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  • A great show with great potential.

    If the quality remains as high as the first show it's sure to be a winner. It's very realistic as one of the producers, CSM Eric Haney, is a former founding member of Delta Force. Some scenes were, I'm sure, "dumbed down" to protect operational methods and procedures and to make it understandable for the average viewer. For example, all of the spotters were within a few feet of each other and all 3 were half asleep making them just a little too convenient to neutralize. If killing terrorists was that easy we could eliminate most of the armed forces. It's a show that I think will improve with time and I for one will look forward to watching.
  • 24, this is not, but it certainly has some potential.

    The Unit certainly isn't the best new show to come around, but it definately has the ability to be great. The show manages to keep the action fairly intense, but the "at home drama" just feels like useless filler. If the show's going to be a hit, it's going to have to work on that aspect of the show. While not the most original thing to hit the major networks, it's definately watchable when the action picks up. Keep an eye on this one.
  • 24 meets The Shield on Steroids.

    If you take the action of 24, and the creators of The Shield, you're bound for great things. This show has the makings of a hit. I loved the camera work when "The Unit" finally boarded the plane in the pilot. Watching the team blatently disregard orders from both the FBI and the military, is such a page right out of The Shield. Its fitting that the Shield is coming to a close, as this show is just starting. I can only hope that viewers feel the same way that I do, and the show sticks around for a few years.
  • Men fight, women make babies, the end. I seriously hope our society is past the point where this is actually appealing content.

    Is this propaganda, or just a huge misstep by the creator of The Shield? The characters and writing are weak, the stereotypes are insulting, and the direction is average. This show is a complete waste of time, and not just because it's a knock-off of a dozen other mediocre shows.

    You can keep the cliches, but I'd like my hour back, please.
  • Introduces the members of a top secret Army special operations unit (obviously meant to be like Delta Force) and the wives they leave behind on the home front.

    This show concept reminds me of ITV\'s \"Ultimate Force\" series. Whereas that show was about the Special Air Service and initially was co-written by former SAS soldier \"Chris Ryan,\" this show is about a unit that closely resembles the US Army\'s Delta Force and has former Delta sergeant Eric Haney as a producer. Ultimate Force had popular Ross Kemp as its lead actor; The Unit has Dennis Haysbert.

    After Ryan left that series, the believability and realism of Ultimate Force slowly went out the window. Let\'s hope that\'s not the case with this show.

    The Unit shows signs that it could be a good show. The American public should be reminded that there is a War on Terror ongoing. But the show should stick to realism (I realize the show was the pilot, but the sooner the soldiers get into the new ACU and out of the old Woodland BDUs, the better) and leave the soap opera stuff behind.

    I thought the airliner storming was relatively realistic despite Blaine\'s one-man takedown with a Longslide. But when the show ended with one of the Unit\'s wives in bed with the CO, I thought, oh know, here we go again. Ultimate Force did the same plot and suffered for it.

    Let\'s face it, the core audience for this show doesn\'t care about the wives on the home front (which is too bad) nor which wife is faithful and which one isn\'t.
  • Full of the old, mainly wrong cliches about military sepcial forces and too many cool-dudes playing soldier! There is potential though!

    Rangers are not Elite Special Forces. Read blackhawk down or watch the movie and you'll understand. Rangers are a big cut above the rest, however Elite are US Navy SEALS, Britains SAS and SBS, and DELTA FORCE which itself is based upon the SAS. These are the Elite who set the standard for every fighting force in the world. They are the guys in Iraq and Afganistan you never hear about. To equate a "mysterious" group of Rangers to these guys is rubbish and the usual half baked research done by TV. The other iritating thing about the "Unit" was that its members all just looked way too cool...special forces blend in and purposly try to look un-memorable; the last thing you want is a potential enemy saying "hey remember that guy with the armani shirt and cool shades"! There is potential and time to rectifiy things, the scene inside the 727 was impressive. other than that...try and drop the cliches and get the facts straight!
  • It has promise, whether it can achieve it is another thing.

    I watched this for two reasons, one; Shawn Ryan and David Mamet, nice potential combo right there, and; 2) it sounded pretty good.

    I have to say this first of all, Robert Patrick should stop appearing in TV shows, he's the T1000 that's all he'll ever be now, he's not even that good an actor, that said, let's move on. For my money, ignore the first 10mins, it's drivel, mind numbing cliched 'muslim' related bullsh*t. I really expect more from Mr Ryan and Mamet, it seemed all to 'of the now' to do another Afganistan story, just glad it was only a pre-amble.

    The wives in the story are the real 'substance' we are led to believe, it's all about how to cope with being the wife of a Unit Man, but it all came across a little 'Stepford Wives'-esque, hopefully with further episodes, this'll change for the better.

    On the whole, the plots are not gonna win the show anything, the acting better improve and on the whole, it should do what it sets out to, focus on the family more, maybe it will, we'll all just wait and see.

    7/10 becuase I'm feeling generous and pedigree of the writers should carry it homeward.
  • We meet the character for the first time and get a taste of what their live are going to entail.

    This show looks like its going to be really good. Started out a little choppy introducing the characters and setting but once it got going it seems like it will be solid. Some of the parts with the wives may get to be a drag but with David Palmer and \"Sean\" from Scrubs taking out bad guys by the planeful I can\'t complain now can I.
  • A huge waste of David Mamet's talent

    It is hard to see what David Mamet could possibly have contributed to this lame exercise in gung-ho US-Army cheerleading. The usual cliches are trotted out -- the secret unit, the New Guy, the Tough Leader, the Pregnant Wife -- and the only new element is the lack of any realism whatsoever. If it's anti-terrorism you want, watch The Grid.

    /* spoilers */

    The idea of a top-secret deniable US Army unit is pretty old. My first writing credit was on a piece of straight-to-video called Warriors about a guy from one of those units who goes AWOL. But of course our unit did nasty stuff -- the movie started with a massacre of a Bolivian wedding party, presumably because of something to do with drugs. If your unit is doing legit work, it doesn't need to be top secret, and it can go through regular channels.

    Not David Mamet's unit. They do perfectly legitimate work, and for no particular reason, they are top secret and deniable. And one ridiculous thing happens after another.

    The Unit goes on a mildly preposterous mission -- to laser-designate a car in Afghanistan that could, obviously, have been laser-designated and destroyed by a Predator drone. By pretending to be "businessmen." Because so many businessmen in Afghanistan are either Caucasian or African-American. Because you would obviously use Special Forces guys who live in the US to do a job like that, instead of the many suberb Special Forces warriors who live there and have developed close relationships with the locals.

    Then they go on an utterly preposterous mission: to take over a plane that Arab terrorists have somehow taken over in Idaho. Because it is so easy for terrorists to get guns and explosives onto a plane these days. And passengers are so willing to sit still and be murdered after 9/11. And they rush the plane all on their own. Because the FBI is so willing to step aside when loud-talking Army people say they should. Because threatening to murder them works so well with FBI agents. Because you wouldn't want to use the local SWAT guys, or the FBI's SWAT guys, or even coordinate with them.

    Theoretically what's interesting about this show is the lives of the women back home. But we learn nothing about them that we couldn't imagine on our own. Security is tight. The wives aren't supposed to say where their husbands are.

    I had trouble believing any part of this pilot. From the wife who seems to have no awareness of the kind of job her husband has signed on for, or the rules under which he and she will both be operating, to the decision to set the terrorism in the US because, presumably, US audiences don't care about anything that happens beyond their borders, this show felt like amateur hour.

    What I missed most was Mamet-speak. I was hoping for some Mamet-speak. Part of the joys of watching David Mamet's work is how he turns ordinary sentences into poetry. How his characters are cartoonish yet believable. This pilot had one non-zinger after another. Lines like "... as if your life depended on it. Because, believe me, it does." Heavy-handed, earnest, on-the-nose, RCMP dialog.
  • Great Writing!

    This show is stellar. It has an outstanding cast; Robert Patrick never fails to amaze me and Dennis Haysbert is the new James Earl Jones, this guy owns TV now. Strong womens roles balance out this macho show and the level of action is unsurpassed for television. It's way better than Over There and way more plausible than 24. But the star of the show has got to be the writing, the snappy intelligent dialogue that captures the lingo of this specialized unit, sometimes coming out of the mouths of babes
    (one of the little girls quotes her daddy and says, "No truth in the news and no news in the truth." Wow! I had to pause the Tivo to let that hit and it was only one of the many gems that we will find week to week if Mr. mamet continues to write the episodes. Bravo! I hoope it runs forever.
  • Needs some professional help.

    The idea is great. I'm so sick of shows about SEALs and Marines I could puke. The U.S. Army Special Forces and Rangers were the guys that defeated the Taliban. Afghanistan was all but completely an army "show". These were the kind of guys this show tries to portray. But, what has CBS done up to now? Constant navy and marine programs.

    The problem is NOT with the idea, the actors, or the intended story line. The problem is with the phony scenes, such as in the airplane, the badly done scenes of the jump, and too much indoor crap. I was excited at the beginning when they were in Afghanistan. I thought "This show is gonna tell it like it is." It went downhill from there. In addition to the phony scenes, post production was kind of amateurish. Sound, lighting, and, in some cases, camera work, was not up the the quality of series like JAG, NCIS, etc. Those were much higher quality productions.

    I wrote a review very much like this when the "Soldier of Fortune" show premiered a few years ago. Sure enough, it failed, and for the same reasons. CBS produces great shows like all the CSI series, but dropped the ball on this one.

    This show has lots of possibilities. I'm sure the thousands of army personnel would like to see it succeed. I'm sure army and air force personnel are sick to death of Hollywood glorifying marines and SEALS. I realize Camp Pendelton is closer to Hollywood than any major army fort, and the SEALs on Coronado are only a little farther. This makes it easier, with all the ex navy and ex marines in the area, but the rest of the country is mostly U.S.Army and air force, which outnumber the SEALs and Marines by a large number.

    Work on the production quality--the sound, the scenes, and better realistic action, such as at the beginning of the show. If you don't, it will fail. Guaranteed.
  • I gave this show a 1.0 rating because, admittedly, it was so bad that I couldn\\\\\\\'t stop watching. Therefore, I must have been slightly entertained. Overly dramatic acting, 100% generic plot, totally unreasonable action scenes, why is an aircraft be

    This show is so awful I felt compelled to write a review. I really wonder how something like this can go on the air (OK, I don\\\\\\\'t really wonder...but...) considering the number of people who must have given their stamp of approval. Reasons why this was terrible:

    1) No explanation or reason behind ANYTHING that happens.
    2) Characters are 100% generic
    3) Odds of anything in this show happening are 0% - come on, fly by a forest in an aircraft and immediately identify the bad guys hiding out??

    Of the other positive reviews on here, did anybody actually watch this?? Prediction: 1 season MAXIMUM.
  • Excellent!

    Show will rate up there with CSI. I enjoyed the entire hour. Good to see a show that honors the people that risk their lives everyday for our freedom. May not be exactly the way thing happen in the Armed Forces but it is a good representation. Good job CBS.
  • next 24

    looks great hope it has a good story and good plot if it does it has all it takes to be a hit. Same black guy they killed off in 24. very good actor hopfuly he does the same thing he did for 24 to the unit.

    cant wait to watch it.
  • Hope this is the same Michael Irby that was in Line of Fire, and Flight Plan.

    Will make this my favorite show if this is the same Michael Irby that was in Line of Fire, and Flight Plan. The cast seems like a good one, and am looking forward to March 7th. Impossible to give a true review, until I see the first episode, I will begin my review at the highest mark, just for the great cast.
  • Excellent cast, great creators.

    Excellent cast, powerful direction (can we safely assume that David Mamet has directed the pilot?) and many memorable scenes. To me this had always been a definite thumbs up, mainly thanks to Shawn Ryan's participation, so I can't say I'm surprised.

    There's one thing that baffles me, though, and it's the decision to recast Amy Acker's role. In the pilot she played Scott Foley's wife and I believe that she tapped the inscecure naivete that the character demands.

    Still, Acker or no Acker, there are still many great actors to enjoy here-- and two creators who have always written great stuff.
  • CBS has decided to pick up the show, meaning it's going to cancel one of its new dramas. I originallly expect it to be "Close To Home", but then witnessed CBS cancel "THRESHOLD". I hope that it turns out to be as good as "The Shield". Let's hope.

    Two collaborators of "The Shield" (David Mamet & Shawn Ryan) have teamed up to produce the pilot of "The Unit". With that being said I expect this show to be great. And Dennis Haysbert has proven to be a great actor in my eyes. I think many people are going to get hooked on this show.
  • Excellent!

    "The Unit" is going to be a great show! I can't wait for it to be on T.V! I think "The Unit" sets new standards in reflecting positive energy towards a perfect multicultural diverse societal curriculum necessary for the millennium times. I believe this is going to be excellent television programming for every household.
  • In The Unit, (writer/creator) David Mamet's focus is on the "operators;" Special Forces personnel fighting the undeclared wars of the new age. The plot twists and turns through the lives of the spouses they've left behind - and the secrets that weave a fa

    The Unit introduces a slight twist in the typical action-adventure genre on CBS. Writer and creator David Mamet is known for his almost painfully spare use of dialogue as well as plot events that clip right along, with transitions that are almost so subtle that you need a second viewing to catch it. A perfect case in point is Spartan with Val Kilmer. In The Unit, Mamet's focus is still on the "operators," a slang term for Special Forces personnel fighting the undeclared wars of the new age - a shadowy and unclear world for most of us. But the plot twists and turns through the lives of the spouses they've left behind - and the secrets that weave a fabric of tales between both worlds. The pilot shows great promise. Some outstanding acting is done by Dennis Haysbert, who plays Command-Sargeant Jonas Blaine. I look forward to seeing more of him on this series. It seems like a long road until April, 2006, but when that time comes, this show will be a guilty pleasure on many viewer's lists.

    Pros: Great pilot episode, with a twist on the normal action-adventure genre. Fine acting, with great dialogue and fast, fast pace. There's very few "downtime" moments. Mamet's creativity is clearly seen.

    Cons: Some unrealistic moments towards the climax, and rougher character development on the secondary players.
  • If you loved Threat Matrix you gona love this :)

    About a specialforces unit that takes orders from the president only.
    Must say that the serie have a lot of potential hope they don't kill it like they killed Threat Matrix.
    I recommend this serie to all that love some good action, im gona watch the serie when it starts :)
  • Does anyone know when the pilot for \\\"the Unit\\\",,is gonna air!!!I\\\'ve been waiting most patiently for the release date!!!

    I love Dennis in 24-and Robert in T2,,,does anyone know when the pilot is gonna air???I\\\'ve been looking on all kinds of sites ,,going nuts trying to find out??I was auctully at the Ontarion Airport in Cali--when they shot the pilot,,,and I heard some of the extras taliking about the episode,!
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