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  • My husband and I really enjoyed "The Unit" this past season and wouldn't miss an episode.

    I now see that it is next scheduled to air on Saturday, September 11, 2006. Does anyone know if Saturday is to be the permanent night for the new season? I would be greatly upset if it is moved to Saturday night. If that's the case, it seems destined to fail. Tuesday night right after NCIS was the perfect time slot.
  • this show is redicolous

    This show is redicolous. It down plays the values that the army and thier wives stand up for. every show has someone cheating or lying about something. the men of delta force, have to live up to a high caliber. and this show does nothing for them but downplay everything they do. The colonal is fake in his attitude. Never would a comrade do something to his buddy like this show has done. Never would another wive tell a wife to cheat and not tell her husband. this show should immediatly pulled from the channel and stiffed away to never be aired again
  • A show about a group of special forces soldiers and their struggle to balance military life with their personal lives.

    This is quite an amazing show. No man is an island...even a soldier. His experiences at home, and with his friends can impact his actions in the field. Knowing this, The Unit focuses not only on the men in battle, but those that they have waiting for them at home.

    Some of their wives are supportive, and almost seem to be part of the Unit, while others don't understand the sacrifices needed when you love someone in the military.

    I really love the fact that they split the stories between what is going on in the field and what is going on at home. I heard that the show did really well this season, and I hope that it is able to keep up the ratings next year.
  • This show is the best show and it is on the right time bring this show back i wish i could meet the actors and they r the best

    This show is the best show and it is on the right time bring this show back i wish i could meet the actors and they r the best if u vring this show back i will love this site for ever plz bring it back and make me action

    his show is the best show and it is on the right time bring this show back i wish i could meet the actors and they r the best if u vring this show back i will love this site for ever plz bring it back and make me action

    his show is the best show and it is on the right time bring this show back i wish i could meet the actors and they r the best if u vring this show back i will love this site for ever plz bring it back and make me action

  • Gutsy military drama

    To some, The Unit may be dismissed as just another military drama but you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.

    This show takes a look at the men of a special Army unit that deals with security matters for the U.S. Government & the wives they leave behind on the Army base they call home. And it's not just the wives having to worry about whether or not ther husbands make it back in 1 piece, they must also deal with the challenges that come with being an Army spouse.

    A well-made show with the right balance of military action & homefront drama that makes it worth watching.
  • Great series someone shouldve done a series like this a long time ago nothing comes close to the unit

    i love the characters that they used for the show the weapons they choose to do the missions with are kol and realistic i hate them fake shows except stargate sg1 tat ones kol all the other ones are garbage it was a great idea to get Dennis Haysbert (Jonas) in here becuase he is a great actor and he is always in this types of shows
  • One of the best shows on T.V. I get no greater pleaser then knoing tusday is coming and so is the unit. I LOVE this show. The difence between the fighting and the personl live is entriging and a nice offset.

    The unit has been a favorit of mine since day one. The actors are briliant. The story telling is compelling and the whole concept if fresh and new. There canot be enough good things said about this show. My only question is with the way the seson ended it kindda leaves me to belive cbs isnt bringing it back yet everything i have read says its a hit. Please bring back on of my three resons to watch tv.
  • But... I watch it anyway. Its part of a long list of (better) shows to pick from, but for some reason, it doesn\\\'t disappoint.

    \\\"The Unit\\\" is a show that caters to a very specific, albiet large, audience; an audience that doesn\\\'t necessarily have to love a show in order to appreciate it. The Unit, admittedly, needs a lot of work, but it has something a lot of top rating, multi-season shows seem to have forgotten after a couple of episodes: consistency. The Unit knows how to keep the audience that it already has and make them stay. Not by making the show \\\"better\\\" every episode, but by sticking to a simple formula that keeps its fans content and attracts would-be fans alike. The concept is simple, the plot is easy, and yet fans can\\\'t seem to avert their eyes, completely focused on what could or might have been. Like a good security blanket, its one of those shows that doesn\\\'t require a lot of attention to be \\\"good\\\". It may not be the best show of the week, but it certainly entertains to keep us entertained, and thats all you can really ask of a show. It\\\'s moving up, but slowly enough to keep us happy with the pace. I for one wouldnt have it any other way.
  • Great 1st season about "The Unit" (Delta Force) & the struggles between military covert ops, and trying to maintain an appearance of normal military family life. The struggles of secrecy and trust, distance and hardship, seem very real. I'm sure many mi

    AWESOME SERIES at the beginning, but then as the season moved on towards the end - it seemed to lose its uniqueness and focus. It seems to be taking more of a turn towards Desperate Housewives Of The Unit. Stick to THE UNIT action, and less Housewife drama. LOVE The Unit portion of it! Give us more strategy and smart tactics writing, and less drama about stupid wives that don't get the intense demands on their husbands. And Molly being duped by a real estate scam artist, and letting the beeyotch walk out of the cafe without having the cops waiting for her is just RIDICULOUS! She could have kept the money AND caught the bad guys! Seems to me that they could have used the little fish (woman) to catch her husband and the rest of the bigger fish in her supposedly large swindling operation. Laughable episodes towards the season end. Too much distracting silliness by the writers, and not enough focus on great missions. I look forward to a better 2nd season, focuse on great missions and realistic wives with realistic problems and solutions in their lives. Stop treating the audience like we are idiots and will accept things that wouldn't happen in real life with these strong minded characters that have made it to "The Unit". I gave it a 9.8 based on most of this season, to encouarge readers to watch the show's reruns - but hope the writers read my message (and many others here) about focus and realistic scenarios and reactions going forward. Quit trying to be like other shows and add relationship drama that shouldn't be there (like Molly flipping out in the hotel room about being on a mission and not knowing the details, while the suspects are supposedly occupying the room next door). I do think the affair between Unit leader and Unit member wife is realistic. She's alone often, while the leader is in charge of her husband being away. It could happen, but I would prefer to see them struggle with the "honor" (dishonor) of those actions. The leader should have a very hard time emotionally with that IMHO. Anway, a great show at the start - some bumps along the way - but i hope feedback is read by the writers so they can deliver season 2 that is even better and more focused on the missions mostly.
  • Like a whole season of "24" in every episode. Mamet learned from writing/directing "Spartan" and has the chops nice and clean.

    Gritty, hard-core, blacker than black ops, tightly presented with plausible scenarios. Certainly geared towards the male audience, but women shouldn't discount good shows, no matter what the genre.

    If you're sick of the hyper-techno-computer-babble from "24" (still don't know what a "socket" is), "The Unit" still has the uber-macho jargon, but it has a good flow, and thank the Lords of Kobol, there's no kidnapping of another acquaintance of Agent Bauer.

    Would like to see more character development. They did the broad strokes nicely, now its time for more detail.

    As I sit here clenching my softair AR-15 BB gun. (maniacal laughter ensues).

  • Love it!

    Great cast, Could not have found a better part for jonas (Dennis Haysbert). I dont like Tiffys Character, shes not loyal and seems un-greatful, Mostly because of her affair with Colonel Tom Ryan, Who i also have mixed emotions about. He is a great leader but also is a traitor to Mack, But thats all drama is about. Love the show, hope it stays on for many seasons!
  • At last a show that has real character development.

    It's been far to long since there was a great show that has excellent character devlopement. The Unit has it, and it flaunts it. Every week we learn something new. Another great thing about this show is it's return to what a television show really is. A one hour "wonder world" where not only are we solving home problems in 60 mins or less, but we are saving the world too.

    We have enough soap opera's on tv now. And it is a refreshing relief to see a new show that can be so complex, and yet so easy to watch as well.

    I hope this one stays around for a few seasons, it will be very interesting to see what happens to the UNIT.

  • Hmmm... I\'m not really sure what\'s this about: a very jumpy programme.

    Yes, I\'m not sure what the point of this series is. It concentrates on the lives of special force soldiers. It concentrates on the lives of their wives.

    Things, both action and emotional, happen in both aspects of the story. However, one episode does not follow on from the last - things happen in one episode that have not the slightest impact on future episodes.

    I find this very odd and unkempt as I find it very difficult to get into this series. The only real reason that I continue to try and watch is because of Dennis Haysbert (which os why my rating is higher than would\'ve been)

    The actual action in the episodes is fairly good, but it\'s frustrating that it loses importance in forthcoming epsodes.
  • What a great show! Thought provoking while informative. Is this how the real life Delta Force soldiesr and wives really operate? Who cares becasue this is not so much about the reality as it is about choices.

    Many series on TV do not even attempt to deal with real life issues and are afraid of entering into the realm of presenting moral and ethical dilemmas. Not so with The Unit. The public wants to see these types of shows as evidneced by the popularity of the movie Crash. Maybe Hollywood needs to take not of this genre and produce movies and TV shows that reflect the real life dilemmas that people, regardless of their occupation, face everyday. Entertaining? Yes! Thought provoking? Very!! Keep up the good work!
  • Just when I thought "This is it, My kind of show" and really got into it.

    I am one of the biggest "action" movie fans in the world. When I first saw this show advertised, I started making plans to be home to see it, and I was. My wife and I sat down and watched it. Jonas was in the middle of a bunch of "bad" guys, with guns, and he draws his pistol and shoots a mule/donkey in the street. My wife got up and left the room. She will never watch it again. I was thinking "What the?" Ok, can let that slide. These guys are the "Cream of the Crop" and the "Real Deal." Americas "Best" fighting man, with "Honor and Duty" before all. Terrorists beware. Then another "What the?" The pack leader is playing around with another members wife? Whats with that?

    We all know those things can happen in real life, and likely do, but I don't think thats what we want to see, in this kind of show. Like any other "Action" fan, and Military buff, I watch this for entertainment, and in that hour, I like the idea of the "bad guys" getting what they deserve, and I like the "Honor" among brothers in arms. I like the "hour" of being a part of something that comes out right, for a change. Someone needs to wise up, and think about the people that this show appeals to, think twice about adding cheap, sleezy, cheating behaviour in a show that "Centers" around Honor and Duty. If folks want to see that, they can turn on the nightly news.

    The last episode I watched adjusted my rating of this show, from a 7 to a 4 score. Some clown decided to throw in a "would be rapist" as furniture. Now if that was not bad enough, "Molly" gets swindled by a two bit con artist, that threatens her and her family, with physical harm. "What the?" Here is a woman, they have built up to be the center of hope and courage, for all the other, and the wife of an elite killer unit, and some two bit hustler "nobody" walks all over her? And she lets her get away with it? She sits there "dumb" not knowing what to do with a two bit "wanna be" bad gal, criminal, sought by police? And lets her walk out? Molly, Molly, what have they done to you.

    Got news for the folks who produce this show. You have just about lost my interest in this show. Not sure how you could take something so right, with a promise of being a real winner, go out of your way to mess it up so bad, as if it is intentional. I can not speak for others, but I still like to see the "Good Guys" finish first. I still like to see "Honor" and courage. What these people are trying to do, merge "Rambo" with "Desperate Housewives" with a few criminals tossed, for the sake of CSI, just is not going to work. Period. Do one or the other, or lose what you could have had.
  • This show is a favorite of mine because of the character building while at the same time having some excellent tactical action.

    The unit is a show about a division of the army known only to themselves as The Unit, to everyone else they're just an army logistical unit. The show covers the families and the soldiers at the same time, showing the struggle that both of them indure in their own battlefield. The gun battles in The Unit as especially awesome as their is a focus on sticking to reality. The show is down and dirty when it comes to a war, showing blood and the cruelty, yet reality of war. All these things keep the unit real and make it a great show that had better keep on going!
  • This show, is absolutely fantastic. I do not understand why it is so underappreciated, i mean what more could you ask form a tv show. It is not gulible as some other reviews have claimed it to be. The show carries the realness of real-life situations and

    From the first episode i knew i was going to be hooked on this show. This show reminds me of "Over There" because of its military content with its added originality. The one flaw of Over There was that its storyline was based on a situation that is too soon to accept therefore it never really picked up significant ratings to keep it on air.

    That is one flaw that The Unit does not have, it explores a whole diffrent scenario, i hope it carries, on for a couple of more seasons. I can see it becoming my favorite show if it is continued
  • Can we be more gullible as to how some of our special ops forces actually work...well it is tv after all.

    Contrary to what some believe, I have to agree with Critterish. This show is slowly going down the tubes. Most of the special ops are unrealistic, as they make the rest of the world seem like idiots. Too much focus on the wives and their self righteousness. I might be removing this from my \'My Shows\' list very soon.
  • This show is right on target as much as is allowed. I was actually surprised that the govt. would allow the mention of SERE school on such an open forum...even if MANY details were left out....and for good reason.

    I actually like the show. For the actual normal day soldier that watches the show, keep in mind that not everything on the show will be 100% authentic simply due to the nature of this type of work…I speak from experience, I am previous SF. For example, the episode for SERE tonight shows the camp on a normal base setting when the actual camp is out in the middle of the woods. Also, the tactics shown are no where near as severe as the real school. This is one of the best trainings offered by the military thanks to LTC Rowe. The only accurate item shown was the raising of the U.S. flag at the end….and even that was not the actual manner in which that pinnacle event happens. However, I realize that the actual story for the school cannot be told for good reasons and I appreciate this. I also appreciate the show for the fact that it may shed a small amount of light into the minds of the majority that is ignorant to the what sacrifices some make so we can all sleep peacefully at night. I was medically discharged from my line of work but not a night goes by that I do not long to be in the field supporting my brothers of the same breed. “De Oppresso Liber” green men!
  • Finally, Tuesday Night TV interesting. Every episode keeps on getting better and the way their lives are intertwined with each other is brilliant. Wives are not a mere after thought, but they have their own crisis\\\' and resolutions to deal with. I l

    Finally a Show that Makes Tuesday Night TV interesting. Every episode keeps on getting better and the way their lives are intertwined with each other is brilliant. I love the charactors, their strengths their weeknesses and the absolute loyalty their share with each other.

    Wives are not a mere after thought, but they have their own crisis\\\' and resolutions to deal with. I love it. The way they build their own community support and have unwritten laws and how they watch out for each other is honestly written in a way that women can relate too.
  • Great for the SF guys

    As the wife of a Special Forces Veteran I have to say we really like this show. There are a few things he rolls his eyes about, of course they can\\\'t get things 100% correct. The #1 problem we have with the show is the fact that a commander is sleeping with one of the wifes. That would NEVER happen in real life, but it\\\'s obviously there to keep viewer interest. The \\\"Off Base\\\" scenes and \\\"At Home\\\" scenes pretty much accurately depict the lifes an SF soldier & his family, with the exception of fewer wifes in real life (high divorce rate in SF). We don\\\'t mind watching the wifes at home. It simply brings reality to it all. All in all, great show! A lot for him and a little for her.
  • I agree its getting worse

    I really wanted to like this show alot. I\'m a huge Shield fan and was really hoping for that level of intensity. There have been some good moments so far, but I have to agree with those who say that they spend to much time on the wives. Also the show is pretty preachy, the characters are SO SELFLESS, I mean aside from the occastional gov. sanctioned murder, they could be up for Saint hood, where the Shield had no good guys, the Unit has too many.
  • Too much time spent on the wives. The interesting part, special ops, consumes less than 50% of the story.

    If I want to watch a show about family dynamics I\\\\\\\'ll tune into the family channel, or lifetime, whatever. This show has the ability to be much more exciting if you\\\\\\\'d spend 90% of the time building and executing the special ops story line. Who cares about what the wives are doing when we really tune in to see the dark, scary, secret side of fictional military dark ops. Get a clue, or loose your audience.
  • This show says it all for the military family!

    As the wife of a US Army soldier, I think this TV show is DEAD ON. So far I\'ve seen the characters of the show go through MANY of the real things that military families face every single day. My husband and I like to watch it together. He enjoys the combat scenes... I enjoy the ladies on the homefront. None of these women are perfect, but they depict the true Army wife. Military spouses deserve a lot more credit than they\'re given. This show helps America see what our military families really do sacrafice. This is my new all-time favorite show and I look forward to it all week long.
  • The Unit started out strong with lots of action packed stories but has softened into a show about military wifes and their problems. The Unit has limited long term potential unless it moves back into the 20 - 50 year male demographic appeal.

    Initial episodes of the Unit were great. Very action packed. A real guys show with guns, fighting, technology, and fast paced. With the more recent episodes the scripts have moved away from these attributes that hold your attention and make for good TV. Now the episodes have moved to drama around the wifes. Yes, their is still some action but not enough suspense, mystery, and action. I don't feel the show had long term potential with the writing and scripts that are currently being delivered.
  • i agree the fat women needs to go.

    The unit
    I can’t understand why people can’t get into the show. The action is good, and so is the drama. But I do have a problem with the show. And that is the wives. Two of them are hot and if it wasn’t for the last one I would support them. Last night I saw a episode where the colonel was ripping one of the wives, and the others watching are in disbelieve. And after the colonel was done with her, he goes into the other room and starts yelling at the other. The scene was put on, and the wives are giving nothing to the show but sexy clothes. (not the fat one) I believe it would be at the top if they got rid of them.
  • Greatest show on TV. Coming from a military wife, this will show you what the military life is really like.

    This show is really awesome. I am a military wife. My husband is currently serving in OEF. For those who don\'t know, that is Operation Enduring Freedom. He is in his 11th year. Our second child was born two months ago. He will not see her until her first birthday. When I found out this show was coming on I figured it was not going to be anything close to what real military life is like. I couldn\'t be more wrong. It is completely true. This show is the only thing I have ever seen in my entire life that truly depicts what some of our service men go through everyday. Now, not all of our men see any of the type of action that these men see. But, a lot of them do. You just don\'t know it. In a military community you have no idea what a lot of your neighbors really do when they leave the house. The characters in this show are so multi-faceted. They really convey what they are suppossed to be getting across. If you don\'t know the military life, you WILL get a taste of what it is like after watching this show. I strongly recommend this show to everyone. Especially those who oppose the war on terror. Maybe once they watch this, they will better understand what our men and women go through and understand why they do what they do.
  • A top secret military unit and their families

    This show is about a top secret military unit
    Led by 24's Dennis Haysbert
    As they recruit former Felicity and now Jennifer Garner's ex Scott Foley
    He and his pregnant tv wife must adjust to new top secret living conditions
    As the great Regina King as Haysbert's wife is the mother den of the military wives
    This show has a lot of promise
    And hope it still is good thanks to great acting and good writing
    Love Haysbert!
  • The Unit focuses on a secret military "Delta Force" who travel all over the globe taking out bad guys, saving people, and saving themselves. Starring an excellent cast headed by Dennis Haysbert, The Unit is must see TV.

    So, after watching for 3-4 weeks now, I'm hooked on The Unit. This show might just make up for losing Dennis Haysbert's 24 persona of President Palmer. Along with Haysbert, Robert Patrick heads up a largely unknown but excellent cast of Delta Force members and their wives.

    The wives of the force members do not know exactly what their husbands do, besides working for the military, which causes some conflict, of course. Jonas' (Haysbert) wife Molly serves as a guide for the other wives and seems to know more than she should about the force's activities. The main backstory now involves force member (and super hot) Mack, his commander (Patrick) and Mack's needy wife Tiffany or Tiffy as they like to call her. She's dealing with stress by hitting the sheets with her husband's superior...which is sure to cause some MAJOR conflict down the road.

    Original, tight, exciting...The Unit is a little less intense than 24, but very, very good.
  • Don´t watch this show. It´s bad realy bad TV.

    This show is just Stupid. It seems that the writers on the show did not do any kind research on Delta or the Special Forces for this show. The show is closer to Sci-Fi than any real military type show. Bring back Over There!Over there had at least a sense of realism. People who think the Unit is anything like Band of Brothers or Black Hawk Down(the movie) are dead wrong. This show is just horrible.
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