this show stand out. If you grew up in a military family you know that what that family does affects the military as much as the family member that is in the military does. Some people have criticized the show saying it is not showing what real special forces or combat is like but I think again that is what makes this show stand out. I can turn on CNN and so what war is like and what happens in war. I like this show and hope this season is a good as the last. Sometimes it's nice to see a show where the good guy wins.
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