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  • I think this show has a lot of potential.

    I was very disapointed they had Tiffy and Tom have an affair. They had just portrayed Tiffy as this really strong, bright and independent woman. She passionately and convincingly spoke up to the visiting Senator. Then the writers use her character to squeeze some sex into the show. I thought that was dumb. Tom would never ever do it in real life - he would not risk the effectiveness of his unit by sleeping with one of his men\\\'s wive\\\'s and Tiffy was a whole lot better than this. Shame on you lame ass writers. Besides that, I really like the show and hoope hey keep it real, smart and edgy.
  • Show is starting off real good!

    This is the kind of show that i have been waiting to to see come out! I love the army and undercover military shows. Seems pretty exciting and there are a few hot girls in it! There actually is a plot to it as well, seeing how that lady is cheating on her husband with the General. Hopefully the show continues this way!
  • What is this show trying to be?

    Ok is this an action show with international intrigue, Special Forces and Mercenaries or a daytime soap opera? I don't think it works if it's trying to be both. If it's an action show, make it 80 percent action. If it's an emotional look into the lives of military wives and their families then make it 80 percent that. Half one way and half the other doesn't serve either side. I prefer the action side myself. But I get tired of having to wait through all the home life stuff to get back to it. From what I can see the action part is pretty good so far. There is just not enough of it on a consistent basis and that's a shame.
  • It seemed the plot had more holes than the targets on the shooting range.

    This latest episode of the unit - "200th Hour" was not up to par. Granted, this only the second episode I've seen, but after viewing show #2 "Stress" I was expecting #3 to be a great show. Actually, everything was well done - except the writing. It seemed the plot had more holes than the targets on the shooting range.

    The most irritating part about the whole episode was the portrayal of the missionaries. Most every line and reference was anti-missionary. Now, I'm not an expert, but these people deserve much more credit and respect. To show them as clueless teenagers running around and causing others to get in harm's way would be laughable if it weren't so despicable. Most missionaries I know about give up most everything to serve the needs of people that no one else seems to care about. To depict them as a pest that nobody wants around seems contrary to the reality of the world today and speaks volumes about the narrow minded world-view of the writers and producers of this show. It seems to me that an opportunity to say something great about God-inspired human kindness and self-sacrifice was wasted on this episode of "The Unit".
  • I want to like The Unit, but every episode is worse than the predecessor. At any given time I think that my wife has changed the channel and found an episode of The View.

    Well, a show that had so much promise is losing ground rapidly. After watching the first 3 episodes and hoping they would improve the reverse has happened. At a time when it would be great to see a competent, encouraging show about the capabilities of the US in a 'Delta' role The Unit doesn't appear to know where it wants to be. Granted, TV moguls believe that in order to be successful their shows have to be acceptable to the female viewing audience, The Unit is a disaster. Either accept that the show should be an adrenaline rush or a tea talk show. It just appears that it is trying to be a combination of the E-Ring and The View. Not doing either well. My suggestions would be a stronger character as Jonas (as a president in 24 he just appeared to be sitting around waiting for Jack Bauer to call). Next, cut out the crap of the commanding officer having an affair with the wife of his subordinate. Makes me want to frag him myself. Do we really need another show undermining the morale of those men and women putting themselves in harms way across the globe? And how about an episode when missionaries get rescued from revolutionaries that want to dismember them - when they are told not to talk or make noise - they actually do as they're told. Last night, again, back talk and useless talk right after being told to be quiet. Are missionaries all over the world so full of tunnel vision that they not only don't care about their own safety but are willing to endanger others "to do God's work".

    I give The Unit 1 maybe 2 weeks to turn around. I doubt they will. I think we saw the best they can produce in the opening episode considering all scripts have been written and shot. Maybe they should can the rest of the episodes, take a hiatis and regroup. I know I for one would rather walk away from watching The Unit having some confidence in what we are doing in the real world - even if it may only last until the next news story.
  • It will get better, just needs some time.

    I won't say it is one of my favorites, but it is one that I can stand to watch with my boyfriend and that says a lot in house. I think the characters will get even better, if the network just gives it some time. I'm sick of liking a show and then three episodes later, it's gone.

    It's not suppose to be completely realistic, because it's a show. But the producers don't make so off the wall, that it threatens your intelligence.

    The characters are interesting and the acting is really top notch. I will keep watching and hope the network doesn't yank it.
  • The problem with this show is... it sure looks like it could be, but it's not Rainbow 6.

    The main problem with this show is that they're trying to show the "real lives" of all those involved with "The Unit" and all of the intricate details involved with having a super secret delta force.

    Some army brats and wives might be happy their side of the story is finally being told, but honestly, we just don't care. I want to see missions, one after another with awesome special effects and lost of action. Every mission I’ve seen has been anti-climatic and unfulfilling. It's cool to watch the set-up and all of the little pieces come together, but I’m asleep half of the time and then i see the good stuff coming and I blink and it's gone.

    The Unit may be ground-breaking because it follows the guys on missions, they women back at home, and the guys in training all at once, everyone with their little problems (the senator, the moving truck, the mirror, the grazed bullet, the annoying FBI agent, and a freaking affair between on officer's wife and his commanding officer?!!?! come one give me a break!) etc.. but i just don't care I'm sorry.

    Where's President David Palmer as Ding Chavez from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six? Sniping, recon, heartbeat sensors... Where are the super secretive, intense, impossible missions? I'm tired of parked planes held hostage going no where, uneventful satellite retrieval with stupid Colin Farrell look-alikes impossible jumping out of a prisoner transit aircraft (although if anyone could convince Colin Farrell to do the same in real life I'd be eternal grateful) and stupid missionaries that really require no more assistance than mouthful of dirty socks to get home.

    Give us action else I'm going to have to write President Palmer and tell him he's lost my vote.
  • Big problem, i got to be @ 8, and tivo idol, have to wait till idol goes to 1 hour to tivo, hope they change slot or run reruns...

    Big fan of Haney, his blog on doesnt allow responses although he asks for same. May be good with a gun, but needs work on the pc. saw the first episode, thought it was interesting, really thought the last scene with the colonel in bed with wife of troop was unnecessary, adultery exists in all endeavors, this distracts from the real focus of special ops...
  • WOW What a great new show. Something that actually requires an active brain and not eating bugs. Love it and recommend it highly. Keep up the good work

    EXCELLENT , love the action, lack of swearing , sex, and a show that is for adults with some common sense. Can we please have additional shows of this quality of a varity of themes?
    Sick and tired of eating bugs, running around the world, lack of any story line what so ever.
    You do have adults out here and not a bunch of mindless people who watch whatever. I do know how to turn the TV off and often do when there is nothing of quality to view.
    Thanks again well done
  • Great cast, good action, but technical details must be watched carefully or the audience buy-in will be hurt.

    I like this show! Dennis Haysbert's character is believable and he brings it off almost to perfection. However, action-adventure genre shows require that the audience be able to believe the premises on which the show is based. This one falls down on a couple of counts.

    First, the kudos.We'd like to believe that the action team is made up of strong, alpha-male types united by the bond generated by specialized training and shared combat. The episodes so far have carried this part off well.

    If you're acquainted with the military, you'll recognize not only that feeling, but you'll identify with the roles played by the wives and family of team members. In many cases, members of unique teams, be they military or civilian, tend to associate socially as well as professionally. The roles played by the wives mirror the general functions of the male team members. In real life, Regina Blane's role (Dennis Haysbert's wife) would be filled by either the unit commanders wife or the team leaders spouse. She is expected to mentor and support the wives of those men under her husband's command, look out for them, smooth the ways through the paperwork forest, etc. Chauvanistic? Sure, but in most cases it works. This combination of good type casting and parallel plot lines (action and family) works well for the series, so far.

    I have but two major complaints.

    The first is one that seems to strike every action series out there. Watch the technical details! As a viewer, you're into an episode, watching away, totally involved in what's happening, then something occurs that destroys the flow. It can be something as simple as the misuse of a particular piece of equipment or it can be the requirement to accept something that just doesn't fit in a real-world scenario. Two instances of that from the last episode: A) The team gives the terrorists their only working transportation, and B) Having traded for a major wanted member of the terrorist watch list, not only does the (supposedly) seriously wounded terrorist get up from his death bed, but he opens the exterior cargo door of an in-flight aircraft, and attempts to skydive without a parachute. Common sense would indicate that they check out their transportation before giving it away and that they'd secure a hostile prisoner. Or, do we only take precautions like that with our friends? :>) Besides, if I didn't miss the mark completely, one of the team members was carrying what looks like a .50 cal. Barrett rifle that is capable of reaching out and touching folks at ranges in excess of a half mile. Once they had the wounded terrorist in custody, take out the remaining bad guys as they drive away and recover the transportation.

    My second major objection has to do with the relationship between Tiffy (Abby Brammell) and Colonel Tom Ryan (Robert Patrick). Now, it's relatively certain that in real life team members have relationships outside of marriage. However, the relationship between Tiffy and the Colonel suffers on two major accounts: A) The relationship is between two members of the same family/team and B) The relationship is between a superior officer and the wife of his executive officer. Granted, the possibility of something like this exists, no matter how unlikely, but it just isn't believable in this context. We are asked to buy the fact that a senior career officer in charge of a unique, super-secret, highly valuable team of special operatives would put the lives of his team and his military career at risk for a piece of fluff from the wife of a subordinate. Whatever happened to old rule about keeping your indescretions 100 miles from the flag pole?

    So far, the relationship is distracting and adds nothing to the plot line(s) or to the development of the series premis. If you need a love interest for the series, develop something between a team member and someone outside of the team. Perhaps investigate an officer/enlisted relationship (enlisted male/female officer?)and the application of non-fraternization rules in today's military.

    So, in general, a great, fun hour. Specifically? Take a page from Clancy or Dale Brown and get your act together on the details and "believeability factor."

  • Is this show going to get an underlying plot. You know a conspiracy thread or something. It will sure need it.

    After watching the pilot of The Unit I had some mixed reactions. Yes it has a fine cast of actors. Mainly my reason for watching was Dennis Haysbert. Yes it has the budget to sustatin decent action sequences. And yes it follows the lives of the unit's wives so it adds a bit of depth to the characters. But this brings us to the problem is this all we are gonna get every week. this program will surely need some heavy adjusting in the near future. one that can bring it on par with a show like The Shield, gritty and hard hitting.
  • decent show but needs to improve

    when they first started showing previews for this show in the fall i thought it was going to be a great show,but after the first couple of episodes it seems like its just a decent show, theres not alot of action or suspense, its almost the same type of show as 24 but its not even close to being as good and there is too many personal stories going on outside of the unit\'s mission which drags it down. Dennis Haysbert being in it is the only reason i watch it he makes it worth watching, it has potential but needs to pick up the pace
  • Good story line, but there are some pretty unbelievable scenes in this....

    First episode was entertaining. But several instances were so over the top on realism. Like, the captain needs help planting the explosives on the door of the plane and then magically appears in the plane seconds after the explosion. The soldiers around him are decked out in full gear from head to toe and he's just ambling along in jeans and shirt with a few hand guns. And if your in the special forces on an elite team that the government claims they don't know about, I would doubt that they would show there faces to the viewing news crews lined up at the airfield for all the world to see. The show has held my intrest so far, but needs to keep unrealistic events to a minimum.
  • A show about a secret "unit" that does recon and other types of missions.

    Interesting because of Dennis Haysbert from "24" but other than that not really that good. The acting was alright despite working around weak writing. The action in the show was weak to watered down by dramatic slow motion that reminded me of an 20/20 or Dateline reenactment. The last scene with the cheating wife far to cliché’ and to much drama for an action show. The only good scene was when the bear said the words and he shot the mirror. It would have been better if it really was someone. All I can say is not 24 by far.
  • The Unit drew me in because it was starring President Palmer from 24...

    But to my dismay, the plot line was stale and the show itself was not very intense as should be being it is a military show. I had to change the channel to American Idol just because I couldn't take it anymore. I was even willing to watch the re-run of America's next top model.
  • Some interesting ideas start to take hold in "The Unit."

    The show follows members of an Army special-forces unit whose work must, in order for the men to remain alive, remain a secret to the outside world. It also focuses on their families, in particular the young wife (Audrey Marie Anderson, "Once and Again") of the unit's newest member (Scott Foley, "Felicity") and her rather nonplussed reaction to the trappings of her husband's new gig. The fine cast, which also includes Dennis Haysbert ("24") and Robert Patrick ("The X-Files"), makes the pilot an eminently watchable hour of TV, and the show doesn't shy from the idea that the job takes a toll on members of the unit.
  • Interesting,should do well with reruns ready to start.I watched the encore on Saturday.House was on at same time.

    Has a better than good chance to be a hit mainly because the other networks are beginning reruns.Theonly competition it has is House(one of my favorites) but for the next three weeks it will be running reruns so I will tune in to The Unit to see how it goes.We will see if CBS can pull out another home run.The other networks are having a hard time a the plate.Time will tell.The cast is good especially the wives!Good luck to them.
  • Okay... ya follow the lives of some SF guys, so what? who cares. If we need to follow anyones lives, I choose Jack Bauer

    The show has some good points. namely, it's enjoyable to watch. But to be blatantly honest, it's just an extension of 24; which is already a great show.

    I would give it a lower rating, but it does help the week go by while I wait for the next 24. other than that, a BIG FAT copycat.
  • Good opener. Sets the bar high. I can only hope that the quality will stay this high as the series continues.

    I became a fan of this new show from the getgo, but one sophomoric mistake jerked me right out of my trance--when the Unit stormed the hijacked plane and shot the terrorists, the director stupidly inserted the old "blown backward off their feet" routine, thinking that it was not only dramatic, but realistic--which it most assuredly is not.

    When a person is shot--fatally or not--in the body with small arms (rifle or pistol) they crumple and fall down right where thay stand.

    It violates the laws of physics to show them violently thrown backward by such fire. It would take a cannonball to produce this effect in real life.

    If you don't believe it, put a sandbag in a kid's wagon and shoot into it with a .45 or an M16. The wagon and its load will hardly quiver. A 12ga shotgun blast might move it perhaps an inch on its wheels.

    After I stopped scoffing, it took me a while to get back into the story, which ended with me still shaking my head in disbelief.

    I tried to find an email addy so I could send the director a clue, but I couldn't. So here I am telling you guys just to relieve my discontent.

    Despite this gaffe, I still like the new series.
  • Now that we have so many great TV thrillers like 24 or Prison Break or Alias, The Unit is just plain flat and dull and awful and cliche! Why even make it? Really Disappointed!

    Oh goodness of the Crime TV: CBS, now they have all the crime procedures like all the CSIs and NCIS, they want to conquer undercover thrillers genre with The Unit. WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT! This show is SO bad from the beginning with secret missions that already bored me as the viewer.......but I kept watching.......hoping for good story development or most importantly, character development.......I never got any of these. Instead, I found the show incredibly stupid because they try to make themselves "important. I don't care about any of these people! Beside the whole military men stereotypes, where the men are all macho with no emotion on their face (pretending to be all serious and all), the most irritating element of the show is the military housewives stereotypes! Ugh! God! this show COMPLETELY missed up any of the message they want to convey! The thoughts that these women gave up everything they have and all the dreams they have to support their husbands who don't even care that much for them. The whole military Man Dominate thing going on there. Just complete mess of CLICHÉ and BAD DIALOGUES! i don't know where to start to talk about this show....especially the huge rating it got on premiere.....just disappointed. No Story. No Character. Complete waste of time! watch other thrillers that have characters and stories instead!
  • Wow, what an incredible show! Thank goodness Dennis Haysbert has reappeared!

    Dennis Haysbert, President Palmer on 24, has surely been missed among my group of friends and family. I'm so glad to see him back on a show, and in the kind of role that Jack Bauer plays, but still with that authoritative demeanor he so wonderfully displays.

    The first episode has me hooked and I can already tell that CBS has done it again...I'm just surprised Bruckheimer's not in on this one! But David Mamet is a brilliant screenwriter and I have no doubt this will be an enourmous hit and be around for quite a while.

    Also, the version of The Five Stairsteps "Ooh Child" played at the end was played in a recent episode (3/9/06) of InJustice on ABC at the end. Very ironic, but on InJustice the song started with the Stairsteps original version and went into Beth Orton's version. Very good.
  • This is a very poorly written show.

    I watched the first episode of this show because I have recently started re-watching the show 24 and saw that Dennis Haysbert was in this show. Also, I watched because it also stars Robert Patrick from The X-Files and Terminator 2, both of which are great.

    I don't think that it's really fair to compare any show to 24 because of how great that show is. However, when this show stars Dennis Haysbert and is about terrorists, it is hard not to compare the two.

    Everything that 24 has going for it is lacking in The Unit. The characters are not that good. Half of the show is devoted to the wives of the people in the Unit, none of which I care about. The story with the terrorists seems to have about half of the scenes missing to make room for the wives' story. In the part when they finally reach the terrorists, the scene is so slow that you know what's going to happen about five seconds before it happens. So the story about the wives is boring, and the story about the terrorists is predictable.

    I think that the show could have been a lot better, but the way they write it and direct it ruins the whole show. There has only been one episode so far, and the show might get better later in the season. However, the first episode was so bad that I will not be watching any future episodes.

    It is very sad that they get two very good actors like Robert Patrick and Dennis Haysbert and they ruin the chance to do something great with them.
  • I caught the first episode not so long ago, and what surprised me was that how fast I wanted to change the channel.

    This seems to be the new trend in american tv, the terrorist/military special unit show. And it has been done in some very good ways before like "Sleeper Cell", even "E-Ring" has put some effort.
    However "The Unit" falls short on all levels, from bad acting, to scenes that you just can't believe.
    Let's look at the acting first.
    You just never seem to buy Dennis Haysbert in his role, the scene when he singel-handed storms the plane with the terrorists (no helmet or body armour, just a lonely pistol) almost brings you back to the 80's action movies (like Commando). And how come the terrorist seem to charge him one at a time??
    In my opinion you better watch a rerun of E-ring, you will get much better deal for you time.

    Look for The Unit in the basket of "shows-that-never-made-it" in 3 months.
  • Very enjoyable.... will be interesting to watch it develop.

    At first I didn't know if I was going to like it. The way it started in Afganistan and all, but once it got back to the states and the lives of the "Unit" it totally hooked me. When the new wife was on the phone with her sister and the one wife got in her face.... it was like go get her honey lol. Overall I think it will be a keeper.
  • A decent start, but looking for better things to come.

    This show strikes me as \"The Agency\" hyped up on testosterone. Not necessarily a bad thing, but may lead to trouble later on as viable plot lines become scarce. Some of the characters are likeable, but others (such as the overly-naive Army wife) are a bit hard to take. Having the plot of the first episode revolve around neutralizing Middle Eastern terrorists gives this show a cookie-cutter feel. Hopefully the next few episodes will reveal the writers\' depth of talent, otherwise this will be another one-and-out television drama. On the whole, I like the show and will continue to watch. With the right fine-tuning it could be a solid addition to Tuesday night on CBS.
  • Good start I like Foley and Haysbert in their roles.

    Good start, for a pilot it was pretty good, but the fx needed alittle work but I assume they will get more money to improve them as the show goes on.

    I like the casting of Haysbert and Foley and how they fit into their prospective roles. I also am sort of interested in the idea of where the men think they wives are back at home and have no idea of what is really going on. But they have figured it all out and try to bring in the new girl and take her upto speed. All while still maintaining to their husbands that they know nothing.

    Also the little twist with the blonde women sleeping with the commander was good but in my opionon alittle early to drop that bombshell.
  • It is a good start but needs alot of fine tuning if your planning on keeping the public intersted.

    The shows biggest mistake is not showing an S.F. operator in the right light. Having spent most my life growing up around this and having a few friends who have gone across the pond a few times wearing the funny little green hat. It was easy for me to pick up on. In fact most people in the U.S. have had at least one family member , friends, somebody they know that has been in the military, and even though they do not know what the Army regs say they can tell the uniforms are wrong. The production company needs to keep that in mind. An S.F. Operator is just that a professional. Most of the shows problem besides the small problems with the soldiers is that the show lacks any real military bearing, although it trys really hard. Uniforms being the first thing that sticks out. Keep in mind under "U.S. Army Reg A.R. 670-1", it covers all the military uniforms, this reg can be found on line and I would suggest picking one up. It would help with the uniforms, keeping in mind most S.F. soldiers kept a blank uniform for the "field" aka Deployments but however, in the rear the soldiers would follow 670-1. They would wear their skills badges that they earned and have their uniform squared away. Now being a Delta Soldier, they too would follow this reg and be ready to step off the post looking sharp. Even At Fort Bragg, Home of Most Delta guys, and where they do 90% of their training, they still where uniforms and follow regs. Only while deployed would they pick up the customs of the country they are deployed to. Second thing, I saw wrong. There is not a single Officer in the U.S. Army, most definally in S.F. that would sleep with one of his team mates wife. Not only is that against Military Regulations, it is just not Done, Period. I feel the the writers in this part made poor judgement in writing this in the story. You will lose Alot of the Military viewers just on that fact alone. Third thing, is the equipment. Although Delta has a Huge Budget and get all the fancy toys that most soldiers want to play with, they still deal with the basic military equipment and what I saw on the show needs work. I would suggest find some more current equipment and have it in the show. If J.A.G. can do it so can you. Forth thing, Dealing with other soldiers, In the first show you show the Sgm talking to a One Star and then turn around and disobey his orders. I have known alot of soldiers and the good ones never really disobey orders, they find ways around it. In the show part they should have shown him working around it. Keep in mind the whole thing that happen on U.S. grounds, would have never had the Military doing the strike, it would have been a local Swat team. The military could have advised but they could have not done that in real life. Suggestion, keep the story line closer to the real deal and don't strech it too much. If it had been in another country then It would have been more realistic. This is only my two cents worth and I am just one voice, who has 31 years around the Military and is currently an MP. Fine tune it and I think you will have a great show. I will watch a few more and give you a chance, Hope you work at it.

    Airborne(All The Way)
    Pathfinder (First In Last Out)

  • Go back to E-Ring. From the one show I saw, I was very disappointed. It’s cheap and caters to the uneducated masses. It makes the military leadership and organization look bad. The writes are living in the land of Oz.

    Appalling cheesy and full of clichés. As a military vet, I was shocked at the hype and blatant stigma for the military this show displays. Obviously the writer has no clue about “real” military personnel. In SOCOM, families are rarely if ever accepted. Wife’s known just how serious things are and are usually briefed to the extent that they understand the severity of their husband’s situations. A CO and one of his soldiers wives cheating with him!!! Come on!! Total BS. Enlisted persons are never sent in all ‘hell’s bells’ ready to kill all with total disregard for other agencies. National Guard doesn’t disregard direct orders from a senior commander for some enlisted guy to run out there and take control. Aside from decent actors, the writers should be fired. Bring back E-ring, at least it has a sense of realism. If you people believe this hype, I have land in Louisiana for you.
  • Leave out the unnecessary \"comannder cheats with his subordinate\'s wife\" part or I will not continue watching.

    I watched The Unit last night & was quite impressed with it up until the last scene. It reminds me of The E Wing with just the action parts. As a retired military officer, I excused many of the military inaccuracies & inconsistencies due to dramatic license; but the final scene was extremely disappointing. Why did they have to ruin a very good action drama by adding that unnecessary \"wife cheating on her husband with the husband\'s commander\" scene? I am not interested in any aspect of a \"Peyton Place\"-type series; & if they do not delete that part of the show, I will not watch it anymore. I want the producers to know that.
  • This is the first episode of the series. It introduces The Unit being a “secret and elite” unit of the military that does the “dirty” work that the military or government cannot claim to do.

    I like this show because there is no one who doesn’t know what he is doing. They have a James Bond type of attitude when it comes to being told what to do and knowing how to do it without a step-by-step manual. They are an elite task force. They do what no one else can or will do to get the job done. If they were a real force, then they would be the ones that never get the credit for doing the illegal things that must be done to win wars or save lives. I like the show.
    They introduce Scott Foley’s character as being a newbie-but he isn’t like most newbies on most shows. He gets the job done. There is no doubt about him and he doesn’t get scared. No one has to give him a pep talk. He could use a new wife…lol-but he is okay.
    The cast is good and if you are looking for a show that doesn’t get too personal but just deals with the problem with skills that I could learn to enjoy watching. It’s definitely a guy film. I love it and I’m a chick (but that doesn’t say much considering one of my favorite movies of all time is Die Hard). But I think and hope this show stays on. I can’t wait till the next episode.
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